Let's deceive old age

обмануть старость

You already know that occupation by physical exercises is one of the most available ways to deceive old age and to force it to recede. It seems sounds the fact that the old age can recede is unreal. All know that at certain age of people grows old, it wants it or not. But it absolutely not so.

The old age is put at us in the head and if we constantly think that we grow old, then and our body will correspond to our thoughts and to grow old really. The same concerns also physical exercises. Very often many think that sports are destiny of young people, and to elderly people it is perfect to anything. And health on sport, in general not.

The fact that you up to this point thought of yourself and exercises, anything does not mean, to begin never late. It is quite possible that you surprise yourself, and it will be pleasant to you, especially, if you decide to choose what most of all interests you, especially, if you find adherents who will support you. Define form of physical exercises which really is pleasant to you. If you begin to be engaged in any form of physical exercises which is not pleasant to you, then hardly achieve positive results. Very well helps if in the course of search to try as much as possible sports, to diversify your occupations so that you could float, do exercises of yoga, work with apparatuses.

To practise often and gradually also effectively, and it is the best of all to find such sport as, for example, badminton or tennis where you could communicate, deriving from it pleasure. In such cases you have more chances that you are fixed there for a long time.

Whatever sport you have chosen, you have to include in the program of your occupations of exercise with dumbbells or on exercise machines. Such exercises prevent istonchayemost of bones that leads to osteoporosis. In bones there are a lot of blood vessels, and they constantly make new cages therefore the exercises adding load of bones are very important to avoid loss of bone tissue. The lack of physical activities is considered one of the main reasons of reduction of bone tissue therefore to begin to be engaged in physical exercises and to lift weights better before process of loss of bone tissue has already begun and to make it regular training.

Do not wait until becomes too late because the lack of physical activity as a result will surely lead to the irreversible phenomena.

At regular performance of exercises with dumbbells you will increase load of bone tissue that will promote increase in her endurance and as a result will strengthen your bones. Women begin to lose gradually bone tissue, approximately since 35, and after menopause this process accelerates, and bones become more brittle with reduction of estrogen in them. But physical exercises with dumbbells or other weights can fight against age loss of bone tissue quite successfully.

If the idea to go to gym not really suits you, you can do such exercises of the house, using own body as counterbalance. Squeezing in situation "lying" also squeezing from wall in standing position - one of ways of use of weight of own body as well as other stomach exercises, legs and hands where the weight of your body serves for increase in resistance.

The same walking is to some extent exercise in raising of weights as you use combination of gravity and weight of your body on legs and bones which that become stronger, than they should transfer bigger weight. Walking also strengthens your heart and lungs, tones up muscles and burns calories. You should not hard work, force to sweat at all to fight against the coming old age. You need to move and derive more from it pleasure.