Diet on kiwi

диета на киви
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In anticipation of issues, after long, deep and cold winter, much want to make toilet. In the winter, as a rule, we eat very poorly; as there are no natural and fresh vegetables and fruit in our climatic latitudes during this time of year, the organism suffers acute shortage of vitamins owing to what weight fairly increases, skin sags, the muscular tone, especially is lost if you do not play sports and lead sedentary life.

From behind the improper feeding deprived of microelements and minerals girls have cellulitis – problem not of cosmetic character. To fight against these unpleasant effects rather difficult: you will not be helped either cream, or lotion, or wrapping. To get rid of cellulitis, it is necessary to normalize the food allowance, to enrich it with vitamins. In the winter, of course, to make it rather difficult, but there is nothing impossible.

To saturate organism with vitamins, you will be helped by kiwi. This exotic fruit in shop can be bought even in the winter, it is delivered from tropical countries where summer all the year round.

Kiwi – product very useful, one may say, unique. It contains all range of vitamins, is rich with microelements and minerals, is capable to satisfy thirst and, to all other, has refined and juicy taste. If you want to achieve visible result for the shortest term, and also to supply the organism with vitamins B cold season, you will be is ideally suited by two-day diet on kiwi.

The basic rule of this diet – in days is authorized to consume kiwi in unlimited number, and any other products, except this fruit, are prohibited. It is possible to drink only herbal teas without sugar (ideally – from camomile or leaves of dogrose) and still mineral water.

Diet on kiwi – strict monodiet therefore it it is better not to observe more than two days as for organism it is big stress. Certainly, thanks to this diet the organism will receive many vitamins and minerals, but will be deprived of proteins and fats which are simply necessary for normal functioning of organism.

When there is big loss of weight for short term, contours of body take indistinct form, skin sags, extensions appear. To avoid these negative effects, combine diet on kiwi with visit of gym, swimming and walking is rather effective.