Diet at pancreatitis

диета при панкреатите
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Pancreatitis (pancreas inflammation) is disease for which characteristic sign is the strongest pain syndrome that brings heavy sufferings to the patient. Except notable pain, in organism there are also unpleasant changes connected with violations in work of pancreas and often leading to obesity. All the matter is that the enzymes emitted by pancreas in its normal state promote digestion and assimilation in intestines of proteins, fats and carbohydrates which arrive together with food, and its hormones regulate glucose level in blood. Violations in work of pancreas lead to hyper activation of enzymes which suddenly become aggressive to environment and begin the destroying actions.

Pancreatitis – illness which always comes unexpectedly: the first attack to occur while its own enzymes begin to attack pancreas. Sharp displays of illness are removed quickly enough, but there is always risk of the subsequent sluggish course of disease and statement of the diagnosis "chronic pancreatitis".

The main thing in treatment of pancreatitis – observance of diet

The main condition in treatment of such disease, as pancreatitis, - obligatory observance of diet. At first after bad attack (2-3 days) it is recommended to refuse in general meal and to starve. Here it should be noted that the organism usually itself "knows" that it is necessary to wait a little with food and therefore at the patient with pancreatitis in sharp form appetite is very seldom observed.

Hunger within several days is simply necessary for the affected pancreas first of all in order that it was at rest – during food in this body throws out the enzymes necessary for digestion of the food which has come to stomach, but the same enzymes behave aggressively, causing inflammation and pain. Such situation is comparable, for example, with fracture of the leg: for union of bone and fabrics provide to the injured leg by means of plaster absolute rest, at the same time it is forbidden to go into it. The only thing that is allowed, - the use of warm alkaline mineral water without gases.

The condition of absolute rest of pancreas at recurrence and at least relative – at chronic form is necessary condition for approach of permanent remission. Therefore the diet at pancreatitis is not only effective medical method, on as well the main rule of prevention of exacerbations of disease, and, as a result, braking of its further development.

Features of diet at pancreatitis (table No. 5)

The diet at pancreatitis per se begins not earlier, than from the fourth day (only complete starvation before). On the standard classification of diets which is applied in medical institutions food at pancreatitis is diet No. 5. Food needs to be eaten in the small portions of 5-6 times a day, having excluded having a snack in intervals between the main receptions.

Diet essence – refusal of all products strengthening kislotoobrazovaniye in stomach and provoking active work of enzymes of pancreas. After exacerbation of disease doctors strongly recommend to keep to diet throughout long time – not less than 8 months. But it does not mean that "промучившись" these months on quite rigid diet, on the ninth it is necessary to break and at full scale to compensate the lost opportunities.

The diet at chronic pancreatitis is certain culture of food which for a long time enters the patient's life. Naturally, sometimes happens very difficult to refuse many prohibited products and favourite dishes, but memories of painful pains in stomach help to eat properly and not to give in to temptations. Even the small portion of harmful product is capable to lead to bad attack which should be removed in hospital.

The patient with pancreatitis has to eat the dishes prepared by the principle of "mechanical shchazheniye" of digestive organs: it is preferable to steam products or, as a last resort, to boil, use in the wiped or crushed look. Frying, cooking by grill, smoking, tarring is not allowed. Fats which have passed heat treatment will also do harm to pancreas therefore any kinds of oils – both creamy, and vegetable – should be added already to ready dishes cold.

It is possible

to eat:

овощи - vegetables (boiled, steamed or stewed); овощные супы - from soups: only vegetable (not to use onions, garlic and white cabbage) or milk with grain, at chronic form and lack of aggravation soups on secondary meat broth are allowed;
постное мясо - fast meat, bird or fish (boiled or steamed); отварная лапша - boiled noodles or vermicelli;
каши - porridges (milk or welded on water), except millet; омлет - omelet, cottage cheese casseroles (steam);
сухие бисквиты - dry biscuits, fruit jelly, ship's biscuits, zephyr, fruit candy (in limited quantity – no more than two-three pieces a day); неострый сыр - not acid dairy products, not strong cheese;
пшеничный хлеб - "yesterday's" white bread; варенье - jam or honey (in limited quantity – one-two spoons a day);
яблоки сладких сортов - from fruit: the baked and wiped apples of sweet grades; компот - from drinks: compote, kissel, rather weak tea.

Products which are forbidden to be used in any kind:

мясные бульоны - fat meat broths; жирные блюда - all acid, hot and fat dishes;
мясные субпродукты - meat offal (sausage, sausages, sausages, etc.), smoked products; консервированные продукты - tinned products and pickles;
жирная рыба - fat fish (catfish, halibut, salmon, carp, mullet), caviar; йогурты - yogurts, glazed cheese curds and fat sour cream;
свиной жир - mutton and pork fats; ржаной хлеб - rye bread, fresh biscuits, cakes, cakes, caramel, lollipops, chocolate and chocolates;
кофе - from drinks: coffee, strong tea, cocoa, carbonated drinks, kvass; цитрусовые - from fruit: citrus and acid;
репа - from vegetables: turnip, garden radish, spinach, radish, sorrel.

