Diet of 6 petals

6 лепестков
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Diet of 6 petals – effective diet of the Swedish nutritionist Anna Yukhansson (Anna Johansson). This diet has allowed to grow thin to thousands of European women for tens of kilograms! The "flower" technique of Yukhansson continues to fight against extra kilos also today, winning more and more fans among the women dreaming to grow thin.

The diet which has helped thousands of women worldwide!

Action of diet on extra kilos really impresses! As the statistics shows, 8 of 10 growing thin try to obtain the maximum loss of weight. The average daily plumb in day makes from 500 to 800 grams. In general, adherents of diet of "6 petals" manage to grow thin for "desired" 10-15 kg all for few weeks!

6 days – 6 monodiets – 6 flower petals

The diet of 6 petals proceeds within six days in the course of which growing thin will observe 6 special monodiets which are consistently going one after another.

The first day – the first monodiet, the second day – the second, third – the third etc. The scheme of action of "Six petals" is constructed on consecutive alternation of monodiets. According to the nutritionist Anna Yukhansson who has created this technique for weight loss, 24-hour monodiet – the power supply system which is best relieving of extra kilos.

Diet of "6 petals" — the easiest and joyful diet

Really, the diet of "6 petals" has deserved the highest responses at the growing thin women! Also it is connected not only with its high performance concerning extra kilos. The Swedish nutritionist Anna Yukhansson, developing this technique, aimed to support psychologically growing thin women. It has given to the diet easy flower image, having visually represented its menu in the form of the flower drawn with hand.

Anna tries to tell these that its diet will help not only to get rid quickly of extra kilos, but also to support the zdorovyyo, mood, positive view of herself. Even the most effective program for weight loss will be bezdeystvenny if brings to the woman discomfort and depression — doctor Yukhansson claims.

диета 6 лепестков To involve growing thin in game in which each new day will bring it feeling of own satisfaction and respect for itself, the nutritionist has suggested to cut out from paper own flower, like the fact that it is drawn on the picture above. Even it is optional that the paper model resembled "camomile". You can represent tulip, lily, orchid finally … The main thing that your flower had 6 petals which you … will consistently tear off.

Cut out the flower from paper and tear off on one petal after every day spent on diet!

Yes, yes tearing off on one paper petal every day, you will feel that this day has passed not for nothing for your figure that your will power has overcome all "tasty" temptations! Surely sign petals according to the picture above not to get confused!

Of course, to cut out paper flower or not is your personal record. However, by data among the interrogated women using diet of "6 petals", those from them who hung up with own hand cut out flower on refrigerator door have achieved the best results.

So, we recommend to you to take advice of the popular nutritionist Anna Yukhansson and to plant in a visible place "dietary" flower!

As the diet works

The principle of impact of diet of "6 petals" on excess weight is very simple! Its secret is covered in direct physiology of our digestion — the doctor Anna Yukhansson tells.

First, any monodiet is, in essence, observance of rules of separate food. Using the product registered in some specific "petal", that is day of diet you do not mix elements incompatible with each other, pernicious for figure.

For those who do not know, we will note: the similar substances "competing" among themselves slow down the digestion speed therefore proteins, fats or carbohydrates which, without having managed to be digested, will be transformed to subcutaneous fat are formed. In diet of "6 petals" there is no simultaneous use of any products, therefore — Anna Yukhansson declares — the possibility of additional set in weight is excluded.

Secondly — the Swedish nutritionist claims — daily monodiets provoke fast weight reduction because of uniform food during the whole day. As show the researches conducted by the European Center of Weight reduction, the monodiet lasting no more than 25 hours most aggressively influences extra kilos. It occurs thanks to some features of our gastrointestinal tract, to be exact, thanks to its specific body – liver.

It is known that the liver is storage, peculiar refrigerator for all organism. In it different substances which are not necessary to organism "yet" stock up. In other words, this digestive organ keeps "in store" set of nutrients. Remember, the main word here – "set".

Every day diet of "6 petals" is followed by certain monodiet, observing which, growing thin will use one specific product: chicken, cottage cheese, fish, etc. The liver of which it was talked above as however, and all organism, still at breakfast is satiated with boiled chicken meat and … begins to wait for the new power supply with other chemical composition. You remember that keyword for liver this "set" of nutrients? But, friends, during the day you will not use any other products, same daily monodiet!

