The diet for thin people promoting growth of muscle bulk

ориентировочная диета для худощавых людей
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Still popular belief on the fact that simple increase in the quantity eaten provokes also increase in muscle bulk. However incorrectly picked up diet during trainings by bodybuilding can be harmful to organism. It is important to pick up the correct diet during trainings. The following options of diet for thin people are possible.

First option

The breakfast includes two boiled eggs, slice of boiled meat (even the bird or fish), glass of fat milk (ideal option – pair), bread (not white or from the flour premiums will approach) with oil.

The lunch consists of cheese slice (or any kind of meat) with bread (besides not white) and glass of freshly squeezed juice (it is possible to replace with whole milk). It is necessary to have supper the baked potatoes watered with sour cream (or oil). To it still the meat slice (besides at choice) is served, vegetable salad (only fresh vegetables). To wash down everything with glass of milk.

The stop serves as signal to transition to the second option of diet in set of weight.

Second option

The breakfast assumes already three boiled eggs. Fried eggs which are already resolved at this stage will help to diversify the menu. It is possible to drink eggs crude. Also for breakfast it is necessary to use slice of boiled meat or firm cheese. The quantity of pieces of dark bread increases to two. Everything should be washed down with glass of milk.

The lunch includes two small loafs which can be smeared with either oil, or mayonnaise. On them to put boiled meat or fish. To wash down everything with glass of milk. For dessert it is possible to eat fresh fruit.

The menu for dinner is borrowed from the first option of diet.

If the set of weight occurs too slowly or at all does not occur (it possibly too), then it is possible to start the third option which is logical conclusion of diet for weight set at once.

Third option

The breakfast includes four eggs, two chunks of bread and butter, milk (one glass) and fresh fruit. Bread and fruit can be replaced with any hot porridge with oil and fructose (but not sugar).

By lunch two small loafs with oil (or mayonnaise) and meat move (or firm cheese). Everything should be washed down with two glasses of milk, and for dessert it is possible to eat fresh fruit.

The dinner includes the baked or boiled potato (it is possible to replace with bean), two pieces of meat, the steamed vegetables (it is desirable not to overdo them that they have kept natural rigidity), fresh vegetables in salad, the same fresh fruit and glass of milk.

Consider that the piece of meat (including fishes) has to be about palm the size and not less than a centimeter in thickness. Milk to use exclusively fat. Give preference to home-made mayonnaise and the same sour cream. Do not visit network of fast food and do not buy sneka (chips, croutons). The recommended bread – where coarse flour and bran, and also rye flour is used. The motto of diet for the beginning thin bodybuilders – only natural products and any refined food.

The most important – in all three stages it is necessary to take protein cocktails or drinks. In that case the necessary amount of protein without which trainings will be useless will come to organism.

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