Dyukan's diet

диета дюкана
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For many residents of this or that country huge problem is excess weight. Fight against it at some lasts life long, someone "swims" to and fro, losing and gaining kilograms again, but some after all reach the ideal weight and hold it by all efforts throughout all time.

And for those who were tired to look at the reading off scale arrow of scales and desperately to sigh, not in forces to overcome fatty layer on stomach and cellulitis on hips, there is universal rescue and it is Pierre Ducan's diet. You did not hear about it? Yes, can be, all this because it is popular in Europe, and here the CIS countries either did not know about it at all or have only small particles of information. This diet rescue from the bothered rice, buckwheat, kefiric and other monodiets which give imaginary loss of weight. The diet is various, it will be ideally suited for those who like to eat tasty, without being lazy at the same time to cook food independently.

Motto of diet: "Eat SO MUCH HOW MANY you WISH!". It is tempting, isn't it? It turns out that the food will be not enemy, but the assistant in fight against calories and fats, and it is important.

Couple of words about the author of diet, it is necessary to know the world savior from excess kilograms?!

Pierre Ducan is the famous French nutritionist, the doctor who during 30 flyings actively is engaged in studying of products, their influences on organism. Working on such concept as food behavior, it managed to open secret of ideal weight, and also way to its achievement.

Pierre Ducan is the author of 19 books which are fruits of its long-term experience and practice, but the most important is its wonderful best-seller "p I do not know how to grow thin" which appeared in 2011, but is already actively read by all his admirers wishing to lose weight without harm to health and FOREVER! The book is translated into several languages and is on sale in more than ten countries worldwide.

Пьер Дюкан

The diet of doctor Dyukan is based on consumption of proteinaceous food which is easily acquired by organism and helps to get rid of weight. At the same time the organism is cleaned, all slags and toxins are removed, the metabolism passes perfectly. The main products of diet is meat, fish, vegetables and the most important – bran. The most attractive and convincing is diet term, it depends on the number of kilograms of excess weight for which time they will leave also features of your organism.

Before Dyukan's diet is begun, it is worth learning the optimum weight at which it is worth aiming. It is possible to make it by means of services which are easy for finding in the Internet. You will be able to enter all necessary parameters (the current weight, desirable, attempts of loss of weight, growth, pregnancies and other) and to receive figure of the weight, IDEAL for you. As you can see, all individually. Plus to everything you receive "lineechka" which will help to keep to diet on stages: each stage will be calculated on duration and loss of weight that will very easily allow to control weight loss duration.

So, we will pass to stages into which Dyukan's diet is divided. Their of everything 4. In more detail about everyone.

Stage No. 1 under the name "Attack"

Атака Пьера Дюкана Proceeding from the name, it is possible to understand that we will attack extra kilos, provoking their fast and considerable loss. It is the shortest and progressive period of diet of doctor Dyukan. Its duration is calculated so:

If or it is less excess 5 kg – "Attack" will last couple of days
Have gained 5-10 excess kg? Then we attack kilogrammchik of 3-5 days
If excess more than 10 kg, then the stage drags on for 5-7 days, well at most 10

It is possible to eat during this period only protein: meat, fish, the dairy fat-free products and eggs. For all this time about 6 kg of weight with little effort can leave.

Now is more detailed about those than product which we will attack weight.

It is possible to eat:

  1. Any fast meat: veal, krolyatina, beef, horse-flesh (all meat, except steak and fileshka), rabbit. On pork and mutton – taboo! Prepares without oil gram.
  2. Liver, kidneys, lungs – any beef, veal, bird's giblets, and also tip of beef tongue.
  3. Any bird except duck and goose, it is obligatory without skin.
  4. Ham without skin fat content from 2nd to 4 percent.
  5. Any fish, irrespective of way of preparation.
  6. Seafood.
  7. pyets, but no more than 2 yolks, proteins are possible in unlimited number. If you have increased the level of cholesterol reduce consumption of yolks to 3-4 in week.
  8. The dairy products fat-free. Powdered milk of 0% of fat content, but no more than 3 tbsps a day is also possible.

Любое постное мясо Печень, почки, легкие Любая птица Ветчина Любая рыба Морепродукты пйца Молочные продукты

All this should be prepared without addition of oil and fat, is it is possible when necessary how many will get, calculation of calories does not take place.

