Features of preparation of dietary dishes

диетические блюда
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Dietary dishes are such dishes in which calorie content reaches at most 150 kcal on 100 gr ready dish. It is not difficult to guess that dietary dishes can be used during different diets.

But dietary food is not only dishes at which use weight will be lost. Diets are registered at many diseases, and not just for weight reduction. And in general, dietary recipes are fundamentals of healthy nutrition, so healthy lifestyle.

The dishes prepared according to dietary recipes improve health, adjust all organism for the correct work. Dietary food by all means will prolong youth and will relieve of many diseases.

Dietary meat

General principles of the use of dietary meat dishes

To receive dietary meat dish, it is necessary to choose meat, for a start, correctly. First of all meat of young animals without fat will be considered as dietary. Meat shall be fresh and to look attractive.

Choosing meat, always give preference to integral pieces. Semi-finished products it is much simpler in heat treatment, but very often at their production inadmissible spices or breading are used. It is better not to risk. Also so-called boneless meat is not recommended. You should not confuse it to parts of ink in which a priori there cannot be bones - for example, cutting. From boneless meat of bone are beaten out by boning method, in it there is nothing bad, but veins and the rough fabric surrounding bone remain. That is why on closer examination those pieces which were going to prepare entirely are suitable unless on forcemeat.

That the dish has turned out dietary, it is impossible to pickle meat in mayonnaise, and the way of heat treatment should be chosen correctly. Meat can be boiled, extinguished, baked, even to prepare on grill, but only not to fry in oil. Cutlets can be done steam or on grill, but not on frying pan at all

Recipes of meat dietary dishes


To please relatives with meat meatballs, take equal parts of pork and beef, pass via the meat grinder together with 1 quite large bulb cut on pieces. Add oat-flakes (at the rate of 2 tbsps on 0,5 kg of forcemeat). At desire it is possible to diversify forcemeat, having put in it grated vegetables - carrots or pumpkin. The ratio of meat and additives in meatballs has to be about 80:20. Separately prepare sauce from 100 g of low-fat sour cream and 300 ml of water. Do not forget to salt and put bay leaf a little. When the sauce begins to boil, lower in it forcemeat pieces of the size of walnut and you cook to readiness.


Prepare 700 g of pair beef and 300 g of low-fat pork, pass via the meat grinder, salt, pepper, flavor with spices which are allowed by diet. For forcemeat chop 3 the boiled hard-boiled eggs from 250 g cleared, washed, the dried-up green onions. From forcemeat create flat cakes of the size of palm, on the middle put on tablespoon of forcemeat and pinch that the stuffing has appeared inside. Bread zrazas in flour, fry on vegetable oil before formation of ruddy crust, then pour the added some salt water and you extinguish about 20 min. on small fire.

Veal in milk

For preparation of this dish it is required: 300 grams of veal, 2 tablespoons of butter, milk half of liter, 1-2 carrots, any greens and salt to taste. Meat needs to be washed up, dried on napkin and to cut in small cubes. After that it is slightly fried on the minimum quantity of oil, shifted in pan and filled in with milk.

Meat needs to be stewed on weak fire under dense cover. Carrot is also roasted on small amount of oil and extinguished with milk to semi-readiness, then added to meat and extinguished to full readiness. Taste at such dietary meat dish gentle and unusual, once everything tries who does not believe that dietary dishes happen tasty.

How to make dietary chicken

The best option for those people who adhere to healthy nutrition - chicken meat. In it least of all fats, especially in breast. This product is part of many diets. From it it is possible will prepare set of dietary dishes, including boiled chicken, vegetable salads with her. It is steamed, baked in oven, do cutlets.

To prepare dietary chicken dishes, it is necessary to skin surely with it and to clean all pieces of fat. It needs to be done because then absolutely low-fat, low-calorie, though very tasty foods will turn out.

The recipe of dietary chicken in oven

It is required:

  • chicken fillet
  • orange juice (lemon)
  • vegetables and herbs to taste

It is rather simple to grate chicken breast with any seasonings and to put in roasting sleeve. It is possible to sprinkle lemon juice from above, and at once to add various vegetables to sleeve. All this will be baked absolutely not for long, literally 25 minutes, and without oil, only in juice from meat (only besides you should exclude some types of vegetables from diet if you adhere to medical diet).

Both meat and garnish turns out at once. It is possible to add dried fruits and fresh fruit. It is necessary to use seasoning original, but not mix. In mixes in bags a lot of salt therefore it is necessary to refuse it in favor of natural fresh herbs is added, or, as a last resort, to buy dried herbs in the market. The baked chicken will be very tasty and without addition of salt, harmful at diets, and the favourite packaged seasonings.

Try to grate chicken with garlic, to add Provence herbs, thyme and rosemary and hardly lack of salt by someone it will be noticed. Besides, in the absence of medical contraindications, spices will become useful addition. They accelerate release of gastric juice, promote the accelerated metabolism and increase comprehensibility of product. If there is no roasting sleeve, it will be perfectly replaced by foil for roasting (just cover with it densely deep baking sheet and meat will turn out very gentle and juicy).

