Diet on 1 blood type - positive and negative

диета по группе крови 1
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The choice of the correct diet – business difficult. Here to remember the main thing that its ultimate goal – working capacity, optimum health and achievement of balance between growth, weight and constitution. Unfortunately, very often, aiming to achieve desirable results, we begin to adopt experience of girlfriends or acquaintances blindly. And here that turns out: the same low-calorie diet one helps to throw off 10 kilograms, and others with its help hardly get rid of 1-2 kilograms. There are also more interesting situations: using the same products, one people lose weight, and others on the contrary – gain kilograms. Miracles? At all not. According to the American scientists, the reason is covered in genetics. The secret is put in blood of the person and if to be more exact – in its group which has got to us from far ancestors.

According to researches, since appearance of the person and till our time blood types did not change. For this reason food and immune systems of the modern person are predisposed to those products which were eaten earlier by his ancestors. Therefore, the food useful to one can be toxic for the person with other blood type.

It is a little theory

диета по группе крови 1 The American doctor James D'Adamo has declared that all food can be divided on useful, harmful and neutral for organism of any person and that weight loss speed directly depends on blood type of the person.

The diet on blood type 1 developed by James D'Adamo assumes exception of diet of such food which is toxic for the person or badly is digested. This diet promotes clarification of organism from toxins which most often accumulate in fatty tissues. Quite so also process of disposal of excess weight is carried out.

The strong immune and digestive systems which are responsible for preservation of nutritious elements and for efficient metabolism are inherent in human body with 1 blood type.

But, at the same time, the first blood type has also some minuses to which difficulties in adaptation belong to change of food and conditions of environment. Sometimes strong, active immunity of the person can work with 1 blood type against the owner, provoking inflammatory processes, autoimmune diseases and allergies.

Main recommendations about application of diet about 1 blood type

Results of numerous researches in the field of dietology have shown that absorption of substances does not depend on Rhesus factor at all, therefore, the diet on blood type 1 positive will be just the same, as diet on blood type 1 negative.

For those who possess the first blood type highly protein diet in which fast meat (any, except pork) and fish prevails will be the most effective.

What is useful for people with 1 blood type

The benefit to people with blood type 1 will be brought by seafood, fruit (surely not acid) and vegetables, limited amount of rye bread. It is desirable to salt food iodized salt. Natural teas from mint, ginger and dogrose, and also green teas well influence human body with blood type 1.

What it is undesirable to people to use with blood type 1

Grain (exception only buckwheat is), potato, products from wheat belong to products which use is recommended to be limited. The diet on 1 blood type limits also the use of the products containing large amount of carbohydrates – various sweets. And such drinks as red and white wine, rather weak beer, herbal teas from leaves of valerian, sage, camomile and raspberry will not bring to organism special benefit, but also will not be able to do much harm to it.

What is contraindicated to people with 1 blood type

If you have 1 blood type, to you is strictly forbidden to use cabbage (exception broccoli is), marinades, corn, ketchups and mayonnaise. Harmful to organism will be also hard liquors, coffee, St. John's Wort, purple cone-flower, Sena.

Councils for maintenance of weight

1. Will help to keep weight normal:

  • brown seaweed and laminaria
  • various seafood
  • mutton
  • beef and liver
  • spinach
  • broccoli
  • radish
  • salads and greens

Besides, the diet on 1 blood type recommends to use for weight reduction vitamin K, vitamins of group B, iodine, manganese, calcium, and also enzymes of pancreatic gland.

2. With care it is necessary to treat vitamins of group E and A.

3. Combining the program of lowering of weight with such intensive exercises as swimming, run, aerobics, step-aerobics and ski race, it is possible to keep effectively the weight and excellent physical shape.

Some more recommendations about diet

диета по группе крови 1 1. Successful weight reduction is possible only at increase of metabolic rate. For this purpose it is necessary:

☀ to exclude the use of products from wheat, bean, corn and lentil which block production of insulin and slow down metabolism;

☀ not to use cabbage and oats, oppressing production of thyroid hormones;

☀ to increase the uses of meat, liver and products with the increased content of iodine (various greens, seafood, seaweed, etc.);

☀ it is regular to carry out various physical exercises.

2. To people with bad coagulability of blood the diet on blood type 1 recommends to use the products rich with vitamin K (seaweed, greens, salads, eggs, liver, meat), not to eat barmy products, and at emergence of violation of balance of intestinal bacteria – to accept acidophiles and bifidobacteria.

3. With extra care to take aspirin which liquefies blood and increases acidity, and also to avoid the use of sulphamide preparations and antibiotics of class of penicillinic.

As you can see, the diet on the first blood type limits the use of the majority of products which are leaders in the content of vitamins and microelements. Therefore here it is very important to replace them with safe, but the same valuable products correctly. In spite of the fact that owners of the first blood type have strong gastrointestinal tract, it is necessary to change food gradually. The smaller shock will be felt by your organism during diet, the easier and quicker you will get rid of extra kilos and improve state of health.

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