Dietary products - we will discredit kings of diet

диетические продукты
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What thought first of all comes at the arisen idea to grow thin? Correctly! To go on diet. And then about sports activities and the other attributes contributing to normalization of weight. Well, time diet the most acceptable option, it is logical that we think of the use of low-calorie products, with the minimum content of fats at once. Still them call dietary. But whether so it actually? Let's a little go deep into matter jungle.

All of us are adults and perfectly we understand stunting of advertizing campaigns. And the more loudly the firm shouts of the unique manufacturing techniques of dietary products, the more it allegedly "cares" for your figure, the more causes suspicions. To operate desires and to play upon heartstrings of citizens is style practically of all producers and not only the food industry. Advertizing by advertizing, but also we have eyes and ability to read, analyze and draw conclusions. To what it is told. Yes to the fact that, having come to supermarket or other outlet, surely study packaging, having read not only the name of product, brand, but also the ingredients making it. So you, at least, will secure yourself against cheating and long ear rings on ears in the form of noodles. Even if the manufacturer was not absolutely honest, and in the calculation of compounding there was innuendo or inaccuracy, then let it will remain on his conscience. And you, with quiet soul and knowledge that purchase has satisfied with everything to requests and will help with implementation of conceived, include it in food allowance.

What are such mysterious texts on packagings which work for maintenance of faultless reputation of product as dietary and useful to organism, we will sort on specific examples.

Muesli. Forms basis for them oat or other cereal flakes as addition pieces of the dried fruit act. It is necessary to pay attention to what the product would be made of whole grain. And any roastings in oil, douches by sweet glaze. In this situation muesli turn into very caloric product (500-600 Kcal on 100 g).

Products light. As they are called still facilitated or fat-free. With these children of the modern dietary industry continuous trouble. Whatever it has been written on label, all the same they deliver to our health array of problems as their degreasing in factory workshops happens, as a rule, to replacement of "harmful" fat by the synthetic gelatinizing components. As on me, the fat piece, than the chemical additive capable to break metabolism is so best of all, to cause allergic reaction or to injure liver. In this case, I would choose product not completely without fat, and with the lowered its contents. At least, there will always be complex of vitamins, useful to us.

Fermented milk products. Carry bio kefirs, curdled milks, cottage cheese, yogurts to them. Having looked at wrapper or label of any of these products, pay attention to expiration date. If it makes more than 3 days, then just the same food will not bring you anything good as preservatives for greater safety are added to it. It is known that usefulness of kislomolochka consists in live useful bacteria, and they live not so long – from 1 to 3 days. Perniciously for them and environment from different fruit, cereal, chocolate additives.

Small loafs. As if did not claim that croutons from whole grain are harmless, it not so. Actually practically all small loafs which are let out nowadays have the same structure, as usual long loaf. And still producers can add preservatives, dyes and amplifiers of taste to them. The real, harmless small loaf is the cereal grains which have bulked up under the influence of steam and pressed in flat cakes without any additives. Look for such option. It is better to replace other similarity of small loafs with bread with bran. Much more tasty and more usefully.

Juice. There is no confidence that on counters of shops there are tetr pack ices and small bottles with natural juice, any. It is good if have added to drink only sweetener and have diluted it with water. Actually business is much worse. Water plus preservatives, fragrances, dyes, amplifiers, synthetic essences, etc., etc. Usefulness of such mash is doubtful. Freshly squeezed juice can also do harm and to teeth and stomach. On it it should be diluted with boiled water half.

It is possible to draw conclusion unambiguous. To grow thin, eating dietary industrial products, only the mythical aunt from advertizing can. And to us, mere mortals, it would not be bad to remember lungs, with own hand prepared salatika, boiled fish and chicken breast, fruit and vegetables. In combination with physical activities they will bear desirable fruits.

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