South Beach diet – three steps to slim figure

диета South Beach

Diet of the southern beach. During its application it is not necessary to cut down calories and too to limit itself. For more resistant it becomes way of life.

This diet was created by the cardiologist Artur Agatston, in search of the corresponding plan of food for the patients. He has noted that the offered diet not only regulates the level of cholesterol and insulin, but also promotes losses of weight.

Loss of weight according to doctor Agatston

The creator of diet of South Beach claims that there are good carbohydrates (difficult with low glycemic index) and good fats (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated) which lead to loss of weight.

One of the reasons of increase in weight first of all is the use of highly processed simple carbohydrates which are, among other things, in bread, light meals, confectionery, sweet drinks. These products have lost the most valuable nutrients during processing: microelements and cellulose. And they very much differ from what was eaten by our ancestors because of what such products worse are perceived by our organism.

What will occur after cut-off of simple carbohydrates? The Proizvodimost of insulin returns to normal and reproduction of fatty cages is regulated. Instead of counting calories, hang up glycemic index on the refrigerator.

What instead of carbohydrates?

To compensate their absence, it is possible to use simple (one - and polyunsaturated) fats, and also animal protein. Chicken, turkey, fish, nuts and the low content of fat, cheeses and yogurt is recommended generally. But Agatston does not call for the use of products with the lowered content of fat (for example, the fat-free products, pastes, the fat-free meat). He considers that in such food there are too many simple carbohydrates. During application of diet you should not refuse the use of monosaturated fats (for example, olive oil). They raise tastes of dishes, and also reduce risk of heart diseases.


The plan on long-term outlook. The diet consists of three parts. The first lasts two weeks. It is the most strict phase. In the next few days you can only eat eggs, fowl, beef, fish, vegetables and cheese with the low content of fat. Then eat 6 times in one or three days of main of course plus three snack (including dessert). Such deal of meal allows to lose in 2 weeks prior to 6 kg of excess weight.

The second phase lasts, will not reach the weight of the dream yet. For the current diet you can add good carbohydrates with low glycemic index - it will enrich your menu. The last stage - the third - helps to keep desirable weight. Thanks to it you will avoid effect yo-yo. It is less restrictive, than the previous two stages. You have to eat four times a day. Even if to you there will be unexpected exception of diet, you can always return on the first stage for week or two. And after you will dump excess kilograms, you will at once return on the 3rd stage.

Products which it is recommended during phase I:

Cutting of beef and pork, chicken, turkey, all species of fish and seafood, veal, mincemeat (the most low-fat, it is desirable – chicken), cheeses (yellow, house, fused, cottage cheese, Fet – but all of them have to be fat-free), nuts filbert, pistachios, peanut), eggs (if there are no contraindications from the doctor), tofu cheese, vegetables (asparagus, haricot, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, salad, spinach, vegetable marrows, mushrooms, tomatoes), fats (olive, rape oil), spices and herbs, from sweets are recommended only firm cookies.

To avoid: chicken wings (other parts of chicken fillet and turkey can be eaten, but only without peel), meat of ducks and geese, liver and edges of beef, veal breast cut, cheese of Brie and other fat cheeses, corn, carrots, all fruit and fruit juice, all products with large amount of starch (any bread, rice, macaroni, potatoes), milk, ice cream, yogurts (even fat-free), alcoholic beverages (beer and wine too).

Products which it is recommended during phase II:

You can eat the same, as at stage I, and also fruit (apples, berries, grapes, mango, peaches, oranges, grapefruits), the milk (fat-free or soy) and the fat-free yogurt, bread (rough grinding), muesli (that rich with cellulose), pasta (only dark, from several cereals), rice (brown or wild).

To avoid: white loaf, white rice and pasta, potatoes, beet, carrots, corn, bananas, pineapples, raisin, water-melons, fruit juice, tinned fruit, honey, jam, ice cream.

Recommended products during stage III:

At this stage there is no list of the recommended and prohibited products. You can eat everything that is in the listed products from South Beach diet. In practice just keep common sense, try to eat healthy food and to choose products with low glycemic index.