Tea diet

диета чай
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Why there is tradition of the use of teas? And all people have this tradition. It is not just tradition of the Russian people. It is tradition of all people. And everyone who drink tea, help the organism to split what has got to organism, what we eat. Helps to acquire this food correctly. Helps to remove correctly the remains, digestion products, waste, what collects in organism. If all of us correctly remove, then we have no accumulation of toxic substances. Then we have no problems with internals.

If to speak specifically about teas and to take composition of tea for weight loss, then here, except green tea buckthorn bark, ninety-knot grass, corn stigmas, nettle enters. These components are collected not just in a random way. This collecting, these herbs are checked for years and each of them bears to our organism the advantage and strengthens action of each other. If we speak about nettle, it would seem it is simple grass and meets anywhere and everywhere as weed. But it comprises carotene more than in carrots, sea-buckthorn. Comprises ascorbic acid (vitamin C) more, than blackcurrant.

And if we speak about buckthorn, then bark of buckthorn improves intestines peristaltics. It helps it to be exempted from those unnecessary saved-up substances which accumulate in organism.

If to take corn stigmas, they are used in medicine as antiedematous, antineoplastic, diuretic.

If to take grass of Seine it too very fine exempts us from all superfluous that is saved up in our organism. Therefore each grass separately carries out the function. But all the same they have something in common among themselves and therefore in general all these herbs give effect of weight loss through clarification of organism. Not through tablet which has included something in organism and we have ceased to drink it and everything has come to an end. And here organism, recovering the health, it is younger, purer, more exciting to become. And as a rule it returns to those initial forms which sound body has to have. That is excess hypostases leave, excess deposits in intestines leave. And the organism comes to normal healthy state. And through it there is just recovery. And further the person drinks this tea as prevention that at it has not come again to what has occurred in type of the fact that it has started itself(himself) and did not look for himself.

There is person full and healthy. And there is person thin and sick. Therefore not always the person having thin structure of body can be healthy. And it does not say that he should not drink this tea at all. That is this tea is called as weight loss tea. But it is the general phrase. And vobshchem it can be perceived as clarification. Therefore the drunk such tea (travny collecting with this tea) will not do harm and to the person who has no extra kilos. But it is possible it has something inside that these herbs will help it to correct, will help to recover. Therefore this tea is shown not only full, not only to people with big, excess weight. This tea is shown vobshchem to all.

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