Diet every other day

диета через день
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This diet is simply created for those who cannot refuse to themselves pleasures of life in any way. It is authorized to you to eat everything, but only every other day. One day is much simpler to sustain restrictions, knowing that next day practically all is possible for you.

Kinds of diet every other day exists much, and everyone will find something to itself(himself) to liking.

Rules of carrying out "dietary" days

In "usual" days it is possible to eat everything that you want (of course, in reasonable quantities, not at night and not only the most caloric food). And to "dietary" (them still call unloading) there are certain requirements which need to be observed for achievement of success.

1. The total amount and power value of the consumed food have to be about 25% of what you eat usually.

Not really terrible condition, considering that most of people have got used to eat, nearly twice exceeding minimum necessary caloric content and quantity of food. 1000-1200 kcal a day will be more than enough. You should not be afraid that it is not enough. As one night without dream will not cause extensive damage to health, and one day without food will not lead to accident and death from exhaustion.

2. In fasting days it is necessary to drink much.

But not sweet compotes or lemonade - only herbal and usual tea, coffee (without sugar), mineral and usual water. Towards juice it is better not to look too: they can be drunk only little by little and only freshly squeezed, but not store. There is too much sugar; besides, both those, and others contain more calories on weight unit, than the whole fruit. Such here paradox. However, it is paradoxical only at first sight. Just soluble "light" carbohydrates get to sweet juice, and they have big caloric content, than cellulose, pectins and the other low-calorie "dry rest" which is practically not in juice.

3. Usually alternation of "usual" and fasting days is recommended to establish in the ratio 1:1.

But if in some of "usual" days you have slightly or not slightly overeaten (you never know - birthday, party or some traitor has brought home huge tasty pizza), after it "stomach holiday" it is better to prolong the diet period till 2-3 days in a row. As they say, it is necessary to pay for everything!

4. Throughout fasting day it is better to make diet of small amount (both on volume, and according to names) low-calorie products.

Fruit (except sweet), vegetables, cottage cheese, milk, kefir - all this is authorized.

Fat, sweet and all other, not belonging to dietary food, of course, is not recommended.

Basic rules of diet

Dietary days

  • Give preference of proteinaceous food (but not fat!), which for a long time gives feeling of satiety.
  • Refuse carbohydrates, except for fruit and whole cereals.
  • Drink a lot of water and tea.
  • Reduce physical activity, giving preference to yoga, Pilates or extension.

Not dietary days

  • Move much. You have to play sports not less than 45 minutes a day and at the same time choose active types of trainings.
  • Not dietary day does not mean full freedom therefore do not overeat, otherwise the weight lost the day before in a trice will return.
  • You are able to afford to eat easy dessert during the lunchtime.
  • During dinner lean on slow carbohydrates (paste, brown rice) to avoid deficit of energy.

All days

  • Reduce consumption of salt and vegetable oil (yes, even olive).
  • For improvement of taste add to the prepared spice dishes.
  • Choose products with low glycemic index.
  • Encourage yourself if were ahead of schedule. For example, if in week you have dumped 2 kg, but not 1 kg as calculated, afford more not dietary days.


Diet on apples every other day

Will carry out fasting days by the excellent choice on apples.

For example, it is possible:

To eat each 3 hours on 2 apples, washing down with glass of kefir.

One more option of apple diet provides that in fasting day you can eat apples in any kind: baked, dried, boiled, fresh, in the form of juice.

The approximate diet on fasting day can be the following:

  • low-fat kefir - 2 l,
  • low-fat cottage cheese - 500 g,
  • apples - 4-5 pieces.

Menu of 7-day food allowance of humane diet every other day


Breakfast: 250 grams of 2% cottage cheeses; one dessertspoon of natural honey; glass of unsweetened green tea.

Second breakfast: 200 grams of natural unsweetened yogurt or the fat-free kefir; two big plums.

Lunch: fresh seasonal vegetables salad with addition of one tablespoon of olive oil of the first cold extraction.

Having a snack: two apples or one big orange.

Dinner: small piece of boiled chicken breast with garnish from any stewed vegetables.


The menu of food allowance, usual for you, but restrictions will concern salty, greasy, fried and sweet food, all types of alcoholic beverages.

Sweet types of fruit and juice need to be used in the first half of day, it is desirable in the forenoon.


The menu of food allowance of the environment completely repeats the menu of diet of Monday.


In usual days it is necessary to add one specification to observance of rules of the use and prohibition of food - one portion of each meal should not exceed 300 grams.


Breakfast: the omelet prepared from the beaten three egg chicken whites and single whole of egg, prepared on dry frying pan, generously strewed with small cut greens of fennel and parsley.

Second breakfast: 150 grams of boiled chicken breast.

Lunch: portion of the soup cooked from any vegetables except potatoes with addition of one tablespoon of the fat-free sour cream.

Having a snack: one big apple or 200 grams of any fresh berries.

Dinner: small piece of boiled low-fat sea fish with garnish from any vegetables baked on grill or in oven.


It is necessary not to overeat, and at all not to take alcoholic and sweet carbonated drinks.

диета через день
Sunday - the most strict fasting day

For all day it is necessary to eat only four big apples and 450 grams of low-fat cottage cheese with uniform alternation of the use of products every three hours.

Diet pluses

  1. The diet every other day allows to get rid day of excess weight.
  2. Provides receipt in organism of all necessary foodstuff and biologically active components.
  3. Excludes risk of delay of metabolism even at long observance of the principles of this power supply system.
  4. Creates the healthy relation to food.
  5. Allows to reduce the caloric content of week diet significantly.
  6. it pvlyatsya by the effective program of transition to the balanced and balanced diet.
  7. Excludes psychological discomfort which is characteristic practically of any low-calorie diet.
  8. Is not followed by painful feeling of hunger.

Diet minuses

  1. Demands temporary restriction of volumes of diet.
  2. Assumes more responsible attitude to own food.

Most of women who have tested such power supply system, noted that to them udalost over time to completely change the usual diet. In that case this diet serves as certain "adaptation" for transition to healthy food. One fine day you can quite feel that you are already quite ready to steadily moderate caloric content of diet.