How to cook dietary borsch

Borsch - one of favourite first courses in our country. But the borsch cooked according to the classical recipe does not fit at all into context of diets as is very caloric dish. So really, for the period of weight loss it is necessary to refuse favourite red soup?

To refuse to itself pleasure there is borsch it is not necessary even during diet, the main thing to review the usual recipe and to slightly "adjust" it to standards of healthy nutrition.

Dietary borsch: recipe

For preparation of low-calorie first course it is required to you:

  • 2 liters of water
  • white cabbage of 400 grams
  • 2 beets
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 head of onions
  • 1 fresh ripe tomato
  • greens
  • 1 head of garlic
  • olive oil (15 ml or 1 tablespoon)
  • salt pinch
  • juice of half of lemon

- We pour water in big pan and we put on fire.

- We cut beet and carrots straws, we slice cabbage and onions.

- Tomatoes need to be dipped for 2-3 seconds into boiled water. It will help to rind with them. We cut them small segments too.

- On frying pan we pour olive oil and within 2-3 minutes we brown carrots, onions and beet there.

- Then we pour ingredients into pan with water which already had to begin to boil.

- We cook products of 10-15 minutes.

- After that we add cabbage and tomatoes to borsch.

- We leave to boil.

- At this time we wash greens and we crush it.

- We squeeze out lemon juice in spoon.

- 25-30 minutes of cooking (time we count since the moment as have put the first party of vegetables in water, that is beet, carrots and onions) later we add to pan greens, lemon juice, salt and a little fresh ground black pepper.

- Well we stir dish and we cook 3-5 more minutes.

- It is possible to remove from fire!

We begin to prepare dietary vegetable dish

For this purpose it is necessary to wash our vegetables before their cleaning, and still it is not necessary to keep crude vegetables in water more than 15-20 minutes. It is necessary to wash them in flowing water, or to often change the water intended for this purpose. It is not necessary to wash out sauerkraut as then the part of ascorbic acid can be lost. So the color, and also white cabbage is washed in cold water, and the red cabbage is drenched besides with boiled water.

Beet, turnip and carrot should be washed in several waters, and then to clean. For example fennel, parsley, green onions, spinach, celery, sorrel after their sorting are filled in with water (cold) and washed out from the remains on them different garbage.

With special care it is necessary to give to washing of berries, vegetables and fruit which will be eaten in the raw. Before to cook them already pure peeled vegetables it is necessary to subject to processing by heat. For preservation of vitamins of the peeled potatoes its tubers need to be filled in with water, but not longer, than for 2-3 hours. We cook it in the added some salt water in any closed ware.

Vegetables are advised to put in already boiling water. In so-called first courses greens should be put almost at once before their preparation. In the best way in vegetables vitamins will remain if to steam them. Losses of ascorbic acid often occurs when they are baked, extinguish, do of them mashed potatoes.

Dishes, already ready from them, need to be eaten right after their cooking as after a while their vitamin value decreases, tastes suffer. For the fact that not to spoil food it is not necessary to mix hot and cold vegetables, and to dress with their mayonnaise, sour cream, oil it is necessary before their giving to dining table. To defreeze bird, fish, meat at low temperature of 6-7 hours (in the lower department of the refrigerator) Now you generally know how to prepare dietary dishes - everything simply.

Besides it is important to know that storage and repetition of freezing can lower nutrition value of these products, and also subject to pollution by their bacteria. Pasta, different grain before their boiling should be touched, flour needs to be sifted. Some of grain should be washed out lukewarm water, and bean to wet all.

Subtleties of preparation and application in food of dietary dishes

- The dishes prepared from high-grade flour, also excessively fat, high-calorific, sharp, put too much salt or salty, smoked, marinated are not considered dietary.

- The fast food, sausages, pastries in any kind, sugar, mayonnaise, other fat sauces, milk dishes with the increased fat content, pork, fat, fat on beef meat, herring are excluded from dietary food.

- Salads in the dietary menu refuel not mayonnaise, but the lemon juice mixed with vegetable oil, or low-fat yogurt, apple cider vinegar, low-calorie sour cream.

- Use of spices and seasonings in preparation of the dishes promoting weight loss - ginger, coriander, dry carnation, cinnamon and others would be correct.

- Sweet carbonated drinks, the sweetened teas, coffee, tinned and purchased juice have to be excluded from the dietary menu.

- In food it is necessary to apply as much as possible low-calorie, but useful products - greens, not starchy vegetables, berries. The prepared dishes for dietary food have to be various, also minimum caloric, but keeping the maximum quantity of useful substances.


To eat dietary dishes it does not mean constantly to consider calories and to dream of nourishing lunch, for all this it is only necessary to make for itself the tasty and useful menu and to adhere to such food allowance.

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