Diet - not food, but mood

диета не еда а настроение

Diet – not food, but mood.

Also you do not speak. We know, we know, we know. And about the fact that it is necessary to lead the correct life and that it is necessary to do exercises there are more fruit, vegetables and to drink two liters of water daily. Competent, read. And side all grow. And the stomach does not find room in the usual diameter of trousers any more, and cheeks in general will be visible from back soon. You look at photos not so long ago, apparently, of last youth and … in mirror to look any desire disappears. Here so and to look always at the photo.

There now how to give up addiction is late at night? How? If all day you run between the house, office, taxi or the bus-stop. You come back home in the evening, and there is a wish to prepare that nothing, as an example for desire is. It is played so that you put in saucepan, and even on frying pan everything that is in the refrigerator, will extinguish, will boil also on plateau. You will have a snack it on fresh crust of bread and … only then you remember about the side. Where to us to you, the Top model. But why we need diet? Is it necessary to us also correct we have motives that in which already time we try to use its promising force.

In one wise book it is told that the person is created just like God. Each of us has initially been conceived by the beautiful and perfect person. There is no person, in accuracy similar to another. Even mother can distinguish twins because they differ from each other. What we do then with the body, is already other question. Here you will not confer responsibility on God.

And then, unless in order that we were loved, we need to get in 60х90х60? Really few talented, smart, charming people who even close do not fit into this standard?

Our mothers and grandmothers, the majority of them are far from slender waists and harmonous legs. But they are loved, and still as. Yes even among the famous actresses there is a lot of such that we would be ashamed with such figures yes on public. But unless we notice figures when we look at Krachkovskaya, Shukshina, Bystritskaya's game which for shootings in the Quiet Don was specially eaten off on rolls and has recovered on 15 kilograms!!! (Here some of its problems).

There are people who earn by the completeness living. "Show fatties" can often be seen on banquets and holidays. What to say that fatties have made the way even on sports Olympus.

So, it is possible to be it turns out the fatty and thus talented, charming, beautiful and that the most important, darling. Why again and again we gather in search line on the Internet – the Diet, Diets etc. Think! Think! Think! Why to you diet?

Ah, well as. Image and similarity of God. There has to be some harmony, well and it seems too as it is more useful to health. Here it! Your motive in diet. In diet which comes not strengthened artillery before the next holiday, for issue, and diet which lives in you as life, as mood. Image of God, harmony, love and respect for. Here your mood every evening when you come home and you open the refrigerator. There is your mood when are invited to magnificent banquet with set of dishes and drinks. There is your mood when you understand that it is better not to eat in general, than there is IT. There is your mood that, slicing itself fresh vegetables salad to rejoice to that how many vitamins and advantage it will bring to you and your skin.

And when you drink clear cool water what you think of? About coffee, shipuchka and the packaged juice? Remember your motive and drink one more glass of water. Let everything that you eat, proceed from your new motive, motive loving and the beloved, full love, pleasure and internal advantage and respect now. Let the diet will become for you not food, but mood. And it is not important at the same time whether you look at the same time as the beauty from cover of the glossy magazine, the main thing that it makes you happy now.