Diet at gastritis

диета при гастрите
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Food at gastritis

Gastritis today – one of the most widespread diseases of digestive tract. Nearly a half of the population of Earth has this illness. All know that major factor which provokes emergence of gastritis is wrong diet. Overeating, the use in food of huge number of smoked, sharp and fried products, abuse of alcoholic drinks – all this can lead to inflammation of mucous membrane of stomach which can pass into chronic form over time.

Development of gastritis is caused by two factors: exogenous (long violation of diet) and endogenous (the violations of nervous system first of all connected with neuroreflex impacts on digestive organs). Therefore it is quite natural that basis of treatment of such disease as gastritis, the balanced diet according to type and quiet way of life is.

Why it is so important to adhere to diet at gastritis

Gastritis is the first call of organism which says that the person conducts inharmonious, in relation to natural, way of life. If not to react to signals that not everything is all right, and to continue to follow addictions in food and general regime in any way it is possible to get finally much more serious disease – ulcer. Therefore it is necessary to carry out treatment of gastritis at emergence of its first symptoms, otherwise the acute inflammation of mucous membrane of stomach can pass into chronic form and to deliver to the person many unpleasant moments.

Today in drugstores a lot of the most various medicines by means of which it is seemingly possible to get rid of such unpleasant disease as gastritis are offered. Actually all tablets and syrups are only capable to clean some symptoms – swelling, heartburn, stomach pain. But forever it is possible to eliminate inflammation of mucous membrane only if to follow rules of food and to adhere to certain diet. Gastritis – illness which means change of culture and habits of food, and also way of life in general.

The general rules of food which need to be observed if you have gastritis

Общие правила питания

• Observance of diet

The human stomach demands three - or four times good nutrition. If to observe such mode and to refuse having a snack on the run, the stomach will always produce gastric juice, necessary for good digestion, and it is exactly so much how many it is required for full processing of food.

• Ritual of acceptance of food

As it is strange, but the ceremony of giving of dishes, conversation, mimicry, gestures, table etiquette are very important for stomach – process of acceptance of food and its digestion does not suffer haste, negative emotions, not concentration and disorganization. It is inadmissible to have breakfast or dinner, having been absorbed in the newspaper or in the TV. During food you should not lift subjects which can break appetite. It is the best of all to concentrate on the main thing – on the process, at the same time not the last role is played by external surroundings. Beautifully served table, ware pleasant to eye, the issued dishes excite our stomach and well influence its activity.

• Sense of proportion – first of all

All know that because of table it is necessary to rise with easy feeling of hunger. And all because the signal of saturation comes to brain with some delay – the feeling of satiety arises usually in 10-15 minutes after end of meal.

• Careful chewing of food

A lot more centuries ago Hippocrates spoke: "The longer you chew, the longer you live". And this is true – the careful chewing of food is guarantee of good digestion. Each piece should be chewed within 25-30 seconds – and saturation comes quicker, and the advantage is obvious to stomach.

• Simple food

It is the best of all to eat simply, but it is various. At gastritis you should not prepare difficult dishes with huge number of components. The food is simpler, the it will quicker and easier be digested in stomach.

• After-dinner rest

15-20 minutes of after-dinner rest will promote the best assimilation of food.

What habits it is better to refuse in general if you have gastritis

от каких привычек лучше отказатьсяOvereating: for it the stomach "will precisely revenge" heartburn, eructation, hiccups and abdominal distension.

Bad chewing of food: in this case the stomach does not manage to process acid the food which has come to it and "to process" it therefore in duodenum fats are practically not split, proteins are badly acquired, and more than a half of useful substances is not soaked up.

Having a snack on the run and food with no drink: such approach to food breaks the mode, usual for stomach, and by that deprives of it normal conditions for digestion.

The use of chewing gum, especially to food.

Carbonated drinks: they do not bring any benefit to organism, only irritate mucous membrane of stomach and cause pain, eructation, heartburn and abdominal distension.

• The products containing different chemical additives and preservatives: popular chips and croutons, meat offal like sausages and pelmeni, canned food is the shortest way to formation of ulcer.

• The products containing large amount of cellulose.

Greasy and fried food: such food increases amount of gastric juice and bile that leads to emergence of heartburn and eructation.

Rich meat broths and jelly: at the use of such products there is activation of production of hydrochloric acid and thus the risk of developing of erosion mucous considerably increases. It is better to cook soups on vegetable broth.

Tinned vegetables and fruit, "winter" salads like letcho.

Strong tea and black coffee: these drinks substantially stir up secretory activity in stomach.

Candies and chocolate.

Spices: all spices, pepper, mustard, horse-radish are considered as the strongest irritants mucous stomach.

Smoking right after food: nicotine strongly irritates walls of stomach and harms its normal work. In general, doctors strongly recommend those who have gastritis, to forget about such "pleasure" as cigarettes, especially, if it is about the lowered acidity.

Rigid diets for weight loss: if to adhere to rigid diet and to limit itself in meal, the sore stomach most likely will begin to revolt. During diet in stomach at any food provocation (for example, have seen something tasty on the TV) gastric juice begins to be produced, but there is nothing to digest to it in type of lack of food, and it begins to irritate mucous membrane that leads to its inflammation. In general, eating the "correct" products and following rules of preparation and meal, it is possible to lose gradually extra kilos without harm to stomach.

