Diet of yogis

диета йогов

Also acceptance of pure food belongs to internal clarification. Not only purity in the choice of means of getting and cooking, but also careful dietary selection of products with exception of all harmful and useless is meant (as far as it is possible in specific conditions).

Yogis recommend to minimize or even absolutely to exclude the following products from diet:

1. All products of animal origin (meat, fish, eggs, bird and all products from them), except for honey. Yogis advise to refuse their use not only for moral reasons (animal life is ruined), but also in view of their harm for organism that clearly is traced on the example of meat. Meat contains many toxic substances, toxic chemicals which animals eat together with forage. The meat food causes rotting processes in intestines, poisoning all organism. After processing of meat there are purine bases which even the liver cannot neutralize; they do the person angry, irritable and aggressive that is reflected in its character and behavior. Meat brings premature puberty, but ability to sex life at meat eaters disappears earlier, than has to be, - characteristic sign of presenilation.

The digestive tract structure at the person (structure of teeth, intestines length, availability of appendix) corresponds to structure of gastrointestinal tract of evolutionary look, close to it, - the monkeys eating practically exclusively vegetable food. At predators the structure of digestive organs qualitatively differs from human.

Results of electronic and microscopic researches of teeth of fossil anthropoids demonstrate that features of their microstructure are typical for the animals eating fruit and nuts. Thus, the person is evolutionarily prepared for vegetarianism.

However, yogas, being people rather wise, told the following:

"You, at people of the West (so they often call Europeans and Americans), have a number of the reasons which force you to consume meat.

First, your cage is genetically poisoned as throughout many generations your ancestors ate meat.

Secondly, you live in more frigid climatic zone and try to fill the lost calories, consuming meat food.

Thirdly, you conduct more, mobile way of life in comparison with orientals and southerners, and therefore also fill the dissipated calories at the expense of meat food.

At last, there are people who love some meat dishes which they would not like to refuse.

Taking all this into account, it is possible not to refuse completely meat, but at the same time it is necessary during the day, and it is even better within several days, not to consume more than one meat dish. If to do as you do, i.e. eat meat dishes both at breakfast, and at dinner, and at supper, then it conducts the direct and fast road to grave".

And nevertheless it is the best of all to try to refuse consumption of meat and meat products gradually.

2. Animal fats and margarine.

Yogis allow to add only to food small amount of vegetable oil (sunflower, olive). Animal fats promote development of atherosclerosis, break work of liver, gall bladder, and through them and all organism.

3. Sugar and the products prepared with its use. Sweet teeth have to replace sugar with sweet fruit, berries, dried fruits and honey. Sugar prematurely destroys teeth, causes metabolic disorders as in it there are no major microelements, including zinc which strengthens effect of hormone of pancreas - insulin therefore permeability of the majority of cages for glucose and amino acids decreases. Digestion of sugar requires large amount of B1 vitamin necessary for activity of nervous system, the most important system of human body.

Consumption of sugar in all industrialized countries causes reasonable cautions of physicians and nutritionists.

About harm of sugar large amount of materials both in Europe, and in America is published.

Our scientists-physicians also oppose excess consumption of sugar, urging to reduce its quantity in diet with age. But it is practically very difficult to count this quantity in grams, in particular, when sugar contains in compote, kissel, jam, jams, ice cream and even in bread.

To refuse sugar consumption, we recommend to make such experiment. Try to put never within 10 days sugar in tea or coffee. And in 10 days pour to yourself glass of tea and put there so many spoons of sugar how many you usually always put. Try to drink it. We are sure that you will not be able to drink this tea and right there will splash out it.

4. The concentrated food: condensed milk, cheese (except low-fat and unsalted grades of the Adygei type), butter and other as their use leads to overstrain of digestive bodies, causing disproportion in metabolism. In principle meat, fish, eggs, bird, caviar, fats, sugar is the concentrated products (the first five on protein content and fat). Butter can be added to already ready food in the minimum quantity; even better in general to refuse it.

5. The flour products made on yeast as they suppress intestinal microflora that conducts to gipovitaminoza, in particular B12 (anemia and violation of functions of nervous system), decrease in immunity, delay of excess amount of cholesterol in organism.

