Tea for weight loss

чай для похудения
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House tea for weight loss

Tasty and useful natural tea will always be in each house, and tea for weight loss practically always appears on kitchen shelves in case of addition of extra kilos at the hostess.

Probably, every second girl or the woman dreams to grow thin. What only methods are not used for this purpose! One of effective remedies - tea for weight loss.

The choice of herbal tea in drugstore:

At the choice of tea in drugstore, it is necessary to pay attention to structure of collecting. Different stabilizers of taste, dyes, fragrances and other chemical additives, similar tea should not be part of herbal tea, will hardly bring benefit to organism.

Surely pay attention to tea expiration date as medicinal properties of herbs are lost over time, respectively efficiency at use of tea falls.

As it is correct to drink teas for weight loss

☀ It is necessary to begin with small. Try to drink only 2 cups of tea in day. It is quite enough to understand reaction of organism to composition of tea for weight loss. If reaction is positive and growing thin feels inflow of forces and cheerfulness, then components of tea promote clarification of slags from organism.

☀ Tea for weight loss has to be pleasant. Often, having heard positive recommendations of miraculously force of one of teas for weight loss, women run in shop and buy the same tea. As a result, it turns out that on taste this tea just intolerable and it is simply impossible to drink it without irritation. Nutritionists claim that drinking of tea for weight loss has to be pleasant. It is not necessary to injure organism.

☀ Having calculated what tea is pleasant individually for you, it is possible to increase gradually the volume of the drunk tea to 1,5 liters. These are about 8 cups of tea a day.

☀ As it has been told above, tea promotes removal of slags from organism that has diuretic effect. You should not suffer at all, frequentation of toilet and emptying of bladder will only accelerate process of hudeniye.

☀ it is not necessary to Drink tea for weight loss on hungry stomach. Nutritionists claim that tea can be drunk only after the next portion of meal. Some grades of tea can influence healthy work not only stomach, but also all digestive tract. You should not risk the health.

☀ you Should not drink tea cold. Optimum temperature in which all components of tea can well be drawn is 70 degrees.

☀ do not add honey and sugar to tea At all. It will significantly reduce usefulness of components.

Recipes chayov for weight loss

Today in any drugstore it is possible to buy tea for weight loss. They are useful to health thanks to the herbs which are contained in them.

And nevertheless the best tea for weight loss can be prepared only with own hand - at least because you will be able to create such drink which is necessary to your organism, and also you will avoid possible fake. The benefit, now in drugstores rather wide range of herbs and tinctures. And national recipes of teas for weight loss the great variety has remained.

Here several recipes of house tea:

Recipe No. 1

Prepare mix from the following herbs:

  • chicory root - 20 grams
  • parsley curly - 15 grams
  • buckthorn bark - 15 grams
  • dandelion leaves - 15 grams
  • stigmas corn - 15 grams
  • yarrow - 10 grams
  • peppermint - 10 grams

Fill in since evening with abrupt boiled water couple of tablespoons of this collecting, densely cover and put during the night to be drawn. Then properly filter through strainer and use 3 times a day on half-glass to food. At severe obesity it is recommended to drink broth within several weeks.

Recipe No. 2

To make mix of camomile, St. John's Wort, immortelle and birch kidneys (on 100 g of everyone). Every morning and evening to make 0,5 tablespoons of mix of 250 ml of boiled water, to add 1 tea spoon of honey and to drink for month. Then to take break for 30 days. This recipe of tea for weight loss will improve digestion, will remove slags and will increase immunity.

Recipe No. 3

For weight loss with melissa pleasant taste has teas, reduces arterial pressure. The melissa accelerates metabolism, promoting weight loss. Leaves of melissa crush, fill in one tablespoon with boiled water (about 200 gr), insist about an hour.

Recipe No. 4

Tea with cinnamon and bay leaf will help to grow thin.

Tea from cinnamon and bay leaf belongs to the grass infusions used for acceleration of process of loss of weight. It appears, both of these seasonings possess ability to influence positively gastrointestinal tract, applying bay leaf and cinnamon to weight loss you will quicker get rid of extra kilos.


  • 1 l of water
  • 1 stick of cinnamon
  • 5 laurel leaves


To prepare this tea or more likely infusion from bay leaf and cinnamon very simply. You just boil water liter with cinnamon and laurel leaves. You boil within 15 min., then remove from plate and cool.

And it is necessary to accept this infusion on one cup a day, on an empty stomach. As shows experience, for a short time in grasp it is possible to lose up to 7 cm. And all thanks to those remarkable properties which are possessed by this tea, first of all, it influences work of gastrointestinal tract. And these properties to it are given by both bay leaf, and cinnamon.

Contraindications for reception of tea from cinnamon and laurel leaves:

  • pregnancy
  • feeding by breast
  • age till 6 flyings
  • diseases of large intestine
  • illness Krone
  • liver failure

The knowledge of side effects and contraindications to use of tea from cinnamon and laurel leaves will help to avoid complications with health. Remember that before reception of any grass infusions, including from cinnamon, it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

Recipe No. 5

Tea from apples. Take small acid apple, like antonovka. Make usual black tea and cut in it apple. Let's be drawn 7 minutes and drink. This tea will clean extra kilos and will clear vessels of cholesterol.

Recipe No. 6

Tea from mountain ash, nettle and dogrose.

Take 1 tbsp of dry berries of mountain ash, add then 1 tbsp of leaves of nettle and 1 tbsp of dogrose and fill in with two glasses of boiled water. Leave the received tea for 30 minutes will be ready. Then filter and then drink on half glass of such house tea 3 times a day between meals.

Recipe No. 7

The recipe of herbal tea for weight loss from blackberry leaves.

The recipe of herbal tea from leaves of blackberry is easily available to inhabitants of regions where this remarkable berry grows much, for example, on the Black Sea coast. For this recipe it is necessary to take 80 gr. blackberry leaves, 10 gr. coltsfoot leaves, 10 gr. leaves of birch and all this it is good to mix. Then to fill in with boiled water for 15 minutes. After cooling of the broth it needs to be filtered and already to drink on glass before breakfast and before lunch.

Recipe No. 8

To mix 100 grams of camomile, immortelle, birch kidneys and St. John's Wort. Every morning and evening to fill in 0,5 tablespoons of this mix with boiled water (250 ml), to add 1 teaspoon of honey and to drink. So for one month then for month to take break. This grassy collecting improves digestion, increases immunity, removes slags and promotes weight loss

Side effects from tea for weight loss

Before carrying out course it is recommended to get advice of the specialist as at the regular use tea for weight loss has some side effects, and its uncontrollable reception can provoke serious problems.

The electrolytic balance is broken, there is gradual dehydration because of liquid loss, together with slags and toxins nutrients which have not managed to be acquired also are removed from organism.

During use of tea for weight loss the organism loses potassium which deficit can result in muscular weakness, and also violation of functions of kidneys.

Such drink is depletive, its long reception provokes loss of possibility of organism to independently empty intestines.

Besides, at purchased teas there can be some unsafe components which influence internals, and some cause accustoming.

It is worth understanding that tea for weight loss is not panacea, but first of all one of components of competent complex on weight reduction. You should not expect also instant effect of these teas, you should stock up with patience and you will see positive results.

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