What cannot be eaten when you grow thin

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If you want to keep good physical shape or have decided to dump couple of extra kilos, then it is necessary to approach drawing up own diet and the choice of food carefully.

The fact that some food not only does harm to organism is known, but also promotes emergence of excess weight. Therefore, the use of such products will not help you to achieve the planned goal and will even more distance from desirable result.

This article will tell you what cannot be eaten to grow thin and from what products it is better to refrain not to do much harm to the organism. It will be useful to know it also that who just leads healthy lifestyle.

What is not

In everyday life we use too much sugar. Advantage of it - any, it is the empty carbohydrate which is not containing valuable vitamins, microelements and proteins. It is acquired by organism excellently and quickly causes fatty deposits. It is necessary to try to protect himself from consumption of the ready sweetened juice. Buy different grades of good tea, it is possible with fragrant fruit additives, high-quality coffee, and drink without addition of "sweet poison". There will pass week - another, and you get used to natural taste of favourite drinks.

The statement is unfair that potatoes are harmful, but another is lawful: from this vegetable get fat. The cause is the increased content of starch promoting addition of weight. If it is difficult to refuse completely this product for you, leave it in the diet, but in the minimum quantity and only in baked and boiled look.

Products of fast food. All range of fast food which is on sale in McDonald's and other similar institutions concerns to them. Such food breaks normal balance of hormones which are responsible for sense of fulness. The fast food vysokokaloriyen also contains the harmful trans-fats promoting set of extra kilos. The portion of such food meets day standard of food of the person wishing to grow thin that is already occasion to exclude fast food from the diet.

Croutons, any chips. Chips are stuffed with various chemicals, including glyutamaty sodium which increase taste of potatoes, do it crackling, but do harm to your organism.

The milk products providing long period of storage.

Sausages: sausages, sausages, sausages. These products practically do not contain some meat, but at them there are amplifiers of weight, amplifiers of taste, karragenina much. Yes, it is possible, it is tasty, but is artificial and harmful.

Store sauces, ketchups, cubes for broth and different seasonings. Many of them contain harmful additive glyutamat sodium. Therefore it will be better if you make ketchup or sauce of the house. So you will be able to be sure of quality and naturalness of product.

Confectionery: the cakes, cakes, eclairs, cakes containing harmful trans-fats and being the main enemy in fight against excess weight.

Mayonnaise. Without this popular sauce very few people represent the life, however for a long time is proved that mayonnaise - the main opponent in fight against excess weight. Refrain from this product. Use soy sauce or olive oil as seasonings.

Nuts. There is no need to deny advantage of nuts for all organism. However they to contain huge amount of fats and if to use them daily, then delay or at all the weight loss process termination is possible.

Import fruit and vegetables. They always look more tasty, more beautiful and more appetizing than domestic. But in the nature there is nothing equal! Therefore they are exposed to chemical processing. In order that were mature, beautiful and did not spoil. It is unhealthy.

All listed products are harmful not only to your figure, but also health. Therefore before to buy any product in shop or stall, it is worth studying attentively its structure and to reflect as far as it is natural.


You drive from yourself the following thoughts:

No. 1: "The reason of my excess weight is overconsumption of "unnecessary" food".

Lie! The reasons can be and that you sit much, move a little, accept hormonal preparations, bad weather, shortage of vitamins, sleep debt, frequent having a snack, "jamming" of stresses, pleasure food during viewing of the movie.

No. 2: "From one piece I will definitely not recover! It is possible to eat something sweet".

From piece you will not gain weight! But thoughts you can have set (same). It means, as pieces of "delicacies" will be much bigger.

No. 3: "If I keep to diet, then at all it is optional to me to play sports or to go to trainings!".

Trainings and sport are two huge "pluses" with which you will be more perfect, than now. For health reasons.

No. 4: "I will have sex with the darling and to eat everything that I want! Sex is capable to create improbable miracles".

Sex is not capable to burn all those calories and fats which, so to speak, disturb your life. Will hope only for it silly. Combine business with pleasure! Twist bicycle pedals, for example!

No. 5: "If I have constitution of body such, then it is possible about weight loss and not to dream!".

You should not "lower hands"!

Take care of the own life! Aim at result! And you will reach it surely!

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