Diet for health and clarification of liver

диета для печени
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The liver is considered the toxicological center of organism, it helps body to remove the fulfilled harmful substances, neutralizes in it the getting toxins, drugs, poisons, preservatives and other "chemistry". This works "slogger" without issues or days off, filtering every minute blood.

Each person - that without knowing or quite consciously strains the liver: alcohol about which all, but also greasy food, reception of medical analgetics and antibiotics, excessive amount of sweets know, infections and many other things is dangerous to it not only. Of course, the help is required by time of liver, and it is worth keeping a little to diet, with the purpose to give to body the chance to recover all available damages.

How to help liver to work normally

First of all, it is necessary to avoid products which negatively influence this body.

As seldom as possible use smoked, spicy, greasy, marinated food - it is the main enemies of liver. Do not use products which have undergone processing - sterilization, pasteurizations, and the containing dyes, preservatives. All this only adds work of liver.

Sausages and sausages, ready forcemeat contain nitrates and too too load liver.

She does not love acid berries, and also radish, garlic and garden radish.

Refuse fast food, fat and sweet cakes and cakes, alcohol. After the use of alcoholic beverages the organism gets serious poisoning, and the main blow is the share of liver. And if you regularly subject it to such loading, then even the healthy liver will not sustain - normal cells of liver will regenerate in fatty, and the organism will remain practically without protection.

Ideal diet for liver

Try to steam your dishes, use more vegetables and greens: carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, beet, fennel and parsley. If you love fish, then it is better to indulge himself perch, pike, trout or cod dishes. Avoid very fat and smoked fish, and also fish of those breeds who eats drop (catfish, tench, the bream). If you prefer meat, then veal or turkey is better. In general, in diet of the healthy person there has to be everything, but in reasonable quantities.

Indulge your liver bananas, prunes, raisin - it not only is useful, but also perfectly lightens mood. However you remember that in these products there is a lot of sugar therefore avoid their use before going to bed.

Invaluable help of your liver is given by such products as cheese, fresh milk, kefir and cottage cheese. But is at liver and the favourite is honey. Use it with pleasure, it is useful to all organism.

To support liver, not to do also without physical activities. Try to do more often such exercises as "bicycle", squats and jumpings up, walk in the fresh air more - it always gives force.

One famous person has somehow told that the healthy person - the most precious work of the nature. The person tries to protect very much the nature, and human nature. It is necessary to help only a little it, showing care to itself and the health.

When clarification of liver is required

очищение печени

(That is its overload) speak about need of clarification of liver:

  • emergence of chronic fatigue;
  • emergence of emotional lability (April weather)
  • emergence of problems with skin;
  • emergence of the raised bleeding;
  • emergence of violations of digestion (ponosa, locks, meteorizm).

And it is not the full list of symptoms at which the person needs clarification of liver! Otherwise functional insufficiency of "the main filter" will quickly lead to development of diseases of liver with which it will be much more difficult to cope.

The approximate menu of diet for liver

Option 1

- breakfast - broth of dogrose, 100 g of boiled fish, 100 g of salad with cabbage and apple.

- the 2nd breakfast - compote, 5% cottage cheese with raspberry.

- lunch - vegetable juice, 150 g of chicken boiled breast with buckwheat, 100 g of vegetable soup noodles with greens.

- afternoon snack - tea and soft-boiled egg.

- dinner - 200 g of millet cereal with pumpkin and glass of kefir.

Option 2

- breakfast - 200 g of porridge with fruit and green tea.

- the 2nd breakfast - apple juice, 150 g of carrots with vegetable oil.

- lunch - 100 g of vegetarian Russian cabbage soup, steam cutlet, 150 g of vegetable stew, black tea with lemon segment.

- afternoon snack - drinking fruit yogurt.

- dinner - 200 g of steam omelet with cheese and tomatoes, mint herbal tea.

Option 3

- breakfast - 200 g of multicereal porridge with cherry, black tea with lemon segment.

- the 2nd breakfast - 150 g of vegetable baked pudding, tomato juice.

- lunch - 100 g of vegetarian borsch, 150 g of fish with stewed cabbage.

- afternoon snack - low-fat cottage cheese with addition of fruit.

- dinner - 200 g of buckwheat cereal with milk, tea with galetny cookies.

In the main primas of food of portion it is possible to increase maximum by 100 g, and the last meal has to be not later than two hours to dream. If you go to bed late, after 6-7 o'clock in the evening pass to fruit, vegetable salads or light meals, it is better not to eat fish and meat products after this time as meat is digested about 3-4 hours.

The recipe of diet for liver for week

Once a year it is necessary to apply diet to liver for week. During such diet diet rather various. At diet for liver for week of the menu looks as follows:


Breakfast: cottage cheese, milk, buckwheat with small piece of oil, tea (it is possible with milk).

Second breakfast: 1 big or 2 average apple.

Lunch: lenten soup, noodles with meat, apple kissel.

Having a snack: cookies with tea.

Dinner: fish boiled with potatoes.

Before going to bed: kefir.


Breakfast: macaroni with low-fat meat, tea (it is possible with milk).

Second breakfast: milk and cottage cheese.

Lunch: stuffed cabbage with meat, soup potato with "Oat-flakes" and berry kissel.

