Diet Angela for 7 days (13 days)

диета ангела
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Diets the set is thought up, and all of them anyway work, however, it is necessary to apply them intelligently, choosing the most suitable for itself, the organism.

One of the most fashionable diets of the last time is called "the Diet Angela". The name it is not accidental, this power supply system demands just the patience of job from the one who will decide to grow thin, applying it. The whole thirteen days you should limit yourself in usual products, and even a little bit to starve.

Before to decide to carry out the whole thirteen days on "angelic" diet, well weigh all its pluses and minuses, soberly estimate the forces and opportunities.

Recommendations about application of diet Angela

☀ the use of salt, sugar and alcohol Is forbidden.

☀ Try that the portion of meat was less portion of greens.

☀ Sheet salad can be replaced with celery greens, spinach, cucumbers, cabbage leaves, and also to add asparagus or green onions.

☀ as gas station to greens and salads use olive oil and juice of lemon.

☀ Carrots and tomato - are interchanged.

☀ Coffee can replace with tea (green or black).

☀ For preparation of meat it is possible to use such ways as frying (on vegetable oil), boiling or preparation on couple.

☀ it is the best of all to eat chicken fillet, it is possible to replace it with fish sometimes.

☀ it is possible to Drink simple or mineral water, and the amount of the liquid used in day has to make not less than 1,5-2 liters.

☀ to reach the best effect, it is recommended to combine diet with massage for weight loss and trainings.

Features of diet

Duration: 13 days (one full seven-day cycle + repetition of the menu of days from the first on the sixth)

Features: decrease in body weight happens due to strict control of portions and food to protein dominance;

Cost: average (on condition of preparation of meat of the house);

Result: minus 5-8 kg for the entire period;

The recommended frequency: not more often than once a year;

Additional effect: plentiful intake of protein against scanty intake of carbohydrates allows to burn fat, without losing elasticity and the mass of muscles;

Does not approach: to the pregnant women feeding, suffering from diseases of gastrointestinal tract and the removing bodies at allergy or intolerance any of products. Before diet it is necessary to consult to the attending physician.

Diet pluses

The diet Angela for 13 days is ideal for those who not too love breakfasts, but at the same time does not represent the life without dense dinner and meat dishes. Most often loss of excess weight happens within the first week, and for the second week fixing of result is necessary.

Positive features of the offered diet is the following:

- thanks to the daily use of vegetables and fresh greens your organism will be provided with vitamins and other useful substances;

- vitamin A which contains in tomatoes and carrots promotes improvement of skin color and its general state;

- high content of cellulose in greens and vegetables favorably influences work of intestines.

Menu of diet Angela

1st day

Breakfast: coffee (without addition of milk and sugar).

Lunch: two the hard-boiled eggs, lettuce leaves and tomato.

Dinner: the large beefsteak fried under press with addition of vegetable oil.

2nd day

Breakfast: coffee (without addition of milk and sugar), one cracker.

Lunch: the large beefsteak fried under press with addition of vegetable oil, lettuce leaves, tomato.

Dinner: small bowl of soup.

3rd day

Breakfast: coffee (without addition of milk and sugar), one cracker.

Lunch: the large beefsteak fried under press, lettuce leaves.

Dinner: two hard-boiled eggs, two pieces of ham (without fat).

4th day

Breakfast: coffee (without milk and sugar), one cracker.

Lunch: cheese piece, carrots, boiled egg.

Dinner: glass of kefir, fruit salad.

диета ангела

5th day

Breakfast: the grated carrots, lemon.

Lunch: tomato and the fish fried under press.

Dinner: the large beefsteak fried under press, lettuce leaves.

6th day

Breakfast: coffee (without addition of milk and sugar), one cracker.

Lunch: lettuce leaves, low-fat fried chicken.

Dinner: lettuce leaves, large beefsteak.

7th day

Breakfast: tea (without sugar addition).

Lunch: lettuce leaves, pork or any other meat made on spit.

Dinner: any.

Since 8th day it is necessary to repeat diet of the first week, excepting the 7th day.

Tomato in the menu of diet Angela at desire can be replaced with carrots and vice versa. The order of days can be changed at will.


In my opinion, such prompt diets are not physiologic. Process of weight loss demands time, and considerable so in such affairs in general you should not hurry. Do not try to change the figure suddenly.

Any fast technique of weight loss is big stress for human body, and the it is more rigid, the stronger it influence on work of all systems and bodies.

Process of weight loss has to be systematic, combined with obligatory physical activities.

In general, the healthy nutrition has to be way of life, but not some temporary period.

Normal, it is considered that monthly weight reduction has to reach on average no more than two kilograms, but everything depends on constitutional features of the person, for corpulent people loss of weight will be more, and for slightly grown plump - it is less.

Be harmonous and healthy!

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