In India almost all locals buy instead of wheat grain bread. This grain is milled in house conditions and bake so-called chapat - thin flat cakes of the fresh test.

On our question: "And what to do to us if we buy bread in bakeries?" yogis have answered:

"Know that bread black is more useful white, and the more rough grinding, the more usefully. Not without reason you in Russia had in olden days athletes who ate the bread baked of coarse flour. And, of course, it is desirable to reduce the use of the pies, pies, belyashes, cakes, cakes and other flour products made on yeast."

6. Table salt, sodium chloride as it promotes destruction of vitamins at preparation (cooking) of vegetables, tendency to hypertensive reactions causes, breaks mineral metabolism that is followed by excess adjournment of salts of calcium in joints. The daily need for table salt becomes covered by the vegetable diet balanced on structure. At the first stage of observance of diet table salt should be replaced sea, and over time completely to refuse food podsalivaniye.

7. Milk and dairy products. Milk - natural product for feeding of babies till 3 flyings. It contains the fast-assimilable protein promoting growth of the child. At the adult, especially after 40 flyings, this protein breaks metabolism: the person grows stout or grows thin, immunity decreases, there is predisposition to catarrhal diseases. Any living being, except the person, under natural conditions at adult age does not drink milk.

8. Tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, the artificial stimulating drinks and alcohol as they overexcite nervous system, break work of liver. Their use on purpose "to cheer up" instead of natural rest reminds podkhlestyvaniye of the tired-out horse who under blows of whip will take some more tens steps, but then will fall down flat-out.

9. Tinned products (especially salty, marinated), except natural juice and compotes without sugar.

10. The cold, hot food and especially its alternation as at the same time teeth collapse and arise diseases of the digestive system. For example, in districts where the population has got used to consumption of very hot food, the cancer of lip, gullet meets more often. Consumption of cold food quite often causes quinsies, katara of upper airways as weakens immunity.

11. In large number crude onions and garlic (at heat treatment of food they can be used). These are fine herbs, they can be applied at treatment of many diseases, but from the hygienic point of view in the daily menu their use is undesirable as they irritate mucous membranes of bronchial tubes, digestive organs, excite nervous system. Especially dangerously to the fact that the phytoncides which are contained in them - antibiotics of plant origin - perniciously affect normal microflora of large intestine, causing dysbacteriosis, changes of the properties of bacterium of colibacillus stopping delivering to organism number of the vitamins, enzymes and amino acids, major for life activity. As a result of it even emergence of pathogenic flora (some species of painful bacteria and mushrooms) which normal is suppressed with colibacillus is possible.

In life exceptional cases when the person, despite gross violations in diet, feels not bad are observed and lives much. Such examples show rather hidden reserves of the organism with firmness resisting influence of adverse factors of food than independence of health of quality of food. Such cases are exception of the rule saying that, only keeping to normal, natural diet, it is possible to have good health and to reach longevity.

What is

What do yogis advise is?

They consider as natural food of the person vegetable products: all vegetables, fruit, dried fruits, berries, greens, bean, grain, nuts, sunflower seeds, honey, broths and berries, herbs infusions (dogrose, marjoram, mint, leaf of currant).

The products, the better are exposed to smaller culinary processing. Ideal option - rawism - consumption of crude fresh products (fruit, vegetables, nuts, honey, bean, sunflower seeds, berries, greens). The modern science shares this point of view. According to the concept of the Swiss dietitian M. Birkhera-Benner, the biological value of food is defined by ability as if to increase charge of vital energy in organism, i.e. food value substantially depends on contents in food of the phosphoric connections rich with energy necessary for work sodium - the potassium pump which provides normal functioning of all cages of organism, carrying out potassium ions in cages and bringing out of them sodium ions. The best accumulator of such energy - the fresh nutritious products receiving it from the sun.