Having a snack: 1 big or 2 average apple.

Dinner: milk porridge with rice, glass of mineral water.

Before going to bed: kefir.


Breakfast: milk porridge, boiled fish, tea (it is possible with milk).

Second breakfast: cabbage baked pudding.

Lunch: vermicelli soup, stewed carrots with boiled meat, compote from dried fruits.

Having a snack: cookies and tea. It is possible to throw into tea piece lemon.

Dinner: krupenik from buckwheat cereal and glass of water (it is desirable mineral).

Before going to bed: kefir.


Breakfast: the proteinaceous omelet prepared on steam bath, milk rice porridge, tea (it is possible with milk).

Second breakfast: cottage cheese. It is possible to add couple of spoons of sour cream.

Lunch: borsch from cabbage, beets, potatoes, haricot and beet without addition of meat, potatoes puree, compote from dried fruits.

Having a snack: cookies and tea. It is possible to add lemon piece to tea.

Dinner: boiled macaroni with small piece of oil, cheese and 1 glass of water (it is desirable mineral).

Before going to bed: kefir.


Breakfast: crude carrot and apples salad, steam meat cutlets, tea.

Second breakfast: the apple baked in oven.

Lunch: potatoes cream soup, fish boiled with stewed cabbage, fresh fruit.

Having a snack: cookies with broth from dogrose.

Dinner: krupenik from buckwheat, glass of water (it is desirable mineral).

Before going to bed: kefir.


Breakfast: boiled potatoes with herring and tea. It is possible to put lemon piece in tea.

Second breakfast: 1 big or 2 average apple.

Lunch: the vegetarian Russian cabbage soup prepared from fresh cabbage, the cutlets made on steam bath with vermicelli, compote from dried fruits.

Having a snack: cookies with 1 glass of broth from dogrose.

Dinner: the proteinaceous omelet steamed cheesecakes with sour cream and 1 glass of water (it is desirable mineral).

Before going to bed: kefir.


Breakfast: buckwheat cereal with the cutlets steamed tea. It is possible to put lemon piece in tea.

Second breakfast: jam with carrot puree.

Lunch: vegetarian borsch, pudding cottage cheese and baked apple.

Having a snack: kissel berry.

Dinner: cream of wheat with prunes and glass of water (it is desirable mineral).

Before going to bed: kefir.

It is necessary to eat 1 time at 3 o'clock small portions as the overeating is the first enemy of liver. To prepare whenever possible all fresh and on couple. To warm food only on steam bath. To eat more products, with the high content of cellulose. It is capable to remove cholesterol.

Eat properly, and good luck!

Recommendations of diet for liver

Keeping to diet at liver illness, you will allow it to receive respite and to be recovered. It is necessary to carry out it at least once within year. It is enough to observe the general recommendations by drawing up food allowance:

☀ to eat food in the small portions, having increased the number of meals. Limit the volume of the food eaten for once to two hundred grams, but eat 5-6 times a day;

☀ receipt in organism of light carbohydrates, namely sugar and other sweets needs to be limited, and here complex carbohydrates in the form of different grain, on the contrary, to increase;

☀ to give preference to products crude, prepared in double boiler, baked in foil, boiled or stewed;

☀ keeping to diet for liver, include food which is rich with protein, meat, fish and milk dishes in diet; reduce the use of animal fats to minimum, it is possible to use only vegetable oil;

☀ make "cocktail for health of liver". In its structure the third part of glass of juice beet, one cucumber without thin skin, one apple, also without thin skin and one lemon, is more right than it pulp. All these products need to be stirred in the blender, having added to them two tablespoons of olive oil. Cocktail perfectly clears liver of slags, removes toxins, renders zhelchegonny and laxative effect.

Diet for baking of the day off

If you feel discomfort from liver - (heavy feeling at physical activity, appetite loss, eructation, feeling of bitterness in mouth), you need to review image of food. Arrange for liver (times in ten days) the day off. It will give to body the chance to take rest and be cleared a little of harmful excesses.

Good unloading effect, for example, pumpkin vegetable salad has:

to fill fresh white cabbage, apple, carrots, pumpkin, tomato 1 h l. olive oil. There is salad it is possible with the glass (200 ml) of carrot juice mixed with kefir or still mineral water.

It is useful to drink in "hepatounloading" days tub and broths on the basis of mint, melissa and thistles. The thistle clears and recovers cells of liver and has soft zhelchegonny effect.

Good luck! Traditional medicine will help to find health!

Who cannot clean liver

All who possess the zero or lowered acidity can clean liver, contraindications concern the following categories of people.

☀ Patients with diabetes, especially diabetes of the I type.

☀ People at whom the chronic disease passes into aggravation stage.

☀ Clarification baking cannot be carried out against the increased temperature, headache, cold.

☀ Pregnant women and women during breastfeeding.

☀ People at whom acidity is increased - are danger exacerbation of gastritis, ulcer process.

☀ to Women in the period of periods.

It is necessary to emphasize once again that before clarification it is desirable to pass inspection (ultrasonography) of biliary system and to consult not to relatives, neighbors or friends, and to the doctor in order to avoid sharp impassability of zhelchevyvodyashchy channels and urgentny operation.

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