Diet Saucer

диета Блюдечко
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Diet the Saucer - way to make friends with healthy food, not too being fond of thin matters like calories, structure of food and compatibility of products. Weight loss goes quite slowly, but is "right". And that the main thing, you should not distract from usual occupations at all, to isolate yourself from friends and families, and with sad face to bear dietary cross alone.

Yes, supporters of "saucer" can eat at one table with relatives and continue to lose weight.

Weight loss secret on a silver platter

The diet the Saucer allows to lose quickly extra kilos thanks to the following rules of food:

☀ Those who have chosen it have to eat often, but it is not enough.

☀ as plate it is necessary to use saucer with a diameter of 10 cm.

☀ Is is necessary so much how many will get into it. To impose without hill.

Such diet is justified from the point of view of psychology. If is from big plate, but to fill half - the brain signals organism that he was deprived, and the stomach will demand still. The look small, but plateful, "deceives" brain - as a result the organism does not feel deprived.

According to the statistics, on average citizens of our country eat twice more, than it is required to them. It is necessary to get rid of habit is in the big portions.

☀ it is impossible to Miss meals.

☀ Is 4 times a day are necessary.

☀ It is possible to afford practically everything what is wanted even cake or chocolate - the main thing that they have got into saucer.

Diet stages Saucer

At the first stage of diet you have to get used to what needs to be eaten in the small portions. It is possible to eat anything. The first stage can last 1-2 weeks.

The second stage of diet is directed to learning to choose healthy and useful products. At the second stage we also eats small portions, but we already eat only what is authorized. So, for example, for breakfast it is possible to eat porridge on water, omelet or low-fat cottage cheese. The lunch has to consist of vegetable garnish and meat (ratio 50/50). During afternoon snack we eat any fruit, fruit puree or yogurt. For dinner it is possible to indulge himself with fish or cottage cheese.

The second stage can last until achieve desirable result.

The diet "Saucer" is good the fact that we do not refuse to ourselves practically anything. We just learn not to eat too much and to correctly choose products which are necessary to our organism for the correct work and do not do to it any harm.

Keeping to diet "Saucer", it is necessary to remember that at everyone different needs for food and for vitamins. Besides we have different energy costs. Therefore it is not excluded that such small portions for active life activity and normal work of organism can not be enough for someone. There is sense to select quantity of the eaten food for time individually.

The menu of diet "Saucer" for 7 days

Day 1

Breakfast: coffee (tea, juice - 200 g), toast (whole-grain bread) with cheese plus tomato.

кофе тост с сыром

Lunch: mix from boiled vegetables (100-150 g) with sour cream gas station (sour cream can be replaced with easy mayonnaise).

микс из отварных овощей

Afternoon snack: fruit mix (100-150 g).

фруктовый микс

Dinner: the fish (100 g) prepared in oven with lemon and asparagus (green beans).


Day 2

Breakfast: hard-boiled egg, coffee plus is a little yogurt.

яйцо кофе йогурт

Lunch: slice of meat (boiled) plus vegetable mix.

ломтик мяса овощной микс

Afternoon snack: roll slice with cinnamon with kefir (yogurt - 100 g).


Dinner: stewed vegetables.

тушеные овощи

Day 3

Breakfast: muesli with dried fruits (50 g or 5 tablespoons) with yogurt gas station, coffee.

мюсли с сухофруктами кофе

Lunch: vegetables soup (100-150 g), toast from rye bread.

суп из овощей гренка

Afternoon snack: smuz "Banana strawberry" (100 g), half of standard chocolate bar.

смузи шоколад

Dinner: sandwich (tuna-salad-cucumber).


Day 4

Breakfast: omelet (the shaken-up eggs, tomato, spinach).


Lunch: vegetable mix with addition of ham.

овощной микс

Afternoon snack: cottage cheese (0-1% of fat content) plus fruit.


Dinner: fowl fricassee plus garnish from peas and carrots.

фрикасе из мяса

Day 5

Breakfast: gerkulesovy porridge with dried fruits (raisin, dried apricots) plus wholegrain toast.

геркулесовая каша тост

Lunch: cream soup - the main ingredients - chicken and champignons.


Afternoon snack: milk and fruit cocktail (it is possible to replace with ice cream with crackers).


Dinner: ragout from fish with vegetables (salmon plus tomatoes).

рагу из рыбы с овощами

Day 6

Breakfast: sandwich (rye bread-ham-salad-cheese), coffee.

бутерброд кофе

Lunch: stewed calf's liver (100 g) with apples.

тушеная печень

Afternoon snack: kefir (100 g) with slice of fruit pie.


Dinner: cheese-beet mix (cheese is better to take house) with olive and lemon gas station, coffee.

сырно-свекольный микс кофе

Day 7

Breakfast: the "fried eggs" strewed with cheese, toast, tea (coffee).

глазунья тост чай

Lunch: the broth with meat and lentil filled with sour cream.


Afternoon snack: the fresh berries wrapped in pancake.

свежие ягоды

Dinner: mix "Improvisation" (as ingredients it is possible to use any crude vegetables).


As it is correct to finish diet

This diet does not demand special ceremony during transition to usual way of food. All the matter is that in two weeks you so get used to eat often and gradually that it will become for you usual way of life, and you just fall in love with similar way of healthy food.

And having stayed on similar diet month, you not only lose extra kilos, but also consolidate result for a long time.

By the way, specialists assure that thanks to fractional food it is possible to lose up to one kilogram a week. Similar volume is sign of healthy and correct weight loss.

Pluses and minuses of diet Saucer

диета Блюдечко Undoubtedly, diet the Saucer - rather effective method of weight loss as reduction of the consumed calories leads to fast weight reduction. Moreover, the diet does not demand financial expenses as you cook and use usual food, but in much smaller quantity. The diet is rather balanced therefore it is allowed for prolonged use.

As for shortcomings to accustom itself to eat in the small portions at once rather difficult therefore here it is necessary to show will power. Moreover, it is necessary to try that the diet consisted of large number of vegetables as the lack of vitamins can provoke violations in organism. For the period of diet it is necessary to refuse alcohol.

In general diet rather simple and effective therefore it is worth trying it nevertheless!