What Pilates differs from yoga in

Yoga and Pilates – the most fashionable types of fitness among women. In many respects they are very similar, but inherently it is two essentially different types of physical activity …

Many consider that Pilates and yoga if not one and too, then at least very similar phenomena and, in general, all the same, than to be engaged. But it not absolutely so and before making choice what to go to, it is worth understanding in what difference between yoga and Pilates.

Pilates in something is very similar to yoga, and in something strongly differs from it. First of all, Pilates and yoga are the trainings directed to improvement and strengthening of organism. During training you should not do power exercises and receptions. Also neither Pilates, nor yoga will help you to get rid quickly of extra kilos by beach season – practicians it is necessary to be engaged in both long time that the result was notable.

Than are similar

Both of these practices do not assume fast movements and numerous repetitions, but at the same time help to create relief, to develop endurance, to reach composure, to lift self-assessment. Movement time in them are very similar.

The matter is that the yoga and Pilates are similar on technology of performance of exercises and some poses. All exercises are carried out slowly, during occupations it is very important to monitor breath, it is not necessary to do 40 repetitions in each approach because it is important to do one exercise ideally correctly and precisely. Neither Pilates, nor yoga at the initial stage of trainings is recommended to practice independently, it is better to begin the practice under the leadership of the experienced instructor.

Despite the seeming static character of both types of fitness, both in yoga, and in Pilates there are a lot of interesting exercises. Both of these trainings help to clean extra kilos, to create correct posture, influencing slow muscles which fasten to bones. As well Pilates, and yoga develop flexibility of muscles and joints, return to body natural to become and grace, teach the correct, measured breath. Exercises are directed to giving to body the necessary balance and to improve coordination. Instructors of Pilates and yogas always place emphasis on technology of performance of exercises, accuracy and correctness of all movements.

At the same time the system of fitness divides these two trainings because they are not similar in essence and to the internal direction, and also on approach to the organization of occupation.

What differ in

The yoga is the whole system which was created not one thousand years. Practice of yoga is spiritual tradition, history, experience and wisdom of set of generations. It is way which helps to learn itself(himself), to get into the consciousness and it is better to make himself in physical and spiritual sense. If not to go deep into philosophical understanding of practice, then for the ordinary person of occupation by yoga is creation of balance between spiritual and physical state. It is fine means in fight against stress, helps to lower blood pressure, to develop concentration and balance. Many people who choose yoga as type of fitness often come to yoga philosophy, find the teacher who builds practice.

Exercises of yoga are poses (asana) which are maintained on several minutes. Exercises in itself do not assume the movements, only the correct breath. Asanas are directed to stretching and strengthening of muscles by means of static fixing of one position of body. At the same time in yoga it is paid much attention to back and stretching of backbone, ability to relax in the twisted situation and to concentrate on the feelings. Actually, each exercise demands judgment and understanding, the instructor all the time urges not to "go woolgathering", and to concentrate on himself.

Types the practician of yoga huge number, among them is Hatha yoga, kundalini-yoga, mantra yoga, the rajah-yogi, anabkhava-yoga, ashtanga-yoga and many others.

Pilates – rather young type of fitness. It was created by Joseph Pilates at the beginning of the 20th century. Its system has initially been urged to help to come to the soldiers wounded in the war to form. Now Pilates is used for development of force and endurance, and generally occupations are expected women. Basis of Pilates makes physical fortune of the person, work on this program is conducted over press and muscles of back.

Pilates, as well as yoga, stretches muscles too, but not first of all because their strengthening is on the first place here. Pilates is, first of all, system of improvement, it is directed to creation of the healthy and tightened body. If it is simpler to speak, then Pilates puts bones and muscles into place.

The essence of exercises of Pilates consists in smooth performance of certain movements on certain rules, practically always with repetition. Also occupations by Pilates often take place with use of the additional equipment – elastic tapes, fitball, the special exercise machine. There is no philosophy in Pilates.

Both the yoga, and Pilates are positioned as the occupations directed to training of mind and body, but the first is inherent in yoga. Choosing occupations as yoga, you have to be ready to work on yourself, that it will be necessary to learn to manage by own efforts and emotions and to try to reach positive spirit and pacification.

Also the difference between yoga and Pilates consists in respiratory equipment. In Pilates breath is used to feed muscles with oxygen, and in yoga to it also opportunity to manage the body increases.

Both types of fitness are good something special, and both are useful to all, regardless of initial physical training. Regularly being engaged, you do not learn the body updated, strong and graceful after a while.

At the choice of practice it is worth trying both that, and another, and to give preference to what your body and reason have big tendency.