Diet and drinks during food restrictions

диета и напитки во время пищевых ограничений
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Each liquid coming to human body when it is in the mode of severe restriction of food, influences the existing processes. And influence can be as promoting weight loss, and opposite, interfering it. Having truly chosen quantity and composition of the arriving liquid, it is possible to help organism to be cleared, and also easier and quicker to grow thin.

General rules

It is known that on average the person has to drink about 1,5-2 liters of water daily. Growing thin you should not be fond of sweet gassy waters – the carriers of calories littering organism. It is useful for the one who follows diet to remember that drink precedes meal, and not vice versa. It is recommended to drink glass of water of minutes for 15 before you decide to have a bite.

About water and not only

It is desirable to drink water cleared, and not from under the crane in any way. In drink it is possible to add small amount of lemon juice, so you providing receipt to vitamin C organism, digestion and work of intestines at the same time will improve. Also mixing of water with other juice is welcomed. The use of any fruit drinks will help to keep organism in tone, but mineral water should be chosen, being guided by the direction of its action. Having found out, than Borjomi from Yessentuki 17 differs, you will be able to help the body requiring special attention (liver, stomach, pancreas, etc.).

About tea

Properties of tea differ depending on the drink chosen by you. So, it is more preferable to use black tea in the form of cooling drink (0,5 l of water in combination with cup of traditional brewing tea and ice), but green it is good in any quantity and variations (from hot to cold). The last well struggles with dehydration, saturates organism with vitamins, strengthens walls of vessels. It is necessary to drink tea without sugar.

Other low-calorie pleasure are fruit drinks. It is excellent karkade which can be used as in hot, and cold. Responsibly it is necessary to approach the various herbal teas having time opposite effect. So, mint and marjoram weaken therefore to drink such infusion one night better, but tonic Labrador tea or dogrose will be useful since morning.

о чае

About coffee

Very difficult question on which there is no definite answer to this day: whether to use coffee during diet? Perhaps, reasonable will not refuse to itself this small pleasure only to inveterate coffee-achievers who are not conceiving of the life without this invigorating drink. In this case it is necessary to drink only scalded coffee without sugar addition.

о кофе

About kefir and milk

The first product is necessary, its vitaminized versions are especially useful, and also what is included lakto-and bifidobacteria. Nevertheless, it is worth being guided by the diet applied by you as some of them do not "favour" dairy products. In the low-calorie menu fermented baked milk, curdled milk or yogurt can also take the worthy place. Ayran and koumiss is not recommended to be drunk, so they promote arousing appetite.

Milk, as we know, is not combined with other products. Therefore drink it if you wish, without mixing with the dishes ordered by dietary food. Besides that milk is useful as contains number of curative vitamins, it also is caloric, especially products with various additives (chocolate milk, etc.). You remember it.

о кефире и молоке

About alcoholic beverages

During diet it is necessary to refrain from reception of strong alcohol. The exception can make the cognac used as digestive (tones up intestines, promotes digestion, clears vessels). From wines it is possible to use only dry and worthy quality, all range of microelements and vitamins bearing in themselves. Such wine expands vessels and improves metabolism. The glass of red or white wine, depending on the accompanying dish and preferences of growing thin, will be only on advantage.

It is worth leaving various liqueurs and sweet wines "for later". Beer is also not recommended to be used during diet as it promotes appetite increase.

об алкогольных напитках

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