Besides, it is necessary to forget forever about the following products:

о любых спиртных напитках - about any alcoholic drinks, including low alcohol cocktails; об острых специях - about hot spices and seasonings;
о картошке фри - about French fries, cheeseburgers, hot dogs and similar food; о чипсах - about chips, kiriyeshka, nutlets, etc.

Tasty recipes at pancreatitis

Pudding meat steam

Пудинг мясной паровой It is required:
120 g of meat of beef
20 g of butter
10 g of semolina
1/3 glasses of water

The meat which is previously peeled of sinews and fat to boil, pass several times via the meat grinder, and then to connect to gruel from semolina, to add the beaten egg white, crude yolk in the turned-out mix. After that it is necessary to vent carefully "dough", to lay out it in the form oiled, to level top and to bring the turned-out pudding on couple to readiness.

Snowballs with fruit gravy

Снежки с фруктовой подливой It is required:
half of egg white
25 g of sugar
50 g of strawberry
10 g of potato flour
100 g of water
pinch vanillin

Egg white needs to be beaten to dense foam and gradually, without stopping shaking up, entering into it vanillin and 15 g of sugar. Then to put the beaten white spoon in deep form with the boiling water. In a few minutes snowballs to turn, close cover and to allow to stand a little (5-6 minutes), then it is obligatory to get, cast away on sieve and to allow water to flow down. To fill in the turned-out snowballs with the sauce made from strawberry, potato flour and sugar (10 g).

Banana cake

Банановый тортик It is required:
2 bananas, 1-2 peaches
0,5 l of the fat-free yogurt without sugar
biscuit like "Maria"
1 glass of water
2 packs of gelatin

To dissolve gelatin in glass of hot water and to allow to cool down a little. After that to add yogurt to gelatin, to stir accurately. To lay plastic bag or foil on bottom of form or usual pan, bowl. To spread layers our cake: cookies layer, cream layer from yogurt and gelatin, layer of bananas, cream layer, cookies layer, cream layer, layer of peaches, cream layer. To decorate from above with banana pieces. Then to leave the turned-out cake for some time in the refrigerator – for hardening.

Baked pudding with vermicelli

Запеканка с вермишелью It is required:
30 g of vermicelli
30 g of milk
7 g of sugar
35 g of cottage cheese
1/4 part of egg

To cook vermicelli to readiness in the added some salt water, to discard on sieve and we cool. Then to put the wiped cottage cheese in the cooled vermicelli, and accurately to mix the egg which is shaken up in milk, sugar. To oil form, to lay out weight and to bake in oven, watching that the brown crust from above was not formed. If suddenly the moment was gaped", to remove baked pudding crust sharp knife.

Fish quenelles

Рыбные кнели It is required:
300 g of fillet of low-fat fish
1/4 part of stale long loaf
half-glass of milk
proteins of 2 eggs

To process fish and long loaf, to add milk, to mix carefully. Then to enter whipped whites and again to mix. To cook quenelles in the boiling added some salt water.

Cottage cheese souffle

Творожное суфле It is required:
300 g of cottage cheese
300 g of sweet apples
4 eggs
80 g of sugar
50 g of semolina
40 g of butter
at will raisin

To grate apples and to mix with cottage cheese. To kindle, cool and shake up oil with sugar and yolks. To connect two weights in one, to mix properly. Then to add vanillin, it is a little raisin. To beat whites in dense foam and to enter into lump. To oil form, to lay out the turned-out weight, to strew from above with ground crackers. To put in the warmed-up oven and to bake at temperature of 180 degrees within 25-30 minutes.

Vegetable stew

Овощное рагу It is required:
5 pieces of potatoes
as much pumpkins (on volume)
1 carrots
1 bulb
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
greens of fennel or parsley

To cut in cubes potatoes and pumpkin. To chop carrots and onions. To put all vegetables in pan: the first layer - onions, then in turn - potatoes, pumpkin and carrots. To salt, add a little waters approximately to half of volume and to cook on weak fire. Then, right at the end, to add vegetable oil, greens, to bring to boiling, to switch off and allow to stand a little.

Pike perch in foil

Судак в фольге It is required:
600 g of perch fillet
1 carrots
1 bulb
1 tablespoon of butter
2 tablespoons of lemon juice, greens

To cut some fillet portion pieces, to salt and lay out a little everyone piece on single sheet of foil. To rub carrots on small grater, to small chop onions, to sprinkle it lemon juice. On fish to put small piece of oil (0,5 h spoon), the cut carrots and onions. To wrap edges of foil so that its top did not concern some onions, to shift kulechka to baking sheet and to put for 30 minutes in hot oven (180-200 degrees). From above to strew ready fish with greens.

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