Person and his health

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The words "person and his health" enter into essence of the forthcoming conversation at once, and everyone understands that it will be a question of preservation of health and working capacity. And it is probable as the words "person and his health" became usual and ordinary, someone will think: and, one more "instruction".

Yes, this cycle of articles about how to keep health and working capacity in our difficult century. But not the instruction, not collection of recommendations, and discussion together with the reader of task, difficult, diverse and specific for the person, - how to live "on science".

But what stands behind the words "live on science"? Physical exercises before work or walk before going to bed; jogging in the mornings or to evenings; fasting days or "-point" diet; the days off outdoors or active recreation of the house? Certainly, running, jumping, floating, not overeating, playing sports do for themselves important issue if treat themselves reasonably, but are not in the next fashion. The majority of them - in any case many - are sure that they live "on science". They listen to councils of doctors, hygienists, nutritionists and so on.

This problem was represented to me idle time too. p thought: if all that we call hygiene, physical culture to see off according to the pleasant recommendations of specialists, we will come to the scientific attitude towards ourselves. But, alas! Profound studying of problem, desire to see it in development, in comparison of the different points of view and changes of views of idea "the person and his health" depending on condition of science has forced to look at subject from theory position of "Big system" - superdifficult and interconnected - and has shown how we are occasionally far from living according to science.

Let's face it, we often complain about science that it, solving global, fundamental problems, is not engaged in our essential, daily, "seychasny" needs. In our such complaints there is not enough justice.

The science is comprehensive today. Solving global, fundamental problems, it thereby creates basis and for disclosure of many problems connected directly with the person, his life and activity.

Gradual entry into the subject "Person and His Health" has allowed to draw the main conclusion: it is modern to live in the modern world, the correct view of the world and of itself in it is necessary.

What it, this look? Here about what I tried to tell here, here in what the purpose.

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