Diet at arthritis

диета при артрите
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Arthritis call a number of diseases of joints which can be characterized by inflammation, swelling and pain. At first sight can seem that diet at arthritis - invention useless and unnecessary, but researches of scientists have confirmed the return. The healthy nutrition can help to recover metabolism, to avoid emergence of complications, to accelerate recovery process.

Diet at arthritis - the general recommendations

For patients with all types of arthritis there are several general recommendations to which it is worth paying attention.

The products containing fatty acids omega-3 shall be included in diet at arthritis. These substances remove inflammations that facilitates arthritis symptoms. Most of all fatty acids the omega-3 contains in sea fish, in its fat grades, but if it is contraindicated to you, pay attention to linseed oil. It is easier acquired, and also has medical effect, thanks to the content of the same useful fatty acids.

At all types of arthritis it is necessary to refuse strong tea, coffee, to reduce alcohol intake. The diet at arthritis limits, and often in general excludes pickles, hot spices and spices. But there are exceptions. Some researches have revealed positive influence of turmeric and ginger. However here it is necessary to be careful and to exclude allergic reactions.

Though reasonable scientific data on this occasion do not exist, some researches have shown that can have negative effect on condition of patients with arthritis of plant of family of nightshade family - potatoes, sweet pepper, tomatoes, eggplants. If you have noticed deterioration in health after the use of these products, exclude them from the diet.

The main thing that needs to be remembered: the diet at arthritis has to be balanced, with the sufficient content of vitamins and minerals, it is desirable low-calorie.

Useful products at arthritis

1. fruit, vegetables, especially orange or yellow color, with the high level of content of vitamin C and antioxidants (paprika, citrus, juice of crude potatoes, carrots, beet, cucumbers, onions, apples); fresh vegetables and fruit salads;

2. berries (cowberry, cranberry);

3. freshly squeezed juice (for example, apple juice or mix of carrot juice, juice of celery, tomatoes and cabbage);

4. lactic products with the high content of useful bacteria and calcium;

5. cod-liver oil, cod liver oil (contain omegas-3-fatty acids which reduce sensitivity of joints);

6. separate grades of fish with unsaturated fatty acids in limited quantities (trout, mackerel, salmon);

7. buckwheat cereal and lentil (contain vegetable protein);

8. dietary meat (chicken, rabbit, turkey, boiled eggs).

Dangerous and harmful products at arthritis

It is necessary to limit or exclude from diet:

  • sorrel
  • bean products
  • spinach
  • fried meat
  • sausages
  • smoked products
  • offal
  • broths
  • alcohol
  • salt and sugar
  • products with the content of refractory fats and digestible carbohydrates
  • seasonings and spices (pepper, mustard, horse-radish)
  • culinary, beef, pork and mutton fats
  • canned food
  • marinades
  • pickles
  • sharp snack
  • fancy pastry
  • strong coffee and tea
  • ice cream

The main menu at different types of arthritis

The correct diet at arthritises assumes the daily use of large amount of liquid (from 2 to 3 liters). It is necessary to drink green tea, kvass, kissel, broth of dogrose and compotes.

Exclude coffee, cocoa, carbonated and alcoholic beverages from diet.

The diet at reactive arthritis has to consist of products with high medical action, such as lemon, pumpkin, vegetable marrows, broccoli, carrots, onions, garlic and greens.

The use of marinated and tinned products should be limited to minimum.

The effective diet at psoriasis arthritis demands strict observance of all recommendations. Buckwheat and oat grain, rice, fish, boiled chicken meat, the baked vegetables, turkey, rabbit, cottage cheese and low-fat grades of cheese are part of this diet. It is necessary to limit the use of eggplants, bean and mushrooms.

During observance of diet at psoriasis arthritis it is necessary to consider that purines which contain in salad, sorrel, spinach and garden radish are harmful.

Negatively salty fish and offal affect smoked product joints. In the period of diet at rheumatoid arthritis it is necessary to limit the use of honey, chocolate, fat and puff pastry. Products with high caloric content have to be used extremely seldom.

Ready dishes have to contain the minimum quantity of fats and salt.

General rules

The general parameters to which it is worth adhering:

☀ low-calorie diet. Food at arthritis has to be balanced so that not to gather extra kilos or "to clean" already existing. Excess weight gives additional load of joint that promotes emergence of recurrence in the inflamed joint and afterwards leads to development of the deforming arthrosis;

☀ correct balance of carbohydrates, proteins, microelements, fats and vitamins;

☀ the food has to be steamed, in boiled look or be extinguished. In fried look the caloric content of products doubles almost twice;

☀ at arthritis it is important to place emphasis on those products which are rich with protein, phosphorus (some grades of fish, meat, sour-milk);

☀ well helps to recover the damaged tissue of joints of dish from razvarenny bones (jelly), it can be eaten in unlimited number. The jelly and jelly contain natural hondroprotektor, substances which promote recovery of cartilaginous tissue and prevent emergence of new changes. But at gout they - are contraindicated;

☀ many useful carbohydrates can be received with fruit or vegetables;

☀ it is impossible - excess of fats of animal origin, the diet at arthritis and arthroses provides vegetable fats in diet;

☀ the diet has to be whenever possible most vitaminized, the preference is given to products which contain vitamins of group A, B,D,C (cabbage, oranges, haricot, raisin, lentil, peas, eggs, bananas, whole-grain bread, chicken meat);

☀ many vitamins at arthritis can be given to organism, consuming freshly squeezed juice from carrots, beet, berries and fruit. All these products promote removal from joints of salts and toxins;

☀ in certain cases the diet is combined with courses of medical starvation.

Food at gouty arthritis has to be balanced so that in diet there were no dishes containing the purine bases ☀ broths, broths (fish, meat, vegetable), fish soup, sorrel, mushrooms and cauliflower.

What to drink at arthritis

Keeping to diet at arthritis, it is extremely useful to drink juice - especially garnet, orange and pineapple. And also green tea. Besides thanks to the fact that these drinks contain large amount of antioxidants.

Scientists advise: if joints hurt and ache, it is necessary to enter immediately into diet the daily use of garnet juice - at arthritis it is capable to remove quickly and effectively painful symptom in cartilaginous tissue. For this purpose it is enough to drink only 2-3 tablespoons of undiluted garnet juice a day. If juice in pure form seems to you too tart, it can be diluted with the cooled green tea - taste will be softer, and the advantage at arthritis will double. Besides, recently American scientists have conducted research which has shown: the use of three and more cups of green tea in day reduces risk of development of arthritis at least by 60%.

Folk remedies of treatment of arthritis

  • fresh grass of chicory (to steam out and put to sore point)
  • coltsfoot or cabbage (for the night to wrap leaves of cabbage, coltsfoot the inflamed joints)
  • natural juice of cowberry, apple, grapefruit (to accept two teaspoons on glass of clear water) or mix of juice (carrots, cucumber, beet, lettuce, cabbage, spinach)
  • celandine (to use juice for greasing of the affected joints)
  • garlic (two-three cloves a day)
  • massage by essential oils (to mix five drops of oil of pine, three drops of oil of lavender, three drops of oil of lemon with tablespoon of olive oil or five drops of oil of lemon, four drops of oil of eucalyptus, to mix four drops of oil of lavender with tablespoon of oil of grape seeds)

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