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диета Кима Протасова

Reviews of Kim Protasov's diet

the Menu of diet of Kim Protasov on days

Among many girls and women who have decided to change cardinally the life and to say goodbye to excess weight Kim Protasov's diet enjoys wide popularity. It has been published in one of women's magazines in 1999, and for all this time has found high authority among the mass of the growing thin people.

Kim Protasov is the Israeli nutritionist who worked on drawing up rational power supply system for persons interested to throw off two-three of kilograms without the slightest harm for organism. All its practices have found the application and now actively practice.

Protasov's diet is very easily transferred and everything who wishes to try it nothing it is possible to hold on. Psychological hunger and feeling of exhaustion will not be, the quantity of the consumed food is not limited on the weight and calories, it is possible to eat at any time without abusing itself for violation of the mode at all.

The diet lasts for five weeks. During this time nutritionists promise noticeable losses in weight, but the most active will fall on the fourth and fifth weeks. Because of it takes place strictly to observe power supply system that on the termination of term to see results from which the head will be turned. But there is one important point: if your desire to leave extra kilos is big, and to accumulate them any more not hunting, then it is worth leaving diet correctly. Observing all ten-week cycle of diet, you will lose so many kilogram how many it is necessary for your organism for normal functioning. Your forms will become appetizing, the waist thin, and in body will appear surprising ease which earlier you never tested. The organism to be cleared in compliance to rules and the most important – thirst for sweet will pass! For big sweet teeth it will be very important victory over chocolate and candy dependence which collects extra kilos and fat on sides.

Diet essence

The essence of diet consists in essential reduction of amount of fats. Proteins and complex carbohydrates will be the main source of energy for you. Will not do also without enough water which promotes cleaning of organism and the process of loss of weight. Let's understand, than we are helped by all compound diets.

Let's begin with protein, almost every second person lacks it. Than it is so necessary? First of all protein is "builder" of all cages of organism, and according to fabrics and bodies. If the organism is offended by shortage of protein, then he desperately revenges, scooping it from brain, other bodies and muscles. Then we begin to complain of memory impairment, the general irritation and exhaustion. Protasov advises to consume a lot of protein, namely from 80 to 100 grams and for it to it big "thanks".

Complex carbohydrates allow system of digestion to work correctly with full devotion, improving metabolism and the general condition of organism. Earlier the organism went bananas from the next portion of chocolate or magnificent roll, and now it should work on splitting of complex carbohydrates which will not allow to relax and reserve fat actively.

Well, is already told about advantage of water much, books the set is read, but not everyone has taken itself(himself) for the rule to drink 30 ml. waters on each kilogram of the weight. And you try, you will not regret! After the first positive results you will not understand how you could not follow the correct way of life earlier and not drink at least 2 liters of water.

What in general can be eaten on Kim Protasov's diet?

In diet there are two stages, namely the period from the first day to two weeks, and from the second week to its last day. Exit is not counted.

And so, in the first and second week it is allowed to eat various vegetables, it is exclusive in orphaned look. It is desirable that third of vegetable diet was occupied by white cabbage. Stock up with fermented milk products no more than 5% of fat content: kefir, unsweetened yogurt, granular cottage cheese or low-fat cheese. But you should not chase 5% cheese, suitable is only in Israel which is Kim Protasov's homeland. Except fermented milk products and vegetables it is allowed to eat one boiled egg and three averages in size of apple of green grades, type Simirenko or Granni Smith. Well and, of course, water, is a lot of water. Fans of tea or coffee are not forbidden to drink these drinks, but sugar, its substitutes and milk is inadmissible by no means. It is not pleasant? And what to do, beauty is worth it, not to do without the victims, but the result will be stunning.

Eat in the allowance at any time: early in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and even late night. Do not dare to starve, otherwise numerous failures can follow, and instead of one portion you will eat 2-3. Harm will not be, but it will be heavy to organism to cope with complex carbohydrates, earlier they did not appear in such quantity in usual diet.

You can eat the vegetables which are a little added some salt or cut them in cubes, mix and fill with yogurt. Large number of greens will improve tastes especially as fennel, parsley and lettuce leaves just well of vitamins which are so necessary during diet. You can dokroshit egg in salad and add cottage cheese spoon. Generally, options of the use of vegetables the most different to choose to you.

Since third week, Kim Protasov's diet begins to gain steam: weight at last decides to leave, the mood improves, and the favourite dress will fit soon. And here to diet fowl or low-fat fish in number of 300 grams increases. Train him in double boiler or fry, but WITHOUT addition of vegetable oil. It is worth reducing amount of kefir and other fermented milk products a little, having compensated it gentle most tasty meat. There are no other changes in diet. Continue in the same spirit three more weeks, and there will be such long-awaited miracle: you will begin to thaw in the face of darling, girlfriends and employees. Changes will inspire you, and you will not be able to recede and win against extra kilos.

In recent weeks weight promptly will begin to decrease, and you turn into stroynyashka or the slender good fellow. Surprising fact: on the termination of diet you will not be able to snatch with ease and greed on dishes usual earlier like pelmeni, sausages, bread, in any case to tell, you even look at sugar with indifference, and even disgust.

