Margarita Koroleva's diet

диета маргариты королевой
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Margarita Koroleva's diet is non-standard, modern way to grow thin effectively without prejudice to health. Use of useful properties of products, popular and usual for the person, allows comfortably, without serious consequences to grow thin without physical and psychological tension. You should not starve and struggle with the arising desire to eat at an inopportune time. This diet is based on the principles of healthy food and knowledge of needs of organism for vitamins, minerals and useful microelements.

Margarita Koroleva's diet allows not only to get rid of extra kilos. Thanks to consecutive alternation of products from different groups and to consumption of large amount of liquid the organism is very well cleared, immunity becomes stronger and the feeling of ease appears. Diet duration - nine days which are divided into three separate stages. Each three-day stage represents independent monodiet. Only three days you should "enjoy" uniform food. Change of dishes for the fourth and seventh day bring pleasant variety the dietary menu. For product basket for diet Margarita Koroleva has chosen rice, chicken and vegetables.

The first stage - three-day rice monodiet

диета маргариты королевой So, the first three days persons interested to grow thin have to use only rice, still water and green tea.

Rice rather simply prepares. On the eve of the next day, in the evening, we presoak glass of rice in cold water, and we pour out it in boiled water in the morning and we cook no more than 15 minutes. Such way of preparation of dish allows to keep all most important properties of rice.

For breakfast we eat glass of ready grain. We divide the remained quantity into equal parts so that it was enough till 19 o'clock at the use each hour.

Absolutely not accidentally rice is chosen as the first product for weight loss in Margarita Koroleva's diet. This grain does not excite gastric secretion as contains the substances possessing properties to envelop stomach walls. Having eaten insignificant quantity of the dish prepared from rice you will feel saturation.

Besides rice does not contain salt and in it there is no gluten which can provoke allergic reactions. Effect of salts is neutralized by the potassium and selenium which are present at rice in enough. Along with it rice grain dishes are vitamin-rich B3, PP, B1, B2, E, B6. Vitamins of group B promote strengthening of nervous system, help to transform nutrients to energy and skin, nails influence condition of hair. Lecithin which contains in rice grain promotes improvement of brain activity. Margarita Koroleva used set of useful properties of rice for cleaning of organism in the first three days of diet.

The second stage - monodiet on the basis of chicken meat

диета маргариты королевой The main component of the next three days of diet, the fourth, fifth and sixth, meat of chicken is. In finished form it has to be the boiled meat peeled of skin and fat. The standard daily rate makes from 1 kg to 1,2 kg. To divide the made chicken into small portions and to eat throughout the day, washing down with still water or green tea.

Margarita Koroleva providently applies similar change of products with the purpose to fill organism with missing microelements which contain only in meat. Chicken meat can effectively replace pork, mutton and beef. At low calorie content it is magnificent source of amino acids and protein. Along with vitamins C, And, E etc., meat of chicken contains iron, potassium, zinc and phosphorus. Besides, thanks to large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids chicken meat is considered one of the best means for prevention of stroke, heart attack and ischemic disease.

Low content of collagen promotes that meat of chicken is easily acquired. This property is especially valuable at obesity, diabetes, digestive tract diseases. The protein which in enough is contained in chicken meat is very well acquired and exerts impact on accumulation of muscle bulk, cell fission, development of brain activity, creation of bone tissue.

Chicken meat in boiled look is recommended to include practically in all diets. It is especially useful for those people who carefully watch over the health and weight.

The third stage - vegetable monodiet

диета маргариты королевой Everything that will be required for final three days of diet of Margarita Koroleva, is vegetables. For standard daily rate 800 grams of any what you only know there are enough and you see on counters of shop, fresh or boiled vegetables.

Distribute portions for all day (till 19 o'clock) and enjoy healthy and healthy food.

Is told about advantage of vegetables for the person much. Nevertheless, in the context of this diet, vegetables will bring final stroke and will fill stock of missing microelements and useful substances. Vegetables do not contain fats and are very rich with useful cellulose. Vitamins and mineral salts provide inflow of energy and revitalize all organism. It is the most available source of minerals and vitamins. In dietology use useful properties of vegetables with the purpose to accelerate metabolism and to quickly remove slags and toxins. The daily use in food of vegetable dishes improves appetite and accelerates metabolism for 15-20%.

Regular food by vegetables strengthens processes of bile production, improves work of liver and revitalizes intestinal microflora. The set of vitamins, radio antioxidants, minerals and microelements reliably protects from diseases and strengthens immunity. Thanks to vegetable monodiet forces are recovered and the general state improves.

Consumption of liquid during Margarita Koroleva's diet

It is extremely necessary at similar method of disposal of excess weight to use not less than 2,5 liters of liquid a day. As it was repeatedly written above, for this purpose it is possible to choose mineral still water or green tea. The combination and alternation of water and tea is admissible. However it is necessary to follow certain rules at drink.

It is not necessary to wash down food with water or tea. Also you should not drink right after food. Keep time interval between food and drink. Besides, the main amount of liquid needs to be drunk till 17 o'clock. Tea should not be with sugar. As a last resort, it is possible to put a little bit honey.

Recommendations and rules of diet of Margarita Koroleva

The basic principle of dietology to eat often and gradually, shows excellent result in this diet. However do not forget, products have to be prepared and used without salt, sugar and spices. Your organism will receive all necessary and useful substances from the products included in the list of diet. All other additions which you want to include independently in the menu can reduce all efforts to zero. You should not experiment, trust in the specialist. Great number of popular and famous persons, such as the singer Valeria and other representatives of show business, were already influenced by diet and have received excellent result.

Margarita Koroleva recommends to appoint the last meal not later than 19 hours. Moreover, efficiency considerably will increase if to combine diet with water procedures, massage and small physical activities.


диета маргариты королевой

Too weakened immunity and elementary cold can do big and irreparable harm to organism if to create for itself artificial extreme situations. Any diet for weight loss, in this case, can become such "trigger mechanism" which will affect the health.

The main contraindications for application of diet of Margarita Koroleva - stomach ulcer, heart diseases, cold etc.

Before beginning to put the figure in order, put the health in order. Surely consult with the attending physician about opportunity to start weight loss procedure.

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