диета от прыщей

Everyone who endured teenage age was influenced by unpleasant skin rashes, emergence of spots and acne rash. This quite widespread phenomenon it is also explained simply, by growing of organism and reorganization of metabolism. However, when rashes, perspiration, skin itch and eels appear irrespective of age, it is worth paying on it special attention.

In many cases the similar symptom can be considered as the hint. Your organism, thus, tries to warn you about possible complications with health. Therefore before undertaking any cardinal measures, it is necessary to carry out full diagnostics and to find out the valid reason of rashes.

For example, the increased content of sugar in blood promotes emergence of furunkulez or pustulous diseases. In this case it is worth conducting, first of all, researches to exclude diabetes. Not in the best way the condition of skin is influenced by stressful situations, diseases of nervous system and allergic reactions.

At the same time, the most widespread source of spots and eels, is gastrointestinal tract. Violations in work of digestive tract cause weakening of motor function of intestines. It interferes with normal conclusion of harmful substances from organism. When internals cease to carry out fully the purpose, the part of their functions undertakes external body of our body - skin.

Normalization of work of intestines

нормализация работы кишечника What reason would not lead to emergence of skin rashes, undoubtedly one - not to aggravate problem, it is necessary to adjust nutritious process.

The correct diet from spots will help to recover work of sebaceous glands and to clean pores. However it is necessary to begin fight against eels it is comprehended. Cleaning of intestines will become preparatory stage upon transition to healthy and healthy food. Thanks to modern technologies and ways of production of medicines, it is quite possible to do without wearisome procedures of cleaning of digestive tract today. It is enough to spend on drink course of lineks or bifidumbacterium.

But if you wish to manage by own efforts, by means of folk remedies, then you will suit the following council:

In the morning, on an empty stomach to drink salty water solution (on 0,5 l of water 1 salt teaspoon). Having waited for 30-40 minutes, to drink one glass of kefir.

Salt helps to bring harmful substances out of organism, and kefir saturates flora of intestines with sour-milk bacteria and removes the remains of hydrochloric solution.

Products useful to organism

продукты полезные для организма There is a number of products which the diet without fail has to include at spots.

Work of sebaceous glands is regulated by zinc. If you include in the diet such products as asparagus, braised beef, herring, wheat bran, calf's liver and oysters, it will help to make face skin pure much quicker. This group of products contains zinc therefore it is desirable to increase standard daily rate of their consumption.

Availability of vitamin A, is also very important for fight against skin rashes. We have got used to consider that carrots contain the greatest concentration of this vitamin. Undoubtedly, in its carrots it is enough. Nevertheless, in addition to carrots, it is necessary to include green deciduous vegetables, dogrose, apricot, corn, mountain ash fruits, sorrel, spinach, blackcurrant and cod-liver oil in diet. All these products are extraordinary important and useful to organism and contain vitamin A.

The cabbage, liver, cheese, kidneys, buckwheat and wheat grain, spinach, soy, haricot and beans supply us with vitamin B. And in nuts, sea-buckthorn, hips, almonds, spinach and whole grains of wheat the high content of vitamin E.

Thus, to make the correct diet, it is not obligatory to lose tasty food at all. From everything, above-mentioned, products it is possible to prepare interesting and useful dishes. The main term which is dictated by diet at eels - the correct preparation of products with the minimum quantity of fats, spices and salts. It is the best of all to steam or use the crock-pot for these purposes. It as much as possible will ensure safety of all useful substances and will facilitate preparation process.

For each person the diet at acne rash has to be formed individually, depending on diagnostics and features of organism. But some recipes will be useful at any state of health. Surely include them in the menu.

Envelopes from beef with vegetables stuffing

конвертики из говядины с начинкой из овощей The beef cut on portion pieces, slightly we beat off and we grease with soy sauce. We spread on lettuce leaf or spinach. In the middle of meat we put small cut vegetables: paprika, vegetable marrows, onions, carrots and corn. We strew with greens and we do of beef the envelope filled with vegetables and wrapped in salad or spinach. Densely we wrap ready envelope in foil and we stack on baking sheet in oven.

Depending on the size of pieces of meat, we determine time for preparation 50-60 minutes. The fragrant beef made in own juice and filled with vegetables will become decoration of any table. For a change, it is possible to add semi-ready rice to vegetable beef stuffing of envelope.

