Chi kung for weight loss

цигун для похудения
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Respiratory gymnastics for weight loss

Gymnastics chi kung for weight loss - one of the most ancient Chinese techniques of the psychophysical exercises promoting improvement and the correct work of organism. If the organism correctly works, then excess weight does not threaten it.

From the point of view of medicine of Celestial Empire, people is considered as the difficult system capable to self-regulate and be in balance with environment. The theory chi kung allocates 12 main systems and 8 subsystems in work of human body. That systems ran smoothly, practice chi kung has to influence them correctly.

In total about gymnastics chi kung for weight loss

The chi kung is the ancient Chinese system aimed at improvement of body and mind. Regular trainings chi kung improve quality of life, and special diet and breathing exercises - figure. The gymnastics chi kung for weight loss means obligatory performance of these two conditions - diet and breath. Let's dwell upon the first and second.

The healthy nutrition on chi kung is harmony of five tastes: sweet, bitter, salty, acid and sharp. Practicing chi kung recommend to refuse also meat in favor of soy and to eat, reasonably, without overeating. It is necessary to have supper not later than 4 hours to dream.

According to those who are engaged chi kung, it is not necessary to adhere to any restrictions more. Over time appetite will decrease itself - if you, of course, regularly do this gymnastics. Invitingly?

However it is extremely important to do gymnastics regularly. Otherwise the effect from chi kung will not be: if you have promised themselves to be engaged every day, then it is necessary to be engaged daily; if you have decided for yourself that occupations need to be done 3 times a week, so and do. And though first it will be very difficult to discipline itself, it is necessary just not to be given - and in month it will turn out that it is easy to be engaged chi kung not only, but also it is pleasant. And the "joined" internal discipline will begin to work also in usual life which turns in more conscious and arranged.

Exercises in chi kung - great variety, however it is not necessary to pursue all at once. Being engaged at home, it is important to fulfill well each movement, and already then to be accepted to new. The chi kung is not fitness, and this system will begin to work when you make own efforts for comprehension of secrets of gymnastics.

One of basic the technician chi kung - itszintszin. Exercises from this complex improve blood circulation, strengthen muscles, promote increase of elasticity of fabrics. As a result the body becomes strong, healthy, harmonous.

Starting occupations, it is important to understand that the chi kung is not just respiratory gymnastics, but work with energy. Its free current does organism healthy - the basic principle of the Chinese discipline so says.

Such respiratory gymnastics (chi kung) for weight loss is carried out in the morning or in the evening. It can be done every day, and it is possible and every other day.

Than the chi kung is useful to weight loss

Enriches blood with oxygen. What leads to precise mind and reduction of appetite;

Dissolves stress and tension. Often we overeat because of nerves. Also all blocks and clips pull from us energy. Provide only that you go without bags, and actually you have strained all body, all muscular framework is clamped. Relieves of irrational wasting of energy;

Helps to increase stability stress level. In effect, you will be able to realize both to trace tension and to neutralize it on "entrance";

Accelerates metabolism. Almost each respiratory equipment is similar to massage of internals. The chi kung for weight loss strongly influences blood supply, work and speed of metabolic processes;

Cures different diseases which can be the obesity reasons.

Except the above-stated effects, the chi kung for weight loss can be built so that to get rid of many diseases. The belief in vital energy of TsI is the cornerstone of this doctrine. There is widespread theory that the person source of the force and energy. Ability to distribute it and to eliminate deficit and is key to recovery.

Method advantages

Advantages of effective Chinese gymnastics the Chi kung for weight loss consist in the following:

  • productive disposal of excesses of fat;
  • improvement of health and health;
  • creation of attractive and slim figure;
  • increase of vitality;
  • finding of self-confidence.

And all this without heavy exercises, big monetary expenses, wearisome diets and all for half an hour in day! The chi kung is simple secrets of beautiful body

Diet and way of life during occupations chi kung

It is not necessary to start occupations right after food or on hungry stomach.

It is not desirable to smoke, use ice cream, cold fruit and water before occupations and after them. Any cooled liquid or food takes away energy from stomach and, respectively, reduce to zero effect of exercises.

