Doctor Barushek's diet - features of food and the menu

диета доктора Барушека
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It is known that for weight loss it is necessary to limit quantity of the consumed food, and, therefore, and calories. Almost same strategy needs to adhere not to gain again excess weight, having only a little increased corridor of calories. The diet of the Australian doctor of dietology Barusheka is based on calculation of caloric content of each separate portion of food, i.e. for breakfast, lunch, dinner it is necessary to eat certain number of calories.

Of course, calories are priority type of calculations, but you should not forget about fats which amount also should not exceed 40-60 grams a day. Such amount of fat will be useful for organism in respect of health of skin and hair. It is impossible to refuse fats. The number of meals in Barushek's diet is limited – breakfast, lunch, dinner. Between meals it is possible to drink tea, water, milk. And also in the form of having a snack it is necessary to eat the resolved vegetables and fruit. What belongs to the resolved products will be written below.

As any diet, it assumes refusal and of many microelements necessary for organism therefore it is strongly recommended to fill vitamin balance of organism by means of the special complexes which are on sale in drugstores.

It is one of such diets where the menu will definitely not be uniform. It is connected with the fact that all resolved products it is possible to alternate, mix and create the individual menu, for example, for week or day. At the same time it is necessary to remember that the diet belongs to group low-calorie therefore the long time is not recommended to sit on it though the average day diet makes about 1200-1550 kcal that is normal for weight loss.

After Barushek's diet, it is necessary to increase gradually caloric content and to enter new products. How many calories a day are required to your organism it is possible to learn by means of the counter of day need for calories on the Internet. Now them exists much. Having reached the necessary caloric content, it is possible to stop, then weight will not return. But it is necessary to do everything gradually and slowly. If to hold to the plan of food of diet of Barushek, then in 2 weeks it is possible to dump up to 7-10 kg of weight.

One more subject which will be irreplaceable during diet is electronic kitchen scales for precisely weighing of products.

So, approximate menu of diet. The breakfast has to contain not less than 300 kcal. For this meal will be suitable porridge with milk and fruit or flakes/muesli with milk at choice. For lunch it is possible to eat permitted amount of fats, for example, spoon of butter, 20 grams of nuts, several pieces of bread with cheese/cottage cheese/yoghurt. In total for lunch it is possible to gain about 500 kcal. Lunch – the most caloric meal on Barushek's diet. The dinner is less caloric, about 450 kcal. Among dishes are suitable vegetables soup with pieces of meat for dinner or 100-150 grams of fish, salad vegetable, some fruit.

Throughout the day certain amount of fats and dairy products is authorized. Milk/yoghurt/kefir in days such quantity which is not exceeding 200 kcal is possible. From fats the following products are resolved: creamy or sunflower oil, avocado, nuts. These products are most useful to organism and contain saturated fats.

To achieve the maximum effect, it is necessary to give at least 15 minutes a day on small charging for organism. And if you play sports actively, then day caloric content can be a little increased as during sport energy is spent and on 1200 kcal long not to stretch.

Observing above-mentioned recommendations it is possible to achieve good results. In month it is possible to repeat diet if there is desire.

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