Let's look that it is absolute NELZP on Kim Protasov's diet

First of all forget about all flour products, sugar and sausages. Avoid all that as a part of what you are not sure. Be spent 5-10 minutes better, but make natural salad or you stushit small fish with greens. All semi-finished products are also very strictly prohibited, and also everything that contains soy and gelatin. Do not fill salads with vinegar, and do not steam vegetables, they should be used exclusively in the raw. You will provide these the maximum quantity of vitamins, and in summertime it is just necessary to stock up with them. Fermented milk products with additives and juice from packages cannot be drunk there sugar in pure form, absolutely useless for organism contains. Give preference to freshly squeezed juice and juice. Avocado – exotic fruit, it is prohibited by diet too.

As you can see there is a lot of bans, but you should not go in cycles in them, think of the future symmetry and attractiveness and then better desire to devour chocolate or pirozhenko will disappear at once. The diet is easily transferred, the feeling of hunger will be liquidated at once.

By the way, many repeat that milk during Protasov's diet is forbidden to be drunk too. But someone neglects it and affords 300 ml of low-fat milk (1,5%) a day. The result of diet does not change, decide to drink milk or not. For those who think that Kim Protasov's diet is boring and uniform we hurry to dispel this incorrect opinion and we provide some recipes for 1-2 and 3-5 weeks of diet.

Kim Protasov's diet: recipes for the first weeks

The stuffed tomatoes

For preparation take one boiled egg and small crumble it, add the crushed garlic, be green more and carefully mix everything. Put couple of spoons of cottage cheese or kefir in mix and again mix.

To cut tomatoes in half and to take out core then fill them with the prepared gas station. Ideally for breakfast!

Salad with egg pancake

We prepare omelet from one egg, but without oil addition, on teflon. If it is impossible, add one drop of oil. Cut ready pancake on pieces and give it awn.

Separately we cut 2 small tomatoes, paprika and garlic. Mix vegetables with two spoons of yogurt or cottage cheese and add egg pancake. Strew salad with greens and small amount of cheese (it is possible to take "The easy president"). Bon appetit!


There is no doubt that it is boring to eat one salads, and there is a wish for something brand new. We offer you soup sort from Italy "Gazpacho". It is very simple to train him, and during summer time he is simply irreplaceable, here try. It will be required to you: 3 average tomato, couple of cucumbers, red and yellow paprika, small bulb and garlic to taste. Gas station – spoon of lemon juice, greens.

Drench tomatoes with boiled water and peel them. Cut with segments. Too crush other vegetables cubes and strips and throw half into the blender together with all tomatoes and garlic. Dilute the received mixed vegetables with water, add lemon juice, greens, salt, at desire ice and give to table with other vegetables.

Also your members of household will be not against to try such dish. Grow thin on health!

Easy dessert from Protasov

When there is a wish for some sweet and to suffer not hunting, prepare here that:

Grate green apple and water it with yogurt. Add cinnamon and spoon of baby puree for appearance and voila – the dessert is ready!

Kim Protasov's diet: recipes for 3-5 weeks

Meat in kefir (Alya brochette)

Take floor of kilogram of fowl, cut it with cubes and fill in with glass of kefir. Salt, well pepper, stir up and put in the refrigerator for hour.

Cut one bulb with rings, and grate garlic. On well warmed frying pan roast onions with garlic and when they begin to rumyanitsya, add meat, but without marinade. After a while meat will saturate in itself aroma of garlic and onions, then add marinade and you extinguish to readiness. Bon appetit!

Gas station to salads

Take unsweetened yogurt like "Aktiviya" and add garlic, greens and mustard at desire there. Excellent gas station for any salad!

On the termination of five weeks follow exit which is equal to the diet on time and has to be slow, gradual.

What is allowed at exit?

Now fermented milk products need to be taken with smaller fat content or at all fat-free, but now it is allowed to add vegetable oil to salads (15 gr. – 3 tsps). You can replace oil with nuts or olives, but do not exceed the allowed standard daily rate of fats – 30-35 grams. Consider fats surely!

Long ago we replace the fallen in love and slightly bothered apples with other fruit, but at all not bananas, dates or mango – they are very sweet.

For breakfast it is the best of all to eat porridges now. Ideally gerkulesovy (rough grinding) or buckwheat. Portion of no more than 250 ml. in finished form. Eat porridge with salad or cottage cheese.

Well and part of dairy products replace with meat, protein has to be more fast.

But! Do not replace everything at once, and gradually. For example:

6 week – you enter porridges,
The 7th – replace apples with other fruit,
The 8th – plus dried fruits,
The 9th – meat with boiled vegetables,
The 10th – add broths and reduce quantity of dietary dishes, returning to usual food.

Within at least a month do not include rice, macaroni and bread in diet.

Protasov's diet: results impress

Everything who has tried diet from Kim Protasov remained very happy, kilograms left gradually, but once and for all. But everything depends also on features of organism: someone will lose kilograms from first weeks, and is active, and someone will be glad to the left kilograms closer to the termination of diet. But before going on diet, surely you descend on consultation to the doctor, such food is allowed only to those people at whom intestines and stomach normally function.

Surely during healthy nutrition exclude alcohol, and it would be quite good to add gymnastic exercises and then Protasov's diet results will yield excellent. The maximum losses of weight can reach 8, and even 10 kilograms without any harm for health and hunger strikes.