Diet during post

диета во время поста
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The Lent which comes to an end on the eve of Easter - the longest and most important post in Orthodoxy. Its main objective – preparation for Great light Hristovy Revival. Believers do not forget that Christ Redeemer for 40 days fasted in the desert and, inheriting his belief, too these days adhere to post.

The post very strongly influences all systems of organism, especially if the person has decided to fast for the first time. The one who long time refuses reception of usual food has to know: it is big loading for organism, first of all, mental. Usually we feel emotional pleasure from meal. Each of us has flavoring preferences, diet, favourite dishes. Having refused these simple, terrestrial pleasures, we feel dissatisfaction and nervousness.

It is often possible to notice that the person which to fast, become quick-tempered, irritable, he in everything sees negative sides. To avoid similar effects, it is necessary to find the answer to question: what is post Why it is necessary for us?

Post - not only refusal of usual food, it also time for your spiritual clarification. That is, during any post not only do not eat ferial food, but also have not a good time, do not indulge in cheerful life. This period of time is intended for diligent prayers, sincere repentance and thoughts.

It is useful to fast to healthy people

From the medical point of view, the post will be useful to healthy people. The person who does not have chronic diseases needs suit himself fasting days even. The post is support for those who wish to grow thin. But also the fast food, such as various porridges, bread, potato, can lead to set of unnecessary kilograms.

Believers during post should not eat:

Fish is, however, allowed, only for the Annunciation and the Lord's Entrance to Jerusalem.

It is necessary to adhere to especially strict post the first and last weeks of post. It is necessary to starve all day, and is fast food it is possible only in the evening. At the weekend it is possible to eat two times - day and evening meals.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday the church allows to eat only cold dishes, without adding to them oil.

On Tuesday and Thursday it is possible to eat hot food, but too without oil addition.

On the weekend - Saturday and Sunday, vegetable oil is allowed to add to food, and also to wash down it with grape wine. Exception is the Saturday which is dropping out on the Holy week.

Should not fasting to eat food on the Good Friday. Many believers also refuse it and in day of the Holy Saturday - before Easter.

Just for the spring Lent time drops. Therefore different pickles, and also jam, fresh and tinned cabbage, beet, carrots, bean, onions, apples, oranges, nuts and dried fruits will be the main products on table these days. From these products you will be able to prepare various dishes.


At chronic diseases refrain from post. If you sharply refuse usual food, it can lead to exacerbation of the existing diseases or to emergence of new. But those who the first time to fast, often do not pay attention to the indisposition, continue to starve. They, perhaps, do not know that even the Church allows to poslabit post to sick people and those who is engaged in hard work, to pregnant women, children till 14 flyings.

In respect of post people who have transferred some grief, mental injury, and also those who were ill recently and are in recovery stage have to be especially careful.

диета во время поста According to recommendations of doctors, the post in general is contraindicated to the people having digestive tract diseases, first of all - stomach ulcer, pancreatitis, gastritis. Such patients have to eat the ground meat, dairy products, proteinaceous omelets. And the post forbids to eat food of animal origin, as a result of the patient will not receive protein necessary for organism. The healthy person will fill this shortcoming with protein of plant origin - it is in haricot, peas, lentil, mushrooms. And here such products do not suit people who have digestive tract diseases, rough vegetable protein which is in them is capable to cause exacerbation of illness.

The post for the same reason and that who has diabetes, at renal failure is not recommended. These patients already keep to certain diet.

Correctly finish post

Those who fasted need to leave this post especially carefully. Happens, in the first day after its termination - for Easter, people eat everything without discrimination. And it can cause serious consequences. The stomach in 40 days of post has already weaned from caloric, greasy food. Therefore it is impossible to eat too much at once.

The church to us recommends to break the fast gradually. It is possible to eat little by little everything that will want, but not to overeat. In diet there will be eggs, Easter cakes, Easter, meat, fried fish, other products. But it is rather offensive food containing many fats, and they are difficult processed and to be acquired by organism. About it it is necessary to remember and not to arrange testing for the stomach.

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