The Bulgarian scientist T. Todorov considers that as a result of influence of temperature at thermal treatment of products, as well as at adverse conditions of storage, the part of bonds of the organic compounds which are their part breaks up. This disintegration is followed by release of energy in the form of quanta (portions of electromagnetic energy). If disintegration of bonds happens out of organism, then the energy which is released at the same time is lost. To the contrary, consuming fresh vegetable food, we as if recharge the organism electromagnetic energy. Scientists connect allocation of quanta with transition of electrons of atoms of living cells to orbit, closer to kernel.

Yogas have anticipated these data of modern science a millennium ago. They consider that in vegetable food, water, air there is space (solar) energy - prana, consuming which and managing it in organism, the person becomes the carrier of space forces and is capable to disclose at himself superabilities. Food by various crude vegetable products promotes fast saturation, develops sense of smell and taste, delicate aromas and smells and new flavoring feelings become available to the person.

Heat treatment (especially long) of vegetable products leads to biological depreciation of food. When cooking albumens are partially curtailed and acquired more difficultly. The need for protein increases that burdens work of liver and kidneys. When cooking taste of food changes, it becomes fresh that causes the necessity of addition of salt. And it in turn conducts to lixiviation of boiled food and decrease of the activity of the vitamins, enzymes and other biologically active agents which are contained in vegetable products. Therefore not less than 60% of all food should be eaten in the raw.

The Kiev journalist A.N. Chuprun, having studied large number of domestic and foreign literature on dietology, has made the following daily diet to which already more than 10 years adhere:

  • 600 g of fresh fruit;
  • 150 g of dried fruits (them it is necessary to soak several hours in water before the use);
  • 1560 of vegetables (including going for preparation of juice);
  • 100 g of kernels of nuts (almonds or oilseeds cleared of peel);
  • 50 g of grass meal and 70 g of honey.

This enthusiast of rawism for several months of observance of such diet has recovered from neurasthenia which has resulted it in disability, and has gained high performance.

The rawism is not recommended to be interrupted in the days of meal, passed heat treatment as it weakens organism, forcing down him from optimum level of life activity. Try to include fresh, crude vegetable products, juice in each meal.

Yogas allow use of boiled and baked vegetable products (potatoes, wheat, oats, rye, corn, barley, buckwheat). It is desirable to exclude semolina and broken rice from diet (integral it is possible to use).

Heat treatment of vegetable products has to be as much as possible short-term, sparing. It is better to use the baked, soared products, than boiled as from the last many useful substances boil down. Yogis advise to include in the menu and water in which vegetables cooked (certainly previously they need to be washed out carefully). It is better to cook products in pressure cooker as because of reduction of time of cooking they to a lesser extent lose the nutritious properties. Fried, smoked products are does not follow. They contain harmful to stomach and liver of substance, are worse acquired. At preparation of vegetables, fruit, berries, greens use the data stated above. You store what is possible in crude, dried view, from the others do juice, compotes without sugar (with honey).

For preparation and the use of food it is the best of all to use clay, porcelain, faience, glass and wooden ware as in it the food collapses less and well remains.

It is useful daily (especially for breakfast) to eat porridge from the germinated wheat prepared the next way:

for 24 h till breakfast of 50-100 g of grains of wheat clear of litter, wash out cold water, pour out in drinking bowl or soup plate and fill in with cold tap water to grain surface level; the drinking bowl is covered with paper or gauze napkin and put to the warm, dark place (it is possible even at the room temperature). In 24 h water is merged and wheat is scrolled by one or two times in the meat grinder (previously having convinced that sprouts make no more than 1 mm as with bigger length they are unhealthy) and at once fill in with boiled water (the ware has to be porcelain and faience, glass, wooden, clay), close cover and allow to cool down. After that wheat can be eaten, having added a little honey.

If in grains to pour a lot of boiled water, then kissel will turn out if it is less - porridge. If there is no time to turn wheat in the meat grinder, it is possible to boil water in volume of 1 glass, to pour out in it the sprouted grains and to put on strong fire. After water boils away, grains should be eaten with honey. They will be more rigid turned and less useful as were exposed to longer heat treatment. The grains turned in the meat grinder can be prepared for the future and to store within 1-2 days in the refrigerator (having couched previously for 2-3 portions 150-300 g of grains).

