What is the deodorized oil

дезодорированное масло
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Sunflower oil - one of the best vegetable fats and irreplaceable food product for each person. Any hostess cannot do without it. Sunflower oil is used for frying and suppression, seasoning of salads and soups, it is added to dough and sauces, used for house preparations. It is not so simple to orient in today's abundance of different grades of sunflower oil.

The refined vegetable oils subject to full cleaning with passing of all its stages:

Upholding and filtering (mechanical impurity are removed);

Hydration (processing by hot water, to 70 °C.) At hydration the considerable part of phospholipids as they are capable to drop out in deposit during the transporting and storage is removed. In the subsequent oils can be repeatedly enriched certain groups of phospholipids for increase of activity of antioxidant systems of organism, normalization of work of liver;

Neutralization or alkaline cleaning (impact on heated oil alkali) At neutralization from oil are removed free fatty acids;

Purification (adsorption from oil of dyes for the purpose of clarification) besides phospholipids, proteins are removed. It is necessary for receiving lighter oil and preparation for further processing;

Winterizing (impact on oil niznky temperatures). In the course of winterizing there is binding and removal of vosk and waxy substances. As a result oil takes trade dress as wax at storage form noticeable dregs.

Deodorization (removal from oil of aromatic substances by pro-race of water vapor under vacuum).

The DEODORIZED OIL – processed by hot dry steam at temperature of 170 — 230 °C in the conditions of vacuum. Oil transparent, without deposit, coloring slight smell and color. The refined oil is dissolved in benzene or hexane and completely loses taste, smell and the remains of useful substances. Pay attention - the deodorized oil happens two brands - "D" and "P". Bravely (but also without any pleasure) it is possible to eat only the deodorized oil of brand "D". In the deodorized oil of brand "P" there are too many remains of chemical solvents therefore you should not buy it. And in principle the oil refined and deodorized suits only for frying.

The sunflower oil refined possesses smaller nutritional value in comparison with the oil which is not refined as contains less biologically active agents. However this type of vegetable oil has also number of undoubted advantages.

Refined sunflower oil is recommended to be used for preparation of dishes with thermal treatment. This type of oil is used for production of margarine and other cooking fats, mayonnaise, bakery and confectionery, for production of preservation. The refined oil, unlike not refined, has long period of storage.

The factors influencing quality of oil at deodorization

In the deodorized fats sometimes note tendency to reversion (return) of taste and smell. Insufficient completeness of deodorization, and also contact of fat with air oxygen can be the cause of reversion. It is known that even such low residual pressure in deodorant as 1,5-2 mm of mercury., in the conditions of high temperature does not prevent fat oxidation if there are air suctions through thinnesses in the equipment.

The suction of air can not be reflected in the vacuum depth as the vacuum equipment is calculated with some stock, but it negatively influences quality of fat.

If to translate the word "deodorization" literally, then from Latin it will mean "removal of smell".

The deodorized oil is past processing by hot dry steam in the conditions of vacuum vegetable oil. It differs from all other types in pale transparent color, and also total absence of any smell and even the slightest deposit.

For this reason the deodorized oil is irreplaceable in cooking. This product loses aroma in processing and clarifications therefore the term of its storage increases. Such oil usually is more expensive because of number of advantages: it does not smoke, does not burn, is economical in use, is long stored, and does not change tastes of the prepared dishes.

At it is deodorized oils as many admirers, and it is a lot of opponents. It is pleasant to admirers the purity and transparency, opponents consider that such product is fake as the real oil has to have pronounced taste and aroma. But, despite some critical evaluations, the deodorized oil is extremely demanded in the culinary industry and is in demand for many hostesses.

Its unique properties are that in the course of cooking it does not allocate unpleasant smell and smoke, and the ready dish as a result has no specific saturated taste of sunflower oil. Also it is ideally suited for preparation of different salads, leaving initial taste of greens and vegetables invariable.

One more important quality of the deodorized oil - it is useful for health as there pass several stages of cleaning, keeping at the same time large number of useful microelements. Also it contains vitamin E (powerful antioxidant) and vitamin F (prevents diseases of digestive tract and liver). Components of the deodorized oil - the fatty acids useful to organism. They are perfectly acquired and interfere with cholesterol increase. For this reason this product is considered the least hazardous to health, unlike the usual refined oil containing cholesterol. Besides, the deodorized oil is ideally suited for baby and dietary food for the reason that in it, as a result of full cleaning by means of vacuum, there are no remains of chemical solvents.

About advantage of refined deodorized sunflower oil

The sufficient use of oil is important in prevention of atherosclerosis and the related diseases.

Vitamin E, being antioxidant, protects from cardiovascular diseases, supports immune system, interferes with aging and atherosclerosis, activity of muscles influences function sexual, etc. endocrine glands, promotes digestion of fats, vitamins A and D, takes part in exchange of proteins and carbohydrates. Besides, it improves memory as protects cells of brain from action of free radicals.

The vitamin F which is contained in sunflower oil is also necessary for organism. Its deficit has an adverse effect on mucous membrane of digestive tract, condition of vessels, leads to chronic diseases of liver and arthritis

Settlement refined deodorized sunflower oil

Settlement oil is made from the sunflower which is grown up in natural, ecologically favorable conditions without use of chemical fertilizers and aggressive technologies.

Hostesses appreciate the refined oil lack of the expressed taste and smell.

In Settlement oil high degree of purity is reached thanks to application of the innovation way careful, but at the same time, careful cleaning.

The refined Settlement oil is universal in application: it is ideally suited for salads, frying, pastries and conservation.

Settlement refined deodorized sunflower oil:

  • careful cleaning with method of physical purification
  • natural content of vitamins A, E, F
  • total absence of GMO
  • certification as product of the increased ecological purity
  • universality of application

The Settlement sunflower oil - irreplaceable product for the ideal hostess!

"Settlement" - premium oil, is recommended for the direct use in food and for production of products of baby and dietary food.

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