Diet - Food for thoughts

диета пища для мыслей

What you eat directly influences your brain. Unfortunately, it is difficult for children who always hurry to adhere to the balanced diet. And adult too. It is sometimes more convenient not to have dinner, and to burn out on the run "Snickers" quickly to receive energy charge. But it does not bring benefit to either mind, or body.

Scientists obtain more and more data on influence of different products on brain now. They have found the ways "feed" mind which lead to cerebration improvement. But at first let's find out what and why cannot be done.

You come home hungry. Instead of pottering with healthy food, you chew favourite "Mars" or "Baunti". Sugar quickly comes to your blood and stimulates production in substance brain under the name serotonin. Serotonin works rasslablyayushche as it weakens electric signals between cells of brain. As a result your cerebration can be slowed down — and it not absolutely the fact that it is necessary for you as you are just going to read the useful book or …

But do not worry: not all types of sugar are harmful. The brain works better if energy arrives to it gradually. Only it is not necessary to drink constantly sweet drinks or there are candies and other sweets. Natural source of sugar are fruit. Let apple will be your supplier of energy.

What did you eat for breakfast today? And in general, you had enough time to have breakfast? Perhaps, all of you looked for morning the second sneaker? But it is not the reason not to have breakfast! To go on affairs next the heart — all the same what to drive the car with almost empty gasoline tank. For work your brain needs fuel. Without it it is impossible to expect good results.

Importance of breakfast has been proved as a result of one research conducted at university of the State of Texas. Scientists gave to students control at 8:00 in the morning and have found out that those who have well had breakfast were highly appreciated much more, than those who have not made it.

And what it "good breakfast"? psno that rolls from toaster will not bring to your brain such benefit as products with the high content of protein — for example, cheese, eggs, meat or pizza. (Yes, pizza. Even cold, it is very tasty.) Researches show that proteinaceous products have to make essential part in each food. And for this purpose there is only meat with potato insufficiently. To receive 44 types of nutrients which are necessary for health according to scientific researches your mind and body needs the mass of different products.

Whatever advertizing of "McDonald's", hamburgers and the crackling potatoes — not the best source of these nutrients claimed. The most part of products of restaurants of fast food is the heavy food containing many fats. From such food blood casts from brain and flows to stomach because of what it becomes difficult to concentrate.

What products best of all are suitable for your brain? Follow such general advice:

Give preference to fresh natural products: to fruit, vegetables, cereals, bean, greens. In them there are vitamins from which it is easier breathed and the person feels more vigorously and more vigorously.

Avoid the products which have undergone "processing"-> addition Sakharov, starches, artificial fillers and preservatives.

Avoid alcohol and other narcotic substances including caffeine (it is in many sparkling drinks — read labels). From them you can feel "cheerfulness", but it is illusion. Their surplus can lead to mind obtusion (if it is not worse).

Eat regularly healthy food and include the most various products in the everyday menu.

Everything that you eat, eventually "gets to you into the head". That it was better thought, think that to you is!