Germinated wheat or rye is much more useful dry as contains in additional quantities the vitamins, enzymes and other biologically active agents which are formed in grain during germination. After such breakfast till the lunch the feeling of satiety remains. It must be kept in mind that introduction to daily diet of 50-100 g of the sprouted wheat or rye increases the caloric content of food and for balance it is necessary to reduce consumption of bread and flour products.

When using any grains, grain, dried fruits they always should be soaked within several hours, then to wash out (the water which has remained after soaking of dried fruits can be drunk, and fruit are crude) and is. From dried fruits the dried apricots and dried apricots are especially useful.

To the people keeping to vegetarian diet independently without the guide of the experienced mentor, it is necessary to remember "golden rule": to daily use not less than 100-150 g of kernels of 26 nuts, either sunflower seeds, or bean, differently deficit of protein in organism (in the absence of the recommended products as exception it is possible to fill shortage of protein consumption of milk or dairy products, except oil) can be formed, however it can be only temporary measure as milk for the adult is unnatural product.

Some modern scientists-nutritionists oppose vegetarianism, considering that only animal protein can provide human body with 20 irreplaceable amino acids (which are not synthesized in the organism) which participate in synthesis of own protein of the person. This delusion as at observance of the balanced vegetable diet of people receives all 20 irreplaceable amino acids (they contain in nuts, sunflower seeds, bean). All other major components of food (carbohydrates, fats, mineral salts, microelements, vitamins) in vegetable food are in more optimum relations and quantities, than in animal.

In particular, unsaturated fatty acids, necessary for normal life activity, contain practically only in vegetable oils (from nuts, sunflower seeds, grains, bean).

Opponents of vegetarianism claim that in vegetable products the amount of protein is less, than in animals that is also inexact. First (nuts, sunflower seeds, bean) the squirrel contains in some vegetable products as much how many and in meat, and in soybeans is even twice more. Secondly, the balanced vegetable diet completely satisfies need for proteins of human body. So, according to the International committee on proteinaceous requirements of World Health Organization if energy needs of the person are completely satisfied at the expense of carbohydrates and fats, then the norm of daily consumption of proteins (on condition of their full value, and in nuts, sunflower seeds and bean they are full-fledged) makes 0,55 g on 1 kg of body weight of the person. The energy needs in proteins are easily satisfied at consumption of porridges, vegetables, fruit. As example it should be noted that in A.N's diet. Chupruna, described above, contains 42 g of proteins, 57 g of fats, 335 g of carbohydrates that makes 2055 kcal and conforms to requirements of WHO.

Yogis advise to eat food 2-3 times a day as digestion takes 6-8 h. More frequent food overloads bodies of digestive tract, as well as the related bodies and systems (liver, pancreas, nervous system). There are cases that, even keeping to vegetarian diet, the person does not gain the expected effect because of overeating.

The last time should be eaten to 6 h evening. Later meal worsens dream, and does not feel morning of people rather well rested, besides, it reduces flexibility, joints and it is more difficult to carry out the exercises recommended by yogas in the morning.

It is possible to have breakfast only easily 10-30 minutes later after exercises in the morning. It is better to be guided by the rule - is when there is feeling of hunger (not to confuse it to appetite - artificial excitement of flavoring feelings in the various ways). At first food will not be regular, but then the organism will be reconstructed and will develop the rhythm of meal in certain time. If does not getting hungry, then it is better to miss meal or to eat when it wants. The food for the sake of food is absurd as it is not always caused by requirement of organism. It is necessary to eat to live, but not to live in order that is.

Yogis eat to have good health, high intellectual and physical performance. The aspiration to derive from food only pleasure conducts to sophisticated culinary methods of cooking which are, as a rule, unhealthy. As it has been already noted, processing of products deprives of them the initial natural qualities necessary for health of the person. The person - the child of the nature, and the food ready for its feeding, the nature itself gives in the form of the vegetable food which almost is not demanding processing.

