Day of cleaning of organism

день очистки организма
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For certain you have already understood that the diet of one day is simple and soft option of post. That is basis of diet of one day? Unloading and clarification - the same principles that are the cornerstone of post.

Soft form of post

Just as weekly you take rag in hand to clean up in the apartment, you should clear weekly the organism and the soul.

Not only in your apartment, but also in your body "dust and dirt" gradually collects. You could close hermetically the apartment, having avoided contamination. But it would be impossible to live in it because air would not come to it. And the person cannot isolate the body from environment. As well as any live organism, the person constantly participates in internal and external exchange.

The day off for organism

As most of people lead the life far from natural: move very little, consume the denatured products from supermarket, sweets, greasy food, alcohol, and many also smoke, - the regular post can be recommended not only as soft diet, but also as the simple program of survival.

The diet of one day will give to body organs the chance to take day off for recovery and cleaning. And that the most pleasant, to you is more of anything it is not necessary to think. Your only task consists in that in one of days of the week to drink a lot of water and at desire special tea and the drinks burning fats. Yours "the internal doctor" will take care of all the rest.

Efficient care about health

It is known that the post is one of the best control methods of excess weight. But in addition thanks to post it is possible to prevent many diseases in their rudimentary stage.

Unlike usual multi-day post, the diet of one day is soft form of post: it has nothing in common with the discomfort, headache and other indispositions coming in the period of traditional post. During diet of one day you will have no feeling of hunger, you at any time can begin or stop fasting.

Even one day of refusal of food is of great importance

One-day, but regular post, such as during diet of one day,

  • will exempt you from the harmful deposits exciting diseases
  • will clear soul and body, having given you feeling of comfort
  • will lower cholesterol level in blood
  • will make contribution to fight against chronic diseases, such as rheumatism, blood supply violation, cancer diseases, diabetes and violations in work of digestive organs
  • will increase immunity
  • will exempt from the settled mechanisms of absorption of food
  • will help to resist to process of aging and will rejuvenate you, having accelerated processes of cell regeneration

Short post as natural strategy of survival

If you have decided to try diet of one day, that is to fast once a week, at all it is not necessary to think that you became adherent something unusual and outstanding.

To some extent it, of course, so because very few people from people suspect that the nature has put the strict rule - to devote one day a week to the health and the figure.

On the other hand, you will do something quite self-evident and natural: for very short time you will make pause, having given to your organism time to come to necessary balance.

The organism needs pauses between acceptances of food

It happens to us every night! If you have usually supper at seven in the evening, and have breakfast at seven in the morning, you thereby hold 12-hour post. And even you do not think of it!

Actually the food and post correspond to normal rhythm of human life. The ten-twelve-one-hour break after dinner before the following meal is necessary for organism to acquire all food absorbed for previous day.

It also is reasoned argument that for the night harmfully is heavy food: for certain the saying "breakfast is familiar to you eat itself, the lunch is divided with the friend, give dinner to the enemy".

Accumulation of new forces

Using diet of one day, you apply one simple and efficient reception: weekly you extend the natural period of night post for 24 hours. Thus, you give to the organism chance to get rid of the substances aggravating it and help to process useful substances into energy more carefully.

Moreover, you give support to the moral spirit, the additional released energy can be used to overcome fatigue and exhaustion.

Adhering to diet of one day, you will regularly give to the organism pause which is necessary to gain new strength.

The diet of one day is easily transferable and soft strategy of abstention which is necessary for us now as, likely, never before.

The weekly post is salutary also for animals

Let's give as example small history. One elderly lady has told that her dog, old terrier, has strongly grown fat. She has addressed the veterinarian who has advised to feed dog more moderately and (attention!) to weekly arrange it fasting day.

Whether the lady has followed doctor's advice and whether it managed to it to return to the dog normal weight, it is unknown, however our researches of advantage of one-day diet also have begun with this history. Numerous sources unanimously confirmed that not only weekly unloading is useful to animals, but also people as means of disposal of many diseases.

It is proved in the millennia

The diet of one day is regular providing fasting day to itself. Of course, essentially this idea is not new. In ancient times short-term posts were widespread, in this sense the diet of one day is to some extent return to ancient traditions.

The diet disappearing roots of world religions

Practice of post is deeply implanted in many religions.

In Taoism and the Buddhism of moderation in food the great value is attached. Tibetan Buddhists know the periods of obligatory post well. Islam traditionally adheres to monthly post - Ramadan. And at Christians the post was always considered as time of spiritual and corporal clarification.

Jesus has told: "Also, when you fast, be not sad as hypocrites because they assume gloomy faces to seem to people fasting. Truly I speak to you that they already receive the award" (Matfey, 1:16). This important instruction on internal state to which it is necessary to adhere during diet: fast with smile and do not despond! Tomorrow you will eat as before.

Post as condition of consciousness

Actually, roots of diet of one day lie in the Indian yoga.

The yoga is the most ancient system of improvement urged to expand consciousness and to support health in fine state. The purpose of yoga is, first of all, achievement of good health by the person and increase in life expectancy.

Yogis advise most of teachers to pupils to refuse alcohol and the use of meat. Also among their councils - to fast one day a week, this day to drink only water. Familiarly? Of course, this rule of yoga is also the main principle of diet of one day!

So, having begun to adhere to diet of one day, you join century experience: to you millions of people of all cultures and the people fasted or to restore health or to recover from diseases and to lose excess weight. And the diet of one day offers you systematically and in the highest measure effectively to put short-term post into practice.

Diet of one day as small daily ritual

The post was always religious ritual which served in order that the person has found purity and rest. During religious medical rituals North American Indians often fasted all tribe to expel "evil ghosts" (today it would be called negative energy).