Some products should be used in moderate quantity:

  • coffee and any teas;
  • vinegar and soy sauce;
  • any greens, caraway seeds, at most one and a half bulbs in day and other spices;
  • gelatin, baking powder, yeast and agar-agar;
  • couple gherkin, it is possible to use as seasoning;
  • lemon juice for gas station;
  • salt and mustard – are not enough, otherwise excess water will not come out organism;
  • sugar substitutes, zero on caloric content (not fructose, glucose and sorbite, etc.);
  • dietary drinks;
  • it is possible to eat 8 crabsticks;
  • as oil mono to use paraffin (1 tbsp), it not caloric, envelops intestines, allowing to normalize its work, the chair improves. Do not use for frying, do not heat, it is ideal – gas station to salads.

Anyway it is necessary OBPZATELNO:

1) To eat 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran a day
2) Easy gymnastics and daily 20-minute walks
3) To drink 2 l of water (tea, coffee is considered)

If you feel unpleasant smack in mouth, fetid odor do not worry, this absolutely acceptable phenomenon which speaks that you on the right track. It is possible to pass to the second stage.

Stage No. 2 – Alternation or Cruise

Чередование или Круиз Пьера Дюкана This stage lasts until the arrow of scales does not show you desirable, optimum figure. Feature of this period consists that proteinaceous days alternate with proteinaceous and vegetable.

Pierre Ducan's diet suggests to choose independently alternation – 1/1, 2/2 or 5/5. For people with big excess of weight it is desirable to stick to the scheme 5/5, subject who has small surplus it is optimum 1/1, so for organism and you it will be easier.

The list of the prohibited vegetables (starchy and not only):

Avocado, all bean, not siliculose haricot, peas, corn, potatoes, lentil, olives and olives, and also all types of grain and pasta. The artichoke was defined yet in one group of products therefore its use should be minimized.

All other vegetables it is possible, here only carrots and beet need to be eaten in small amounts as they contain sugar. For a change it is possible to include in diet 1 tbsps of tomato paste (ketchup), and also yogurts of 0% with fruit.

For cooking it is possible to use all products from the stage "Attack" which should be eaten in moderate quantity there.

Innovations are is as follows:

1) Bran we eat 2 tablespoons a day now.
2) If it is necessary, then one tbsp of wheat bran will help at locks.
3) Milk food there have to be no more than 1 kg, control it.
4) Waters same 2 l.
5) Also it is necessary to walk not less than half an hour now.

Thanks to alternation of proteins with vegetables you will allow to normalize metabolism, water will come out organism, removing slags, toxins, fat and salts. As soon as you notice that the arrow on scales became on treasured tsiferka, it is worth passing to stage under the name "Consolidation".

Stage No. 3 – "Consolidation" or "Fixing of weight"

Закрепление веса Дюкана This phase will help you to consolidate the received results and it will last at the rate of the lost kg. That is, if you have lost 5 kg at the second stage, then Consolidation will last 50 days, 10 kg – 100 days, etc. It turns out on one lost kilogram of 10 days of the 3rd stage.

Having passed two previous stages, there is a wish for variety and something brand new? Please! Now you are able to afford 40 grams of firm cheese which contains no more than 40% of fat in solid. The some of fat content, the more cheese can be eaten.

It is also possible couple of slices of rye bread, one unit of fruit (except banana, cherry, sweet cherry and grapes), it is possible also for steam of slices of water-melon or melon.

As for meat, it is possible to eat fried pork, bacon and eanling in any quantity now.

And still couple of bonuses: now it is possible to lean weekly on portion of starchy vegetables, and also to arrange "stomach holiday" which allows to eat any the first, second and dessert (aperitif – glass of wine with cheese). But all this needs to be eaten at one go, for breakfast or lunch.

Now we will make division of all stage in half. For example, you have to adhere to Consolidation of 80 days. The first part – 40 days: it is possible one portion starchy and one "feast" a week, and here the next 40 days can be feasted and eaten starchy few times in week.

What do we understand starchy as concept? Here the list and quantity admissible for the use:

- Macaroni. They can be eaten about 220 gr. filling with natural tomato paste with onions, or to pritrushivat small amount of Parmesan cheese.

- Whole wheat, and also couscous and wheat bulgur is also allowed in number of 200 gr.

