What grows thin first of all

что худеет в первую очередь
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People with absolute accuracy and confidence can call parts of body which want to be corrected. Often it is area in the bottom of stomach, buttocks, hips and waist. It is accepted to call these parts of body problem areas as exactly there is accumulation of excesses of subcutaneous fat which to clean extremely difficult. However before beginning weight loss, it is necessary to learn what parts of body on figure grow thin first of all

Look outside …

Most of women are arranged so that they grow thin from top to down. Practically on any diet weight loss begins with face, then switches to hands, breast, goes down on waist, then buttocks and, at last, on hips, the riding breeches area. At the same time most considerably kilograms leave the last zone. Therefore to grow thin in stomach, it is necessary to stock up with patience. Diets for weight loss of stomach, of course, give certain effect, differently placing accents for our organism, but it is impossible to rely on them for all 100%.

Look from within …

The trainer and the doctor will tell any to you that first of all the organism of the growing thin girl is left by water. After it intestines are cleared, then there is destruction of muscular tissue and only after that - fatty. For this reason you should not hope that the hated fat will be gone in couple of days of sitting on diet for weight loss of stomach, but also do not give up the begun business, over time you will achieve necessary effect. You should not forget also about physical activities, exercises on press, we want not just to reduce stomach, and to make it tightened and beautiful.

As the person at weight loss grows thin

что худеет в первую очередь Most often the person on diet grows thin the first. It because weight loss goes mainly due to combustion of subcutaneous fat, and on face its layer is thinner, than on other parts of body.

It is not necessary to worry if it seems to you that cheeks have become hollow or the nose was cut off. First, you just have not got used to the new appearance, the person changes the first. Secondly, you compare the person to even former body therefore and it seems to you that the person has grown thin stronger, than actually.

But maybe so that the person, on the contrary, does not grow thin or almost does not grow thin. Sometimes it depends on structure - women who grow thin "from below up" meet. However much more often it means that at you on face hypostases.

If it has happened to you:

you descend to the doctor, check condition of thyroid gland, heart and kidneys. If there are problems, treatment will be required

get rid of habit to stoop when walking and to hang the head when you sit or you go

take for night dream pillow more than that which used before

lying in bed, do not read and do not use any gadgets.

And anyway you remember that during weight loss it is necessary to take care of the person especially. Support tone and elasticity of skin that it has not drooped.

How to grow thin in problem zones

что худеет в первую очередь Besides, especially difficult areas in respect of weight loss at all the. Therefore, having begun fight against excess weight, you have to reveal those sites from which fat does not want "to leave for good". After that it is already possible to be guided to what ways of weight loss it is worth resorting.

There is number of products which "are postponed" in specific places. For example, to grow thin in waist, it is necessary to refuse farinaceous food, sausage and alcoholic beverages. To reduce the volume of hips and buttocks, it is necessary to refuse fast food, sweet and fried.

On the basis of such bans you can make for yourself individual food allowance or use already existing diet, there is mass of the courses directed specifically to weight loss of certain part of body.

Also it is necessary not to forget about physical activities. Of course, it is necessary to train all groups of muscles, however on those areas in which weight loss is given you it is especially problematic, you can place emphasis. For example, if your training lasts on average for 20-25 minutes, then 10 minutes can be given on problem zones, and the remained time - on all muscles of body.

In addition, you can regularly apply number of different anti-cellulite procedures on necessary sites: massage, wrapping etc. It will help not only to reduce this part of body in volumes, but also will make skin smooth, beautiful and elastic.

How to keep the size of breast

что худеет в первую очередь

If you are in a forceful mood to grow thin, but want to keep as much as possible the size of breast, remember several important rules:

1. Forget about express diets and fasting days, they very badly influence elasticity of connecting fabrics. Your choice - healthy nutrition, refusal of farinaceous food, sweet and suppers. So you will grow thin more slowly, but the breast will remain beautiful.

2. Your choice - proteinaceous food, it stimulates production of collagen, thereby strengthens muscles and increases elasticity of fabrics.

3. Drink protein cocktails, they also help synthesis of collagenic fibers of skin.

4. Buy good, darling, ideally suited for you, sports bra. It is guarantee of the correct support of breast and preservation of its form.

5. If you have breast more third size, be not fond of jumps, jumps and run. Give preference to power loadings, yoga, Pilates and stretching.

What to do if legs do not grow thin

что худеет в первую очередь

Many girls at weight loss face the following problem - legs grow thin in the last turn or do not grow thin at all. Why does that happen? What needs to be done to grow thin in legs and to make them harmonous and attractive? We will try to answer these questions in this article.

For a start it is worth understanding why on hips and in legs fat continues to be laid even if you keep to diet and you are engaged in physical exercises. The matter is that the nature which has to support genital function of the woman first of all has taken care of it. Exactly thanks to the thought-over nature at women fat in so-called problem zones - on bottom, stomach and legs is also laid.

Besides, adverse conditions, low-quality food and other concurrent factors exert considerable impact on work of internals which do not cope fully with digestive function any more. It also leads to the fact that the organism for the purpose of self-preservation begins to lay fat in store in those problem zones.

So, to grow thin in legs and to clean fatty deposits on hips, it is necessary to keep to diets how many carefully to choose what to eat not so much. The matter is that often many of us just do not notice how many fat they eat every day. Meanwhile, to grow thin, the daily norm of fat should not exceed 30-40 grams.

The prohibited products for those who want to grow thin in legs

  • chocolate
  • fried and fat products
  • ice cream
  • pastries
  • egg yolk
  • fat cheese
  • smoked products
  • nuts
  • sunflower seeds

The resolved products for those who want to grow thin in legs

  • crude vegetables and fruit
  • low-fat fish and bird
  • porridges on water
  • low-calorie dairy products
  • macaroni wholegrain without gas stations and sauces

что худеет в первую очередь We hope, the question of what grows thin first of all, now for you is closed. Alas, as if you tried, at you it will not turn out to get rid of fatty deposits in certain part of body if she stands the last in queue of "candidates for weight loss". Therefore expect that finding of symmetry will become quite long process, do not become despondent from the fact that weight loss seems to you too slow, and stubborn achieve the objective. Eventually, at you surely it will turn out to achieve good results, it was not as if difficult.

If you grow thin, then it is necessary to remember that the first notable results will be visible only in 6-8 weeks. And that at healthy nutrition and competent distribution of aerobic and power trainings.

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