You can carry out diet of one day like obligatory small ritual to interrupt series of monophonic days and to give to soul rest. It only business of internal spirit: if during day of post you with each drink of water which you drink, remember that today - day of your purity cares of your body that today you take step to internal and external harmony, then you will develop confidence and satisfaction. So the diet of one day will become for you weekly ceremony, holiday which you will celebrate among gray everyday life.

Of course, the diet of one day works and if you follow only "external rules". However the deep sense will become available to you, only when you address also the "internal" party of post.

Timely and actually

Contrary to classical post the diet of one day is ideally suited for conditions of modern life. It is possible to adhere to it regardless of age, sex, religious accessory, profession. Nothing prevents to keep to such diet both in operating time, and on issue.

No special preparations will be necessary for you, you will not need to go to shop even once again. You just drink the whole day water. Special drinks, such as serum, juice and tea, increase amount of the burned fats, however are not obligatory for the general effectiveness of diet.

Any collateral affects!

Usual diets are so difficult that you spend plenty of time for buying all necessary, and then to cook from this necessary food.

The classical multi-day post is fully possible only in days of issue, but who will want to lose food these days? Besides the long post during which the person only drinks water and tea is possible only after inspection of the doctor and at its continuous supervision. At long starvation or following to certain diet unpleasant side effects, for example, headache and fatigue are also occasionally shown.

You will avoid all these problems if you use diet of one day:

  • without preliminary preparation
  • without headache and problems with blood circulation
  • without irritability and nervousness
  • without exhaustion and exhaustion
  • without depressions

Who cannot use diet of one day

The diet of one day is so safe that in principle for anybody it is not contraindicated. On the contrary, this diet activates processes of self-recovery and unloads bodies.

During illness the one-day diet in many cases promotes recovery. However, certainly, before beginning it to adhere, it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

  • During serious, life-threatening illnesses which are connected with loss of weight such as, for example, cancer diseases, diet of one day it is contraindicated.
  • Also it is not recommended after operations, during strong weakness or during treatment of sincere diseases.
  • Concerning children and pregnant women - all very individually, and by all means it is necessary to consult to the doctor before to address any diet.

Means from unpleasant smell from mouth

Some people have effect of clarification of the organism occurring during post emergence of unpleasant smell from mouth.

Of course, it creates some discomfort, but it also demonstrates that your organism works on advantage of your health! Against smell from mouth the following will help.

  • Add to water which in day of post you should drink especially much, slightly lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. It is also possible to rinse mouth water with essential oil of mint.
  • Having chewed carnation, you will also get rid of undesirable smell.
  • In day of post 3 times a day are obligatory to brush teeth.

Choice of suitable day

In principle for diet of one day the most suitable day - Monday though you can choose also any other day of the week. To your organism it will be not so important - he anyway will be delighted to opportunity to have a rest and be cleared.

According to experience of many people it is possible to claim that the diet of one day is especially effective and efficient if for post you choose the same day. Some people prefer to fast on Sunday because it is simpler and more pleasant to them to refuse food in the day off.

But what would day you have chosen, having celebrated it in the calendar the "diet of one day" badge, it anyway will quickly become habit, and soon you will develop requirement to refuse weekly food.

Monday - the best day for one-day diet

For the practical, public and psychological reasons it is possible to designate Monday in unambiguously optimum afternoon for diet of one day. On the one hand, you will manage to smooth down culinary sins of days off. On the other hand, Monday is the first and most important step to the next week. The diet of one day will become good start for vigorous and fruitful week.

But why the diet of one day gives so much energy, thus what you refuse food? Very simply: your organism saves energy for processing of daily diet. Process of digestion demands huge expenses of energy - experts speak about 20-30 percent from total quantity of the energy which is at the disposal of organism.

Consumption of food is hard work for organism

When you feel especially vigorously? When you return to workplace after nourishing lunch and cup of coffee? Anything similar! As the full stomach interferes with both intellectual, and physical activity.

Would not come to any runner to mind before hundred-meter race to regale on pork chop or cake with whipped cream. The reason is simple: reception and digestion of food - hard work for organism. The intestines peristaltics by continuous reductions advances food on digestive tract. At this moment work not only on physical is carried out, but also at the chemical level as all nutrients are split and redistributed on cages.

If the stomach is empty

If the energy spent for digestion is saved, we often feel unexpected inflow of forces.

Even during long post the organism has sufficient resources for vigorous activity.

Our organism for weeks can exist without firm food and remain capable.

Good start of week

Of course, you will not manage to dump 7 kg on the first Monday, but it absolutely and it is not necessary. And nevertheless you will surely feel how even the unique Monday will reduce your weight. And you will understand how it is pleasant - when in organism physical and spiritual energy is released.

The diet of one day will change your internal spirit. Many people meet new week with dissatisfied persons. They do not want to get up, they are depressed and broken, and above all would like to affect patients. They just lack energy.

The one who follows diet of one day has considerably large supply of energy. It will begin week on wave of activity and will be completely ready to difficulties of everyday life.

Compensation of sins of days off

If you choose Monday to follow diet of one day, you very much facilitate to yourself the beginning of week. But it is also useful to fast on Monday and to compensate the sins allowed on the weekend. The weekend is that time when there is a wish to relax and indulge himself tasty after hard work! And gathered in output calories in itself will not disappear!

The diet of one day does not demand from you to become the ascetic. Quietly enjoy days off. Of course, it does not mean that it is necessary to forget about any control over himself, excesses have nothing in common with pleasure.

Having allocated one day for diet, you will be able successfully to compensate the indulgences made to themselves and the overeating allowed by good appetite. But, of course, the effect of reduction of weight will be shown the stronger, than less actively you will pay tribute to gluttony on the weekend.