Ten days from the girl's life on diet

десять дней из жизни девушки на диете
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Which of us does not know the word "diet", or did not even test it on own organism? I think that everyone, even children, heard and know about it which of commercials and who from parents. No matter from where we know, how we react is important and we perceive this fact. How many stress and how many efforts we make for achievement of goal, sometimes everything comes to an end not so cheerfully. Therefore I also have decided to lay out records from the "dietary" diary.

Ten days from the girl's life on diet.

Day the first

Cheerfulness and confidence in body. Yes, I will be able precisely to achieve desirable result, and I will be able brilliantly to sport in the new dress on the forthcoming office party. Here it is only necessary to decide on type of diet and that, it is just necessary to eat as little as possible. Perhaps, I will begin with clarification of organism - the fasting day to me will not damage at all, and at the same time there will be time to decide on diet.

Day of the second

Day has passed just remarkably, and surprisingly quickly. p just the good fellow, and not to time has not broken. It is interesting that I will be shown by scales. Wow, everything is simply remarkable, I could not dream of such result! I think that the organism has deserved encouragement and the stomach foully hums, or not, even revolts and demands sugar. But I so just will not give up, unless I will only indulge myself with chocolate segment, and can even two, I have deserved.

Day the third

That I have decided on diet. I will begin to combine, perhaps, them, and we will look what as a result will turn out, to keep to one diet so boringly and the organism just will not sustain such monotony and scarcity of vitamins. Today I will sit on buckwheat and rice that the organism has filled up reserves of carbohydrates, and on sweet not to break, I will buy to myself jelly jar, and maybe fruit jelly without sugar... Let's look what will prompt my organism in shop.

Day the fourth

Everything goes not bad. Scales still show good results, though not at that speed at which I would like, but I am already happy with them. And, above all that I am happy with myself, to long-awaited party remained practically nothing - five days. And I still need to manage to lose a lot of things and in different parts of body!! It is necessary to strengthen defense of brain and not to allow to break on the middle. Today I have especially vegetable day so it is necessary to find the most favourite vegetables, and I am sure that in the Internet there will be mass of recipes for their preparation. The diet, appears, can be very cheerful and interesting occupation, and you unless did not know??

Day the fifth

Here it is golden mean. Today, perhaps, it is possible to afford baked potato and marrow caviar, but all in small portions. Today's food is devoted to strengthening of cardiovascular system. It is important to remember that all nutrients on our organism are carried with blood and therefore it is necessary to take care of quality of the delivered material that from diet hair have not begun to drop out and to be shelled skin.

Day of the sixth

And who has told what will be easy? Mood, let, and not really therefore it is necessary to find way to lift it. Even favourite vegetables and those do not raise smile upon the face any more. It is necessary to find urgently replacement element, otherwise something sweet will become it. But same it is impossible to allow?! Immediately we go to beauty shop, and we direct maraft. First, we receive portion of compliments from masters and other visitors, and, secondly, we take time and thoughts to be carried away to the world fine, but not sweet. We prepare for fitting, and we register in water aerobics. There will be quite enough couple of days for tightening of the most problem zones of body.

Day of the seventh

The first day of occupations on aerobics, and it is good that I have registered in evening lessons as after so there is a wish to sleep and eat. But the first is stronger than the second and therefore for eating there are just not enough forces. Day has passed just remarkably, today in my diet there was sea of hot tea, and all products of green color rich with the most different vitamins. It has turned out that the frozen spinach very much both very tasty piece, and very low-calorie. So forward behind spinach!!!

Day of the eighth

Occupations in the pool have yielded the fruits after the first time, here just now I have begun to understand where and what muscles are in my body, and even where they are located. The trainer has calmed me and has told that already tomorrow the discomfort will pass and there will be feeling of ease and smartness. I hope that and will be for now I drink a lot of hot tea, and again I import buckwheat and rice into the diet. Forces after all are necessary!

Day the ninth

Tomorrow the most desired day of calendar. Therefore today it is necessary to be extremely accurate and careful not to break. Has bought in shop to herself different dried fruits, has measured them in the equal portions, and has noted in calendar time between receptions of this tasty and nutritious food. In spite of the fact that they are caloric, small portions of dried apricots or fig will be absolutely harmless. And will help to look younger and more attractive, but not hungry and exhausted.

Day the tenth

Here it! Long-awaited day of party and meeting with my bathroom scales. As expected, my works and efforts have not gone to waste. Now it is possible to soar on the room with ease and grace of moth! Today, that after all the dress sat perfectly, I will afford only tile of dark chocolate. First, the brain will receive the dose of hormones of happiness, and I desired dress and general attention to the new perfect figure!

All thanks for attention! Also I hope that fragments from my diary will help you with finding of your desirable weight!

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