диета при подагре

Violation of exchange of purines, it in turn is the cornerstone of this disease, leads to increase in uric acid in blood and to adjournment of urates in different joints. The started gout can make adverse effect on kidneys and afterwards leads to obesity. Gout is not the alimentary disease (caused by excess consumption of feedstuffs), but despite it, in food it is necessary to limit purines.

The following products are the richest in purines: sardines, sprats and other fish canned food, herring, game, fish, meat, meat offal (language, kidneys, liver and brain). It is worth remembering that meat of young people, in comparison with adults, contains much more purines.

Among vegetable products are rich with purines: fig, raspberry, peanut, sorrel, spinach, cauliflower, mushrooms and bean. Also, there is a lot of purines in yeast, chocolate, cocoa, tea and coffee. And here dairy products, grain, bread, eggs and the majority of berries, fruit and vegetables, practically do not contain purines.

Most often treatment of gout assumes diet No. 6 which includes minimum of proteins, due to restriction of the use of fish, bean and meat products. During observance of this diet, animal protein has to make half from total quantity of proteins. Also, it is necessary to reduce considerably the use of refractory fats, that is culinary, pork, beef and mutton as they considerably slow down release of uric acid kidneys. The use melted and butter is recommended.

The diet at gout includes restriction and shchavelny acid. Fish and meat it is necessary to use not more often than three weekly, but only in boiled look. All the matter is that when cooking more than fifty percent of purines leave on broth. In this regard during observance of such diet the use of mushroom, fish and meat broths and sauces is forbidden.

If there are no problems with kidneys and is warm - vascular system, then it is desirable to use not less than two liters of water for day. Throughout diet, it is recommended to use different juice of vegetables and fruits, ideally citrus, alkaline mineral waters, dairy drinks and milk, rather weak tea. Two hundred grams of milk or tea need to be drunk every day before going to bed. Not to increase pain, it is necessary to refuse the use of coffee and strong tea.

If during diet the plentiful use of liquid is very useful, then the excessive use of table salt on the contrary. All the matter is that at gout, it can lead to loss of urates in deposit and to their accumulation in different body tissues. Table salt needs to be reduced to six grams a day in order that to achieve it, it is necessary to use sausage, salty vegetables and salty fish in small amounts. Ideal option, the use of the salted insufficiently or not so salty food is considered. During observance of diet it is necessary to include the products rich with vitamin C and B1 in the menu.

Also, also fasting days are useful (1-2 days irrespective of body weight). During fasting days it is necessary to use dairy products, juice, vegetables, fruit and berries. In day it is necessary to drink not less than two liters of water.

At gout starvation is strictly forbidden. All the matter is that during starvation, as a result of protein disintegration the level of uric acid considerably increases. For the people having gout it there is forbidden single meal rich with purines and of course, drinks which contain alcohol in the structure. Non-compliance with above-mentioned rules, can provoke and aggravate illness.

Thus, at this disease the diet which has vegetarian character is recommended. Here for example, in the countries where practically do not use some meat, and eat exclusively vegetable food, this disease is almost unknown.

If during gout obesity is observed, then food is based on the basis of diet и№8 which cornerstone restriction of fish and meat is, and here the use of cottage cheese, fermented milk products and drinks considerably increases. If in certain treatment-and-prophylactic establishment the diet No. 6 is not provided, sharpening all appoint diet No. 5 which cornerstone restriction of fish and meat products is.

It is worth remembering that observance only of one diet in fight against gout is not enough. Different physical activities are necessary for treatment. All the matter is that in constantly working and mobile joints of salt are postponed much less often, than in motionless.

During fight against gout patients have to have motto:

"In everything there has to be measure and balance"

It is worth knowing that products which comprise small amount of purines may contain substances which are contraindicated for those who have this disease, for example - saturated fatty acids and carbohydrates which are easily acquired by organism. It is desirable to do about five meals a day.

Рекомендуемые продукты для больных подагрой

The recommended products for patients with gout

Свежевыжатые ягодные и фруктовые соки Freshly squeezed berry and fruit juice, it is desirable grape, cranberry, cowberry and citrus only if sugar level in blood is normal Компот из шиповника Compote from dogrose, no more than two liters a day

Продукты, разрешенные к употреблению для больных подагрой

The products allowed for the use for patients with gout

Растительное и сливочное масло Vegetable and butter. To pay special attention to linseed and olive oil Крупяные мучные изделия Groat flour products. But you should not lean at once on cakes, cakes and cookies as they contain a lot of sugar, and a lot of uric acid in organism as a result can appear
Сыр Cheese. But it is worth stopping the choice on low-fat grades as fat grades break lipidic exchange Орехи Nuts (filbert, pistachios, almonds, avocado, pine nuts)
Овощи Vegetables (onions, beet, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes) кисломолочные продукты Milk and fermented milk products
пгоды pgoda Фрукты Fruit Цитрусы Citruses Творог Cottage cheese
Кальмары Squids пйца pyets Мед Honey Креветки Shrimps

Продукты, которые следует значительно ограничить

Products which should be limited considerably

Овощи Vegetables (garden radish, cauliflower, celery, sorrel, spinach) Все виды солей All types of salts
Различные соления Different pickles вареная рыба Boiled meat and boiled fish (it is desirable to use trout, haddock, vakhnyu, salmon, poultry
Сало Fat Грибы Mushrooms Колбаса Sausage Бобовые Bean

Продукты, запрещенные к потреблению

The products prohibited to consumption

Алкогольные напитки Alcoholic beverages, including beer and wine Жареное мясо Fried meat and fish
Специи Spices, except for vinegar and bay leaf консервы Fish and canned meat
Шоколад Chocolate Какао Cocoa Кофе Coffee Крепкий чай Strong tea
Острые приправы Hot spices Мясные экстракты Meat extracts Копчености Smoked products субпродукты Different offal


Approximate menu per day


- vegetable salad
- carrot and apple pudding with millet
- soft-boiled egg
- to wash down with rather weak tea

Second breakfast:

- compote from dogrose


- milk macaroni soup
- hash browns
- kissel

Afternoon snack:

- couple of fresh apples


- cheesecakes - stuffed cabbage with rice and (meatless) vegetables
- to wash down with rather weak tea

Before going to bed:

- broth from wheat bran

During fight against this disease you should not neglect also phytotherapy. Phytotherapy in combination with physical activities and diet render miracle properties. For this purpose it is enough to make infusion of leaves of cowberry. It is necessary to take it three times a day for half an hour to food.

It is worth remembering that gout is disease incurable. Observance of above-mentioned diet will only reduce all symptoms to minimum, and will help to interfere with exacerbation of disease. Ideal option will be with the healthy and balanced nutrition to pass complex therapy which includes reception of medicamentous preparations and various physioprocedures in complex.