Diet at arthrosis

диета при артрозе
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Arthrosis - disease of joints which is shown in degenerative and dystrophic damage of joint. These changes have age character, that is are shown at people of advanced age, after forty five years. Deformation is affected, first of all, by joint cartilage, epiphysis of bones and, in certain cases, soft fabrics.

The diet at arthrosis is capable to bring benefit only in total with other treatment - medicinal therapy, physical therapy and so on.

The diet purpose at arthrosis - fight against excess weight

The main enemy of joints is excess weight. Most of the patients suffering from arthroses of knee and coxofemoral joints have noticeable excess weight. Weight reduction of body leads to noticeable improvement of condition of joints.

The effective diet at arthrosis has to promote decrease in excess weight of body, at the same time completely providing organism with all necessary substances.

Selecting diet, carrying out cleanings or starvation, it is necessary to be very careful not to do to itself harm.

Especially carefully women should treat various diets after 50 flyings. Washing away of calcium can promote development of osteoporosis, and washing away of potassium provokes spasms and heart diseases.

Concerning diet surely consult with the attending physician, especially in the presence of associated diseases.

Rules of diet at arthrosis

The diet believes not only drawing up and modification of daily diet, but observance of Regulations of Admission of food.

It is necessary to eat every 3-4 hour (5 times a day are desirable).

The following distribution of volume of food looks ideal:

  • The first reception - 5%
  • The second reception - 25%
  • The third reception - 35%
  • The fourth reception - 20%
  • The fifth reception - 15%

As food has to be various, it is very important to learn to replace one products with others correctly. The food needs to be put in mouth in the small portions and to pay attention to its careful and slow chewing.

It is necessary to remember that the healthy nutrition has to become not just observance of diet, but also everyday habit of all life. There is no sense in periodic observance of diets as any diet of special purpose overtasks separate bodies, depriving organism of number of useful substances.

Diet at arthrosis: food allowance

The important place in diet diet at arthrosis is taken by the products making favorable impact on the affected joints. Treat such products:

☀ Fat fish, in particular trout, mackerel, salmon, sardine, herring and cod. For cartilaginous and bone tissue fish is simply irreplaceable, it is rich with such useful substances as calcium, phosphorus, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, E and D.

☀ Vegetable oils and nuts - the products containing unsaturated fats and vitamin E in large number.

☀ the Turmeric and ginger - the spices promoting combustion of fat. Their addition in soups, porridges and salads is reasonable as during diet at arthrosis of coxofemoral joint, and at other localization of disease.

☀ Peas, haricot and lentil - representatives bean which are characterized by the increased content of calcium.

☀ Dairy products and milk - protein participates in creation of new fabrics, in particular allows to recover cartilaginous tissue which covers joint surfaces of bones.

☀ Vegetables and fruit, especially cabbage, onions, peaches and oranges. Presence of these products at diet at arthrosis of joints is justified, first, by contents in them necessary amount of carbohydrates, and secondly, their anti-inflammatory effect which is caused by availability of vitamin C. Besides, vitamin C is important element of synthesis of collagenic and elastinovy fibers.

☀ Whole-grain bread and eggs.

☀ the Dishes made on the basis of gelatin, for example bone broths and jellies - they are rich with collagen and are of great importance for durability and flexibility of bones and joints.

The diet at arthrosis of knee joint foot arthrosis differs in nothing from diet at arthrosis of coxofemoral joint as localization of disease in this question does not matter.

Separately it would be desirable to emit fruit juice which represents the real well of useful substances. For example, the use of one glass of orange juice in day allows to reduce risk of development of arthrosis by 16%.

In turn, garnet juice is capable to reduce inflammation and to block formation of enzyme which surplus causes wear of cartilage. The diet at arthrosis of joints shall include in the daily menu at least 3-5 spoons of this drink.

One more "hero of the day" is pineapple juice which is obliged by the anti-inflammatory properties to special substance, bromelayn.

Harmful products

In spite of the fact that food at arthrosis of joints has to be rather various, there is number of products which it is necessary to refuse:

First of all, under a ban are:

  • fast food.
  • fat grades of meat (pork and beef).
  • Sausages, sausages and other sausages are under a ban too.
  • Here it is possible to carry smoked products as now they, unfortunately, prepare not in smoking sheds, and by means of special chemical processing, so-called liquid smoke.
  • Instant products are categorically contraindicated at arthritises too. Also you should not be fond of mayonnaise and the refined vegetable oils.
  • Acid fruit and juice from them are harmful to patients.

The Protivoartrozny diet provides limited consumption of salt (no more than 10 grams a day). It is better not to salt food in the course of preparation, and to prisalivat already before food.

Prevention! Carefully it is necessary to treat different pickles, caviar and mineral water with the high content of sodium.

Such products as yogurts, cottage cheese and sour cream of high fat content, and also cakes and other confectionery with cream it is allowed to consume in very small amounts, and, in the first half of day.

Without fail it is necessary to adhere to the correct drinking mode. The patients having arthrosis of knee joint are recommended to drink not less than 1 - 1,5 liters of liquid a day. It should be noted that at the same time the preference needs to be given not to drinks, and clear water.

Folk remedies for improvement of health at arthrosis

Nettle. For treatment of knee joint it is useful to include in diet of dish from nettle. The plant effectively purifies blood that is also necessary in case of diseases of joints.

Wood louse. Well helps at disease of joints and improves metabolism. It is recommended, to eat in the flying, adding to salads and soups. For treatment of arthrosis, the following tincture is used: to put densely in 3kh-liter can, dry grass of wood louse, to fill in 0,5 l of vodka and to pour the cooled-down boiled water (up to the top). It is dense to close cover and to insist, within 10 days. It is not necessary to filter. Treatment of arthrosis: to accept in 10-15 min. prior to food, on 1 tablespoon, 3 times a day.

pblochny vinegar. Way: in glass of water to add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and to drink. In day to repeat this procedure 3 times.

Onions. To take 2 big bulbs, to wash and clean. Properly to crush and boil thoroughly peel together with bulbs in water liter not to boil soft onions yet. It is necessary to drink this broth three times a day on glass before reception of food. The peel is thrown out, and onions can be left and used then in cookery. The woman was treated for week. But in year of pain have returned and again began to torment it. Now she has received medical treatment 2 weeks. In year of pain have again begun. However in year of pain have disappeared forever.

The general recommendations in food at arthrosis

Let's not forget the general councils of dietitians on healthy nutrition for the people sick with arthrosis:

  • it is not necessary to have supper after 6 o'clock in the evening;
  • it is better to apply technology of "fractional food" - to eat gradually, but is more often;
  • replace big plates or cups with superficial ware;
  • regularly control the weight;
  • after food foot walks are very useful;
  • balance the menu of your diet that in it there were many fruit, greens, vitamins, proteinaceous products.


The good balanced nutrition is useful at any disease. Also there are products useful at arthrosis. Including them in the daily menu, it is necessary to remember that the diet will not be effective if:

  • the diet lasts less than 6 months,
  • the patient has excess body weight,
  • the sore joint is not in the sparing mode (on loading).

Success in treatment, and good luck!

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