Thus, the following effect is reached: organism, expecting something "brand new", digests chicken meat (cottage cheese, fish, fruit etc.) almost "for nothing", practically without using its power value. However, to function, the power source is necessary for it. Fortunately for growing thin, its own fatty stocks, i.e. extra kilos will become this source. Subcutaneous fat quickly enough will be spent, beginning already with the middle of day. So you can imagine what number of fatty deposits can be burned on only one "petal" or on one daily monodiet of technique of "6 petals".

Thirdly: one more important feature of diet allowing to grow thin effectively is scheme of proteinaceous and carbohydrate alternation. The developer of diet, the doctor Anna Yukhansson, claims that for 50% successful weight loss on diet of "6 petals" happens thanking this scheme!

Judge for yourself:

1 day – fish monodiet – pure proteinaceous diet;

2 day – vegetable monodiet – pure carbohydrate diet;

3 day – chicken monodiet – pure proteinaceous diet;

4 day – cereal monodiet – pure carbohydrate diet;

5 day – cottage cheese monodiet – pure proteinaceous diet;

4 day – fruit monodiet – pure carbohydrate diet.

диета 6 лепестков

Proteinaceous and carbohydrate alternation - one of bases of success of diet of "6 petals"!

As you can see, every day there is change of proteinaceous food with carbohydrate. This tactics allows "to deceive" organism, forcing it to spend the fat laid in body and at the same time not to feel carbohydrate (power) starvation.

As for fatty component of diet of diet of "6 petals", it is provided exclusively useful monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (fish, cottage cheese, chicken meat) which cannot fill the human fats spent in diet. Therefore, such fats belong to the category dietary, and are present at diet only for balance of diet.

So, we will bring the main features of diet of "6 petals" allowing to grow thin quickly and effectively:

  • Proteinaceous and carbohydrate alternation provokes weight reduction due to use of hypodermic fatty stocks of organism.
  • The principles of separate food helping in accelerated to leave extra kilos.
  • The one-day monodiets allowing in the effective burn mode fatty deposits.
  • Lack of simbiozny digestion will prevent even to the smallest set of weight.

Observe sequence of "petals"!

In diet of "6 petals" it is extremely important to observe the specified sequence of monodiets:

1 day – the Fish monodiet

2 day – the Vegetable monodiet

3 day – the Chicken monodiet

4 day – the Cereal monodiet

5 day – the Cottage cheese monodiet

6 day – the Fruit monodiet

The Swedish nutritionist Anna Yukhansson who has developed diet of "6 petals" claims that it is necessary to follow diet in that sequence in which it is specified. You should not interchange the position of the menu, and, for example, for the 3rd day to carry out cottage cheese monodiet instead of put chicken!

The matter is that each monodiet stated above carries out own role in the course of weight reduction. Besides, the technique of "6 petals", as the effective tool for disposal of extra kilos, uses the scheme of proteinaceous and carbohydrate alternation. And it proves once again that it is impossible to interchange the position days at all! Otherwise you will violate the program of weight reduction provided by diet of "6 petals" and her famous creator, the nutritionist Anna Yukhansson.

Besides, each previous menu prepares organism for the menu of the next day. There is it as follows:

The fish monodiet in the first day slightly "lulls" into a false sense of security organism, supplying it with significant amount of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. These acids, in fact, are useful fat which, thanks to the structure, is not capable to be transformed to hypodermic fatty deposits.

In addition, fish – the most easily acquired protein from all its existing types. Even protein of turkey concedes to it on the dietary properties.

Thus, the fish monodiet, at the insignificant number of calories in day, will bring not only considerable plumb, but also will prepare organism for vegetable vegetable diet at the expense of the high content of qualitative protein.

The vegetable monodiet appointed growing thin for the second day will even more reduce the caloric content of daily diet and will enrich organism with useful vegetable carbohydrates which, thanks to the structure, bring insignificant amount of energy at essential costs of their digestion. As the organism needs additional energy on their processing, it reduces quantity of own fatty cages.

