"Miracle" diets or how not to get in trap

чудодейственные диеты
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This article is devoted, first of all, to people who in hard process of improvement of the figure, hunt, first of all, for the qualitative end result. More than once, I think, happened in life of almost each woman, and sometimes and men "to buy" diet which really yielded fast result but then kilograms returned in the doubled size moreover and increased problems with health. How not to get on such diet blende? What dangerously fast dropping weight? What in that case way to beautiful and sound body? You learn answers to these and other questions, having read this new article.

Veterans of the front of fight against extra kilos know that weight loss and keeping of weight within desirable norm, occupation rather long, difficult and laborious. But even they, illogically, can be tempted with the "wonderful" diets promising to relieve them of damned kilograms quickly, and the most important, forever and practically without efforts.

As soon as there is some such diet, someone from persons interested to grow thin and will forget that, as a rule, behind wonder-working promises there are either considerable restriction of caloric content of the consumed food, or data of diet to only several products. Both that, and another, first, hazardously to health, and secondly, with "forever" has nothing in common. So, having tempted with "miracle" diets and their fantastic results, and having spent on them the time, health, it is not excluded, as money, you risk to lose with a chipped washing-tub, with one difference: to excess weight also problems with health will increase.

How to distinguish harmful and useless diets from those that really bring to organism benefit and are aimed at long-term result? In dietology there is no standard definition of the fact that represent "wonderful" diets. Nevertheless, they are integrated by number of signs, knowing which you will be able to define that before you the diet which is not costing trust.

Here some of them:

1) The diet promises that you will lose weight quickly, at unreal rates. Requirements at the same time sound too easy to be truthful. The diet is recommended, relying on one research, or there are no researches at all;

2) Statements for advantage and efficiency of diet are disproved by the authoritative scientific organizations;

3) In diet one products "good", and other "bad";

4) For the purpose of sale of diet as it is possible for the bigger number of people, "stories from life" in similar sort are used: "Weighed 85 kg with height of 160 cm and terribly did not love herself, but having opened for itself diet of the doctor of N, I in only 4 months have grown thin more than for 30 kg! It really works!"

5) The diet assumes very strong restrictions in food and consumption of liquid.

At the same time "wonderful" diets are popular only for some time – season, or, at least, several years. Over time they become unpopular, even ridiculous when they are replaced by modern competitors.

So why in the absence of the expressed effect in the long term and often undoubted harm for health such diets, let and replacing each other, all the same remain at popularity top?

Demand for them is, as a rule, provided with the following factors:

1) Approval by celebrities. Who will not want to be same harmonous and attractive how the film star?

2) The promise that you will quickly grow thin. Literally for few weeks! Here it is all about human psychology. Everyone wants to receive quickly result, at the same time not everyone realizes that for this purpose it is necessary to apply though some efforts;

3) Belief that it is all about certain products. The idea, that removal of certain products from diet for a certain time can promote fast loss of weight plays one of the leading roles in popular ideas of diets. Because most of people perceive diet as the action connected with large number of sufferings and deprivations, the requirement to clean small amount of products from diet sounds already not so terribly. Therefore the person with bigger hunting will adhere to such diet at least some time;

4) Environment pressure. If all your friends, follow fashion, then and you, most likely, will follow their example and advice not to be "black sheep".

Except loss of weight, huge importance is represented also by question about volume how "wonderful" diets are safe for health. Many of similar diets really work, but only during the short period of time. By titanic efforts they force you to dump several kilogram (and quite often not fat, and, as a rule, liquids!) by unhealthy reduction of caloric content of food and dehydration that useful neither for figure, nor for organism you will not call.

But, as soon as you cease to keep to such diet, kilograms return moreover and "bring friends". Why? Because such diets transfer organism to the "military" mode. Your metabolism is slowed down and begins to save on everything if only to keep as much as possible reserves of fat. When you cease to keep to diet, the metabolism does not accelerate right there. No. At first the organism "will please" you with the thriftiness – it is necessary to return back, all lost good, and then already and it is possible to think of the normal mode.

However, concerning having a snack, "miracle" diets often appear at height. Sitting on them, the person, as a rule, refuses uncontrollable absorption of fast food on the run, reads information on the content of fat and volume of calories in each eaten product, ceases to add whipped cream to each cup of coffee. But that's has put that such correction of diet, without any diets, in itself is capable to yield certain result both for figure, and for health.

Nevertheless, if all of you were tempted and have even achieved fast loss of couple of kilograms, pay attention to whether your present diet satisfies all requirements of organism. Many similar diets do not match the need of most of people. If at you muscular spasms, dizzinesses, faints, heavy locks or, on the contrary, diarrhea begin to appear, the mood often changes, and you experience continuous hunger - it is symptoms of the fact that your "wonderful" diet is not useful to you and if you do not throw it, then business can accept very serious turn.

The people having chronic problems with health and being on treatment have to treat with extra care each new diet and always consult on the attending physician before testing any of them.

Whatever one may do, but to achieve noticeable result which will not begin to thaw in the eyes as soon as you eat one excess cake it is necessary balanced, thought over especially for you by the nutritionist, diet.

чудодейственные диеты Dirty trick: here you, undoubtedly, will achieve both notable result, and advantage for organism … in, at least, a year. And loss of weight will be slow as without prejudice to organism, the person has to lose only about 400 grams a month, but useful and the result will not abandon you almost at once, hardly you will cease to keep to diet.

This long and laborious work with excellent, but not fast result, also frightens most of people who for years saved centimeters, and now want suddenly from them to get rid. Often, even if the person knows that the notable result will come at a distant day, he later throws one or one and a half months diet, accusing it of inefficiency (even without having given this efficiency to show) and developing in itself sense of hopelessness and hopelessness from the fact that he cannot grow thin.

Actually to be upset here it is silly. The fat lovingly collecting for years all and forever will not leave for few weeks. Laborious and persistent work is for this purpose necessary. If it seems to you that the effect of diet comes too slowly, begin to do at least 3-4 times a week intensive 20-minute charging, or run in the mornings. Yes, it is heavier than the fact that "miracle" diets demand from you, but such stable slow and realistic approach as a result will be much more effective, useful and steady, than vicious circle which will last for years, from loss of two kilograms in week and set of five in month.

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