- Lentil. It it is possible 200-220 gr., it helps to stabilize weight thanks to the content of slow carbohydrates.

- Haricot, peas and chick-pea very nutritious, them a little too is possible.

- Rice and potato need to be used very seldom, small portions of grams on 125 (potatoes surely in uniform). Wholegrain rice can be used also in number of 220 gr.

What you should not do:

  1. to arrange two feasts in a row
  2. to demand additive – have sense of proportion

Choose for yourself one day a week, so to speak, unloading proteinaceous in order that all excess calories could depart easily and let this day will be always same, for example - Thursday.

Bran needs to be eaten to 2,5 tbsps a day now and walk not less than 25 minutes a day.

Stage No. 4 – "Stabilization"

Well, here we have also approached the final stage under the name "Stabilization".

It has some rules, following which you will not gain weight during all life, the main thing only to adhere to them.

1. Eat as before, but controlling quantity of food. Better there are more protein and vegetables, be not overzealous with fruit, cheese, bread and starchy products.

2. Remain faithful to one fasting proteinaceous day, and weight will never return.

3. Waters not less than 2 l.

4. Walk daily and of 20 minutes.

5. You go on foot more, forget about elevators, escalators and if you can, you leave share taxi on stop earlier/later and walk before house/work. Check, it works!

6. Bran needs to be eaten with 3 tbsps a day and every day.

Стабилизация Дюкана

Recipes of dishes for Dyukan's diet

In network there is mass of recipes for adherents of diet of Dyukan and that you did not think that it is boring and uniform, try to prepare several dishes.

Eggs salad

Салат из яиц

We take two boiled in abrupt eggs, small groups of green onions, low-calorie sour cream (kefir) and spices.

It is very simple to prepare everything: we cut eggs cubes, we add to them small crumbled onions and spoon sour cream we season, we salt and voila, fragrant egg salatik it is ready.

Marrow fritters with salmon

Кабачковые оладьи с лососем

We take half a kilo of vegetable marrows and we rub them on large grater, we allow juice to flow down. Meanwhile we take 3 eggs, couple of tablespoons of corn starch and one sweet pepper, we mix all this, we add the crushed salmon, and spices with salt.

We mix this homogeneous mass with vegetable marrows and we do fritters on teflon frying pan without oil. It is ready!

Three-minute hlebushka

It is necessary:

Трехминутный хлебушек

  • 2 tbsps of oat bran and 1 spoon of wheat
  • couple of eggs
  • corn starch of 3-4 tbsps.
  • 2 tbsps of kefir
  • bank of soft cottage cheese of 0-1% of fat
  • 1 bag of baking powder

We add some salt to starch and bran a little, we add baking powder and it is carefully mixed. In other vessel we mix kefir, eggs and cottage cheese. We integrate everything, we disturb and we spread in form. The furnace in oven of 20-30 minutes.

It is perfectly combined with salmon of weak salting and cucumber.

The hake baked in foil

Хек, запеченный в фольге

We take hake fillet, we pickle it in lemon juice, we add salt, spices for fish, different grasses, we turn in foil and we bake in oven within 10-15 minutes.

Reviews of Dyukan's diet just excellent, many women at honourable age have achieved stunning results, having lost to 50! kilogram have also taken shape of very young girls. Among men there are reviews of Dyukan's diet quite good, all who too aimed at ideal weight have received desirable result, and without feeling psychological discomfort.

Let's consider the main minuses and pluses of diet of doctor Dyukan:


диета дюкана

  • in the first days there can be increased fatigue, it is caused by emergence in organism of ketonic bodies which reduce appetite;
  • lack of vitamins, compensate it by the tableted vitamin complexes;
  • shortage of fat after all is therefore sometimes it is possible to add is sensitive vegetable oil;
  • Dyukan's diet can not be pleasant lazy to prepare for people;
  • does not suit people with resistant intolerance of some products, to allergic persons and people with stomach diseases.


  • exclusively natural, most useful products are used;
  • absolute result, even at resistance of organism to diets;
  • the excellent motivation at the stage "Attack", weight promptly leaves;
  • tasty and useful;
  • it is always and many possible to eat;
  • it is very easy to adhere to diet regardless of that house you, you work at office or in the resort.

Try also you Pierre Ducan's wonderful diet and estimate its efficiency!

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