Yogis claim: important not only what the person eats, but also as acquires food. They recommend to chew every portion food until it completely is not crushed and will not be dissolved by saliva and gradually with it will not be swallowed (absolutely imperceptibly for the person), i.e. chewing has to be active, and swallowing - passive. Usually people do on the contrary - almost do not chew, but at once swallow; it is promoted by also simultaneous reception of firm and liquid food (wash down, for example, sandwich with tea). Yogis do not advise to wash down food with liquid as it promotes its fast proglatyvaniye almost without chewing. Food is "with no drink" harmful only when the person badly chews food. Badly chewed food causes gastrointestinal diseases. Even do not swallow of liquid food (juice, broths) and water of yoga, and mix language in mouth some time, making as if the chewing movements, taking from it as they speak, prana. Their motto - to drink firm food (i.e. to bring it almost to saliva consistence) and to chew liquid.

The great Russian physiologist I.P. Pavlov has proved that chewing process reflex prepares all digestive tract for digestion: the peristaltics of stomach and intestines amplifies, digestive juice and enzymes are actively emitted that improves digestion, derives benefit maximum from food. Many diseases of digestive tract (gastritises, colitis) recover as a result of observance of diet of yogis and good prozhevyvaniye of food. One our acquaintance for 24 h has got rid of heartburn which tormented him for many years as soon as began to follow advice of yogis concerning chewing.

Active chewing improves condition of almonds, ears, eyes as normalizes blood circulation in these areas of the head. Also teeth which improvement of state requires consumption of firm food (carrots, turnip, apples, nuts) become stronger, and to begin to chew it is necessary cutters, gradually advancing food to molars. At such careful chewing the issue of what quantity of food should be eaten for once as the occurred feeling of satiety will indicate what it should stop be eaten is automatically resolved. It is not recommended to overeat. It is better not to eat up, than to overeat. On the advice of yogis because of table it is necessary to rise with feeling of easy desire to eat. It especially concerns to those who quickly eat and badly chews as saturation at them is late (the chewing reflex does not manage to work) though food they eat much. Extremely important point in catering services is the correct combination of foodstuff. Let's give some principles which will help to be guided easily in this question.

1. Eat acid products and starch in different meals.

2. Eat acid products and proteins in different meals.

3. Eat starches and proteins in different meals.

4. Eat proteins and fats in different meals.

5. Eat proteins and sugar in different meals.

6. Eat starches and sugar in different meals.

7. Eat fruit separately from other food.

8. Eat sweet and acid fruit in different meals.

9. It is better to eat food containing starch, in the afternoon in the morning - proteinaceous, in the evening - fruit or vegetables.

For example, breakfast: the greens which are not containing the starch, products (grain, either bread, or baked potatoes) containing starch, semi-starchy products, including some vegetables;

lunch: proteinaceous products (nuts, either sunflower seeds, or bean) with greens;

dinner: either vegetables, or fruit (in the winter the soaked dried fruits), or berries;

try to eat melon or water-melon separately from other food.

10. Greens are well combined with fruit, vegetables, starches and protein (parsley, fennel, celery, lettuce leaves, cabbage, cucumbers, tops of vegetable of carrots, beet, turnip).

After transition to separate food it is not necessary to eat incongruous products (for example, starch with protein, protein with sugar, protein with fat and other combinations which are not answering to above-mentioned 8 points) as it can damage to organism.

How to pass to natural diet

It is necessary to tell several words about how to pass to natural diet. It is process gradual.

It will come to the end when the desire is developed is only vegetable food and there will be indifference to animal food which it is necessary to refuse gradually, passing from adoration to attachment, from attachment to indifference, from indifference to disgust that will be promoted by representation that, eating animal food, you eat corpse, and meat broth - extract from animal corpse. Such transition will take from several months to 2-3 flyings.

You pass from more junk food to less harmful: from meat and eggs - to fish, from fish - to dairy products, choose smaller from all evils, forcing out the balanced vegetable diet addictions to the use of products of animal origin. Reduce number of times of their consumption in day: from three to two and one, then consume them not every day, gradually increasing intervals until refuse them absolutely.

The more it is entered into diet of vegetable food, the more carefully it is necessary to chew it.

For meal it is necessary to create favorable situation, to exclude negative emotions, otherwise from food there will be no advantage. During food it is better to be silent and represent, especially at the time of food chewing that, eating gifts of the nature, you enter harmony with it.