Steam fish under vegetables

паровая рыба под овощами Cut by small pieces, 4-6 cm, fish is spread in not too soup plate. From above we cover with layer the grated, or cut straws, carrots, small cut onions, thin segments of tomatoes and greens.

Having salted the Sleg, we put dish in the crock-pot for 20-30 minutes for steaming. The fish brought to readiness differs in juiciness, aroma and simplicity of preparation.

Mixed vegetables with chicken fillet

овощное ассорти с куриным филе Any vegetables which are in your refrigerator will be suitable for preparation of this dish. We cut paprika pieces, carrots - straws, we slice onions half rings, tomatoes and eggplants - rings. Before preparation it is necessary to add some salt and leave eggplants slightly for 20-30 minutes. We cut chicken fillet strips or cubes.

In deep pan which bottom is previously oiled olive consistently, layers we stack vegetables. We put chicken fillet in the middle of dish, covering with the next vegetable layer. From above plentifully we strew with greens. We send the covered dish to oven for 35-45 minutes.

Effective diet against youthful eels

эффективная диета против юношеских угрей Once a month arrange for the organism fruit days. Three days it is necessary to eat only fruit salads or just to eat fruit in their natural look. Upon termination of the day before yesterday, pass to the balanced food, having excluded from smoked product diet, fat meat and fish, eggs, sausage, fat and all types of seasonings. Besides, completely refuse strong tea and coffee, cakes, candies and cakes.

The basis of diet is made by vegetables, fruit and fermented milk products. It is very useful to drink vegetable and fruit juice. The glass of carrot juice drunk on an empty stomach will enrich your organism with vitamin A which is called not for nothing beauty vitamin. If you cannot do absolutely without bread, then it is the best of all to use rye bread of rough grinding. To avoid locks, it is necessary to include in the menu products rich with cellulose. Adhering to this diet, after a while, you will be able to admire the clean and healthy skin.

чеснок, петрушка, лимон и имбирь Special attention wants to be paid on some products which should be used. It is garlic, parsley, lemon and ginger. The lemon very much needs to be excluded in that case when you have no opportunity completely from the menu greasy food. In this case negative effects can be neutralized by means of lemon juice. Garlic well influences not only integuments, and and all organism in general. It is useful to add it to each dish. It is periodically desirable to drink parsley decoction. She removes puffiness, levels and clarifies skin color, helps to get rid of eels. Ginger at the regular use purifies blood and strengthens immunity.

Between meals there should be no additional "having a snack". The most widespread and correct principle of the balanced food, this observance of interval between food. The interval has to make not less than 3 hours. The recommended schedule of food can vary on time:

Breakfast - from 8 to 9 o'clock;
Lunch - from 13 to 15 o'clock;
Dinner - from 19 to 20 o'clock.

However, if you have absolutely other vital rhythm, you can establish own Regulations of Admission of food. The main thing, at the same time, not to abuse quantity and quality of food.

исследования, проведенные учеными It is interesting to note that the researches conducted by scientists in Papua New Guinea and Paraguay have completely confirmed advantage of diet in fight against acne rash and spots. Aboriginals who do not even know what is sugar, bread and other products of the western production eat only rice, some cereals, fish, meat, vegetables and fruit. Putting into practice similar image of food, it is possible to get rid forever of skin rashes and not to be afraid of digestive tract diseases.

Along with food it is impossible to forget also about the drinking mode. Clear, natural drinking water plays special role, both in cleaning of organism, and in fight against spots. Softly and delicately water brings all slags out of organism and saturates it with moisture. At treatment of acne rash the day norm of the use of still water has to make not less than 2 liters. The big benefit will be brought by water natural, cleared of harmful impurity.

To get rid of spots and acne rash by means of observance of diet quite on forces to everyone. It is necessary to follow only strictly the rules and not to break the established food allowance. For the unorganized person to make it rather difficult. Nevertheless, the desire to have beautiful and healthy skin will help to overcome all obstacles. диета от прыщей

The first several weeks can seem to you that the problem is aggravated. Spots and eels will begin "to blossom" with new force. This temporary and fulminating phenomenon. Have patience and do not recede from the chosen way. At this stage tinctures, lotions and medicinal herbs decoctions with which it is necessary to wipe face skin very well help. In addition to internal problems of organism, exerts negative impact and external irritants on skin of the person. The contaminated atmosphere, insufficiently clear water, chemical emissions of the enterprises, etc. Only the harmonious combination of diet and the correct care of skin will bear long-awaited fruits.