Michel Montinyak's diet

диета Мишеля Монтиньяка
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Michel Montinyak's diet enjoys wide popularity not only in the homeland of the author, in France, but also around the world. Or rather, it is even not diet, but method of weight loss which wants to be followed throughout all life. Without strict restrictions in food, without boring calculation of kilocalories, and that the most important, without starvation, the principles of food of Montinyak help millions of people to remain harmonous and at the same time to derive pleasure from food.

The main idea of the principles of Michel Montinyak consists not in strict restriction of quantity of food and not in exception of diet of the long list of products. The method of the nutritionist is healthy food to which the author recommends to accustom children since the early childhood.

The idea of development of technique has arisen at the young druggist when he for the short period of time, being fond of irregular having a snack and not understanding quality of the eaten food, has gained excess weight.

Michel Montinyak was the first who has conducted large-scale research for the purpose of use of glycemic indexes of products for effective and that is very important, not harming organism, weight reduction. During the work Montinyak consulted with the leading doctors and nutritionists of France, and many aspects of its work are even supported with researches of Harvard university. Today the method of healthy food of Montinyak is one of the few the evidence-based and accepted by the majority doctors of the whole world. Doctor Michel Montinyak is the slender and brought-up man with the shining eyes and huge stock of energy today.

So, you have decided to try on yourself Michel Montinyak's principles. It is very easy to understand them if to master the table of the glycemic indexes (GI) of products. The glycemic index is conditional coefficient which shows how quickly and highly glucose level in blood after the use in food of any product rises. The glycemic index 100 corresponds to pure glucose. The product GI is higher, the insulin in blood is emitted more and the more sugar is processed into lipids (fats).

So, such products as sugar, honey, white loaf, polished rice, beer, tinned fruit and many dried fruits, potatoes, corn, sweet aerated water and flour sweets contain the highest GI (from 70 to 100) (various rolls, donuts and so on). It is the best of all to exclude such food from diet or to reduce at least to minimum.

Such products as black bread, macaroni from firm grades of wheat, the majority of fresh fruit (bananas, melon, orange and others), wild rice, wheat and oat grain have average GI (from 50 to 70). You should not be fond of food with average GI too, but it is possible to afford reasonably. Except glucose it contains many food fibers, vitamins, minerals and other substances, useful to organism.

The smallest GI (to 50) such products as buckwheat and pearl-barley grain, unsweetened yogurt, kefir, juice without sugar, bean, milk, eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, mushrooms, citrus, nuts, apples, peaches, black (over 70%) chocolate, all vegetables and greens possess. Such food has to make basis of diet of the person which watches over the health and weight.

Naturally, you should not choose food only according to the table of glycemic indexes. For example, honey and carrots have quite high rates (90 and 85 respectively), but contain many vitamins and are necessary for normal functioning of organism, especially children's. And at the GI sausages makes only 28, but, of course, that you should not be fond of such product. The table GI of products is only base for drawing up healthy food allowance, it is necessary to consider nutritional value of food also.

Besides, Michel Montinyak in the technique pays to the cooking and the correct combination of products much attention. It is the best of all to steam food or on small fire as much as possible to keep nutrition value of products. It is better to avoid frying and if to fry, then on olive oil (it maintains heating to big temperatures).

At one time food it is the best of all to combine proteins only with fats (for example, boiled veal with the vegetable salad filled with vegetable oil) and not to use carbohydrates with such products. That is, macaroni or porridge is not recommended to be filled with butter. And it is the best of all to combine the products consisting more of carbohydrates only among themselves, for example, to add to spaghetti soy or tomato sauce, as a last resort, of a little olive oil. For dessert it is possible to eat fruit salad.

In the books Michel Montinyak offers two power supply systems – for intensive weight reduction (more strict diet expected certain period of time) and for keeping fit (it is recommended to follow throughout all time). So, if your main objective is weight loss, exclude from the menu of food all products which GI more than 50, and pay the main attention to food with GI to 15. Such products do not cause sharp jump of sugar in blood that, in turn, prevents adjournment of fats. Besides, it is necessary to watch especially carefully quality product, their nutritional value, freshness. Duration of time throughout which it is necessary to adhere to such diet depends only on what result you wish to achieve.

If you are happy with the weight and wish to remain in it further, can bring in the power supply circuit described above, some amendments. Continue to choose products on their GI, but at the same time the range of this indicator is allowed to be expanded. If to adhere to healthy food it is constant, then sometimes it is possible to afford small retreats. For example, the author of diet Michel Montinyak as the true Frenchman, allows to drink to himself glass of red dry wine at supper, and for breakfast quite often indulges himself svezhevypechenny croissants.

Anyway, if you have decided to adhere strictly to any diet, in the beginning will not prevent to consult with the doctor. He will conduct research of your organism and will prompt as it is the best of all to organize the food allowance.

Good luck to you!

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