цигун для похудения Better than all exercise to carry out in the morning, after dream or in the evening, before going to bed. You should not give classes if you very much were tired, strongly were fidgety or have not slept. Only the quiet condition of spirit will allow to gain the maximum effect of performance of exercises.

Now we will sum up the result of the aforesaid. For gymnastic activity the chi kung is required free clothes, a little free space in well aired room or in the open air at good weather and a little free time. All this that is necessary to begin to master gymnastics complex chi kung.

Gymnastics complexes chi kung are subdivided into static exercises, exercises on balance and coordination and dynamic exercises.

Exercises chi kung for normalization of weight - video

For normalization of weight it is recommended to carry out 3 exercises regularly:

Exercise "Frog"

Reduces feeling of hunger. It is necessary to sit down on chair. Legs at the same time have to be placed on width of shoulders at an angle of 90 degrees in relation to trunk. Women need to squeeze the left hand in fist and to squeeze its right. For men - on the contrary.

Then it is necessary to bend so that elbows rested against knees. To put the head on the squeezed hands and to try to relax as much as possible peritoneum muscles. To breathe deeply and slowly, the stomach at the same time has to be inflated, rounded as if ball, being filled with air.

Exercise "Wave"

Helps to fight against the increased appetite. It is necessary to lay down backwards, to bend legs in knees at an angle 90 degrees, at the same time it is strong upershis feet in floor. One hand has to be located on breast, the second - on stomach. Inhaling, it is necessary to inflate breast and to pull in stomach. It is first quite difficult and demands practice. It is necessary to repeat exercise not less than 20 times.

Exercise "Lotus"

Accelerates metabolism in organism. It is necessary to sit down in lotus pose, to blink, concentrate on breath, to plunge into it. Not less than 5 minutes should be inhaled and exhaled deeply, the feeling of somnolence, immersion in dream will not appear yet. Gradually duration of exercise is increased till 15 minutes.

According to the Chinese physicians, the respiratory gymnastics chi kung for weight loss allows to control weight, without having constant feeling of hunger and fatigue from heavy exercises.

Contraindications to occupation chi kung


  • the general weight of state when any actions are almost impossible as they lead only to deterioration;
  • mental disorders;
  • mentality borderlines;
  • organic damages of heart - noncompensated defects; paroxysmal tachycardia; ciliary arrhythmia; aorta aneurism, myocardium dystrophy;
  • blood diseases;
  • infectious defeats of the musculoskeletal device;
  • severe craniocereberal injuries, injuries of backbone with unsatisfactory compensation;
  • neuroinfections;
  • strong violations of the scheme of body.

It should be noted that even in those cases which are listed here practice chi kung can bring positive effect, but it is exclusive under the direction of and with the consent of the Master. Transfer on course in these cases is possible only following the results of preliminary individual interview.


  • systematic reception of large amount of medicines;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • postoperative period;
  • strong physical fatigue;
  • overheat and overcooling;
  • body temperature is higher than 37 and lower than 36,2 degrees;
  • hard physical activity;
  • sports activities, professional or rather big on volume;
  • full stomach;
  • stay in steam room or sauna is admissible not earlier than in six-eight hours after classes, or in four hours prior to them.

Efficiency statistics chi kung therapy

As the chi kung therapy for weight loss at us (in Russia) only begins to develop, we will provide data of such treatment from article of the Chinese doctor.

Doctor Zhang Zuren has carried out treatment of obesity by method chi kung and massage of 109 patients more, than in ten centers of improving massage in the different cities of China. From 109 patients was: men - 20 people, women - 89 people, patients are younger than thirty years - 20 people, from thirty to forty years - 30 people, is more senior than forty years - 59 people.

The weight of patients initially made from 60 to 120 kg. With each patient it was carried out from five to more than ten sessions, then independent occupations. The main thing in this method - not the speed of weight loss, but stable effect. All those kilograms which have left any more will never return.

цигун для похудения The maximum weight reduction has made 18,5 kg, minimum - 2,5 kg. Efficiency of treatment was more than is indicative.

Be engaged in practice chi kung, and your organism will get healthier, and long-awaited weight loss will come without titanic work!

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