Thus, in one day of monodiet it is possible to lose up to 2 kilograms of excess weight. Vegetable monodiets appear even more effective if they were preceded by especially proteinaceous food. In diet of "6 petals" in the afternoon earlier only fish products were used that corresponds to pure proteinaceous food.

The chicken monodiet will fill protein reserves in organism. As in the previous day which is growing thin observed vegetable monodiet, all protein "eaten" together with chicken will be spent without the rest for strengthening of your muscles, and will not fill up fatty stocks of body at all. Feeling lack of carbohydrates, your metabolism will be adjusted on obtaining energy from fatty cells of body again that will be expressed in considerable weight reduction for these days.

The sequence of all six days of diet is thought over most in detail!

диета 6 лепестков The cereal monodiet is also rich with the carbohydrates helping organism to grow thin. Cereals, possessing rather firm cover, difficult are digested stomach. On their digestion many forces and time of gastrointestinal tract leave. Missing energy organism as in case and with vegetable monodiet, will fill at the expense of own fatty stocks.

As in the previous day which is growing thin followed chicken monodiet, complex carbohydrates of cereals almost completely will go for completion of stocks of glycogen. Therefore the organism, besides, should take energy, necessary for life activity, for the account of use of hypodermic fatty cellulose.

The cottage cheese monodiet for the fifth day will fill the missing reserves of mineral substances exhausted for 4 previous days. At the same time, cottage cheese, being low-calorie source of high-quality protein, it will be almost completely split on irreplaceable amino acids as its structure is closest to "ideal" protein. Thus, "cottage cheese" protein will not be turned by liver into glucose which will not be able to supply organism with energy. As a result the metabolism should address again the reserved extra kilos of which you so aim to get rid.

The fruit monodiet in the completing, 6th day of diet is urged to provide organism with complex carbohydrates – polysaccharides. The polysaccharides which are contained in fruit difficult are digested human gastrointestinal tract, appropriating on it huge doses of energy. How you think from where this energy will undertake? Well, of course, from your fatty stocks. It turns out, you grow thin again!

As you can see, every day diet of "6 petals" it is thought over most in detail! All 6 days – links of one chain, one consecutive and effective program for weight loss. "Therefore do not alternate them at discretion at all!" — the nutritionist Anna Yukhansson warns.

Menu of the Diet "6 petals"

Day 1 - the Fish monodiet

It is authorized to use any grades of fish in the boiled, baked or stewed look. It is possible to use salt and not hot spices, greens. Fish soup (without potatoes and other ingredients, except greens), fish broth is allowed.

Day 2 - the Vegetable monodiet

It is authorized to use any grades of vegetables in the crude, boiled, baked or stewed look. It is possible to use salt and not hot spices, greens. Vegetable juice is allowed.

Day 3 - the Chicken monodiet

It is authorized to use chicken fillet (breast) in the boiled, baked or stewed look. It is possible to use salt and not hot spices, greens. Chicken broth is allowed.

Day 4 - the Cereal monodiet

It is authorized to use any kinds of porridges, cereals, germinated seeds, sunflower seeds, grain small loafs, bran, cellulose. It is possible to use salt, greens. Kvass is allowed.

Day 5 - the Cottage cheese monodiet

It is authorized to use the cottage cheese fat-free or with low percent of fat content. Milk is allowed.

Day 6 - the Fruit monodiet

It is authorized to use any grades of fruit in the crude or baked look. It is possible to use such spices as cinnamon, vanillin, lemon dried peel. Fruit juice without the content of sugar is allowed.

The diet of "6 petals" forbids the use of sugar and sacchariferous products!

Sugar throughout diet has to be excluded both in food, and in drinks.

The drinking mode means the use of pure drinking water, green or black tea. It is desirable to reduce amount of coffee.

After six-day term the diet course "6 petals" can be begun again.

How to leave diet of 6 petals

Exit from diet of 6 petals depends on your further plans if you are going to grow thin further, it is possible to go on the long-term not hungry balanced diet.

If you want to consolidate only result, eat generally the same products, as on diet, without restrictions on days, gradually increasing diet caloric content to 1400-1800 kcal depending on weight and physical activity.

It is desirable to continue to adhere to the principles of separate food.

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