Diet of "9 days"

диета 9 дней
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This course of weight loss promises those who will stand him up to the end, loss of 7-9 kg of excess weight. Of course, it is necessary to consider that such results of nine-day diet will be achieved by rather large people. But also all others have the right to expect loss of 5-6 extra kilos.

It is possible to sit down on it only after consultation of the doctor. Such plumbs are the most serious stress for organism. And sparing you will not call means by which they are reached. Not without reason medical reviews of nine-day diet begin with cautions that it is shown not all.

Margarita Koroleva's diet for 9 days

Basic principles of diet

Basis of the system of weight loss developed by Margarita Koroleva - separate food for this reason all 9-day cycle is divided into three periods. In the first three days it is necessary to eat food rich with carbohydrates, in the second - proteins, the third stage - the products rich with cellulose. Besides, the nutritionist propagandizes fractional food, that is not less than five meals during the day, but small volumes. The last from them should not take place after 18 hours; if the feeling of hunger is very sharp in the evening, then it is possible to afford cup of green tea with honey.

The products containing large amount of carbohydrates (macaroni, bakery and confectionery), are completely excluded from diet. At the same time it is required to use a lot of liquid (not less than 2,5 liters of still water or herbal tea). However to drink water in the course of food as well as right after it, it is forbidden, break between food and drink - not less than an hour.

At last, it is impossible neither to overeat, nor to starve - both equally harmfully both for efficiency of diet, and for health. That the feeling of saturation has come quicker and has remained long, it is important to chew slowly food, without combining food with viewing of telecasts and reading.

During observance of diet of Margarita Koroleva of 9 days do not reduce physical activity if you want bigger effect, the fastest result and lack of folds of the skin which was not in time to be reduced! And for this purpose massage, for example honey massage, water procedures are part asset procedures - as well as becomes at all checked diets.

What needs to be known

Having decided to go on Margarita Koroleva's diet of 9 days, so far you observe it, remember the following:

- Water: in day to drink not less than 2,5 l of green tea or water without gas. Because gas in drinks promotes cellulitis. Even for improvement of work of gastrointestinal tract it is necessary to drink no more glass (150 ml) of water for hour to food and in hour after food

- Prohibition on farinaceous food and alcohol!

- To boil meat (having removed fat) and fish on couple, without spices, better once a day, and during the lunchtime. To peel chicken of skin.

- You enter vegetables into the menu surely

- Fasting day: it is possible to arrange, once a week. Margarita Koroleva recommends to use in such day in the small portions cottage cheese and kefir

- Sugar is excluded or as a last resort sometimes it is possible a little brown sugar

Margarita Koroleva's diet of 9 days on structure such is that it can repeat any number of times and in general to be termless.

The diet is ended what's next?

Fixing of result.

If at once upon termination of this nine-halting day you run to eat too much (it is worse not to tell), then you should not even begin to exhaust the organism with any high-speed courses of weight loss. Such actions you not only will provoke set of bigger number of kilograms, but can significantly affect the health up to violation of menstrual cycle and mental disorders.

Remember to keep weight and not to gather even more, the result of diet needs to be consolidated. Considering that you, most likely, will be already on vacation (you have for this purpose decided to grow thin very quickly?), remember at least simple rules how not to allow return of the dumped kilograms:

  • to continue to eat fractionally, approximately for 200 - 250 at one time food - not less 4kh once a day;
  • to continue to drink about 2 l of water a day;
  • not to have supper after 19:00;
  • to exclude all salty (like herring, salty cucumbers), sausages, smoked products;
  • to exclude all sweet, rich, farinaceous food, bread;
  • to exclude all harmful and caloric (chips, nutlets, fried sunflower seeds);
  • not to drink gassy and furthermore sweet water or drinks;
  • to eat daily 50 g of low-fat cheese and 4 otrubny small loafs.

Advantages and shortcomings of monodiet Queen

As well as many other effective diets for fast weight loss, Margarita Koroleva's diet has the advantages and shortcomings.

It is possible to refer disclosure of internal resources of organism thanks to sharp change of products to advantages of diet of 9 days, the good soil for more long-term and soft diet thereby is created.

Monodiet shortcomings the Queen are restriction of receipt in organism of microelements, in rice days - changes in sugar level blood, and in proteinaceous - strong conclusion of liquid from organism. Not to do to organism harm, during diet are necessary to drink a lot of water, to accept vitamin complex, and before diet - to consult to the doctor.

Kefiric and apple diet for 9 days

The kefiric and apple diet for 9 days has two equivalent options. Each option is exclusively effective and for a short time will help to lose weight approximately on 9 kg.

It is necessary to consider that the kefiric and apple diet rigidly influences organism therefore exit from diet has to be smooth and sparing: it is impossible to change sharply the diet, to enter into it many high-calorific products. Except physical discomfort inaccurate exit from diet can return all kilograms which you have lost with such work.

First option of diet

The first option of kefiric and apple diet for 9 days has 3 cycles, each cycle - 3 days.

- 1 cycle: in day - 100 gr unsalted boiled rice, low-fat kefir in any quantity.

- 2nd cycle: in day - 100 gr unsalted chicken fillet, low-fat kefir.

- 3rd cycle: in day - fresh apples and low-fat kefir in any quantity.

Second option of diet

The popular kefiric and apple diet for 9 days of the second option also consists of 3 three-day cycles.

- 1 cycle: in day - low-fat kefir of 1,5 l.

- 2nd cycle: in day - fresh apples of 1,5 kg.

- 3rd cycle: in day - low-fat kefir of 1,5 l.

If the diet causes in you exhaustion, breakdown, it should be added to the menu of diet a few carbohydrates and proteins. But do it most carefully - it is possible "to break" and reduce reached to zero.

Pluses of kefiric and apple diet

Both apples, and kefir perfectly clear organism of slags and adjust work of gastrointestinal tract. And also feed and strengthen all organism thanks to high content of microelements and vitamins.

In 7-9 days it is possible to throw off up to 6-9 kg.

Especially it is useful to residents of megalopolises, and also those who has passed therapy by antibiotics.

The diet quite economical also does not demand special preparation.

However consider: this diet suits only healthy people. Also it is not desirable for women to use with high degree of obesity. Sharp difference in diet can cause development of chronic diseases!