What can be eaten at gastritis

Что можно есть при гастрите 1. The boiled and baked products and also steamed. These types of processing of food are considered more acceptable and sparing for stomach. First, in food the majority of useful substances and vitamins, and secondly remains, it is easily acquired.

2. Natural vegetable and fruit juice. It is clear, that it is about freshly squeezed juice, but not about store. The preference should be given to apple, carrot, potato juice. It is better to dilute acid juice with water a little.

3. Fresh vegetables and fruit – they increase secretion of gastric juice and cause enzymatic activity. Fruit are recommended to be used not in crude, and in the baked look, previously having cleared of peel and sunflower seeds. The exception is made by bananas which are recommended to be eaten during aggravations instead of other fruit. By the way, fish and meat are acquired more if are eaten with vegetables (only not marinated).

4. Meat. Here it is very desirable not to be fond of fat pork or mutton. Meat of chicken (chicken breast without thin skin), rabbit, turkeys or fish – the best option.

5. Drink. It is necessary to drink enough water – simply filtered or mineral without gas. Water, especially mineral, washes away toxins and is excellent stimulator of secretion.

Attention! Having gastritis it is necessary to include the products containing large amount of protein in diet (if, of course, the product is not included into the list prohibited for this type of gastritis). Besides, the organism needs vitamins for digestion of this protein, especially vitamins of group B. And vitamin E protects stomach from aggressive effect of hydrochloric acid. If it is about vitamin complexes, it is recommended to accept them right after food.

The diet at gastritis promotes manifestation of such processes as:

  • necessary moderate stimulation of secretory function of the stomach and other bodies of digestive tract
  • reduction of inflammation of mucous membrane of stomach and intestines
  • normalization of motive and digestive functions of stomach and intestines
  • reduction of swelling and fermentative processes in intestines

Diet at gastritis with the increased acidity

Диета при гастрите с повышенной кислотностью

The main emphasis of diet for that who have diagnosis "gastritis with the increased acidity", have to be directed to decrease of the activity of gastric juice by reduction of its acidity. For this purpose it is necessary to implement three clauses:

1. Mechanical principle of "shchazheniye"

We clean from the menu food with rough fibrous cellulose – turnip, garden radish, sinewy meat, bread with bran, muesli. We refuse frying on vegetable oil.

2. Chemical principle of "shchazheniye"

We avoid the use of products which are strong activators of gastric secretion. Alcoholic beverages, citrus fruit and juice from them, coffee belong to such products (any: both with caffeine, and without it), white cabbage, strong rich broths, black bread.

3. Thermal principle of "shchazheniye"

The use of very hot or very cold food is inadmissible. 15-60 degrees are considered optimum temperature. Too hot or too cold food irritates gullet, and cold still very long is late in stomach.

The diet of the person which has gastritis with the increased acidity can include the following products:

- milk with high percent of fat content (it is more preferable goat);
- eggs (only in the form of proteinaceous omelet);
- river fish (the omega-3, omega-6 which are very useful to digestion and work of digestive tract in general contains unsaturated fats);
- seafood;
- grain: pearl-barley and oat, rice and buckwheat;
- low-fat meat (beef or rabbit);
- seafood;
- not acid fruit (it is especially good to eat berries of sweet grades – strawberry, wild strawberry, raspberry, only not on hungry stomach);
- vegetables: vegetable marrow, carrots, pumpkin, beet, green peas, tomatoes (without thin skin), parsley, fennel.

The use of products is forbidden:

- low-fat or skim milk;
- any fermented milk products;
- vegetables in the raw, and also onions and garlic;
- the products containing carbohydrates which promote development of inflammatory processes and set of extra kilos: sugar, pastries, wheat flour, chocolate;
- fat meat (goose, mutton, duck, pork);
- black bread.

Food at gastritis with the lowered acidity

The main emphasis in this case for two moments: on stimulation of secretion of gastric juice and on mechanical "shchazheniye". And here the most important – at all not to ignore so-called first phase of secretion when release of gastric juice begins. Usually it occurs at the moments when the person sees something tasty or beautifully served table – what stimulates appetite. It is very important to eat food in quiet situation, not on the run that it came to stomach where gastric juice has already begun to be produced.

Food bases for those who have gastritis with the lowered acidity:

1. It is obligatory to chew food carefully. It is very important!

2. From meat it is possible to use rabbit, turkey, beef (in small amounts), chicken without thin skin.

3. It is not recommended to include in the diet milk, but fermented milk products – please.

4. Fruit have to be used with the main reception at once. It is necessary to choose not coarse-fibered apples and pears which are desirable for baking in oven.

5. From vegetables carrots, cauliflower, broccoli best of all approach. Питание при гастрите с пониженной кислотностью

At any gastritis doctors recommend to make the main diet of the following dishes:

  • the liquid or well wiped first courses
  • vegetable purees
  • liquid porridges
  • soft-boiled eggs
  • kissels
  • steam cutlets
  • the boiled or steamed fish

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