чайный гриб для похудения
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Today the tea mushroom is considered exotic and useful gift of the nature. Having looked at it, it is heavy to define what kingdom of the nature it treats - to kingdom of plants or kingdom of animals. Externally, this mushroom reminds jellyfish, it has disk-shaped form of yellowish-brown shade, on all body there are small sprouts, exactly thanks to it the tea mushroom is so similar to jellyfish.

Actually, this "magic" mushroom, only set of acetic microorganisms and colonies of barmy fungi. It is worth remembering that without tea, properties of tea mushroom will not bear any value as tea saturates mushroom with vitamin C.

It is possible to buy tea mushroom only if someone from acquaintances has such drink. The tea mushroom grows constantly, and it is possible to grow up it from absolutely small piece. Process of reproduction happens thanks to department of the lower layer of maternal mushroom. Later, this layer needs to be put in 3-liter jar, to fill in it not with strong, but sweet tea (on tea liter six teaspoons of sugar) and to place to bank in the warm place.

For the first three days the mushroom just lies at the bottom of banks and does not give life signs, but later time, the mushroom emerges, and in week the first portion of kvass is ready.

Thickness of adult hornbeam reaches several centimeters, it allows to enjoy new portion of drink daily, naturally, if not to forget that the decrease of liquid needs to be filled with new portion of cold sweet tea. And if to pour out all infusion in separate capacity, then two weeks later, on liquid surface, it is possible to see thin translucent layer which can become over time adult mushroom too.

If, for example during issue, about mushroom to forget, then liquid to evaporate and the mushroom will die, but it can and be revived, having filled in with sweet tea or sweet water.

Sometimes the tea mushroom needs to be washed out clear boiled water.

What the advantage of tea mushroom consists in

Everything is rather simple - in it miracle - product the huge amount of useful substances contains: enzymes, organic acids and vitamins. Regular treatment by tea mushroom activates metabolism in cages, makes favorable impact on digestive tract and helps at different diseases. Especially often tea mushroom is applied to fight against excess weight.

Miracle properties of tea mushroom:

  1. Fast treatment of different gastrointestinal diseases
    • and. Treatment of colitis
    • . Treatment of hemorrhoids
    • century. Treatment of stomach ulcer
    • . Treatment of gastritis
    • . Treatment of different violations of work of intestines and digestive tract
  2. Treatment of chronic tonsillitis and different infectious diseases
    • and. Treatment of quinsy
    • . Treatment of stomatitis
    • . Treatment of cold
  3. The tea mushroom for weight loss at obesity and excess weight is quite often used
  4. Treatment of hypertension
  5. The tea mushroom perfectly influences skin as cosmetic. The tea mushroom is applied at:
    • and. manicuring
    • . care of legs
    • century care of hair
    • care of dry skin and at fight against wrinkles
    • treatment of spots and acne rash

Advantage of tea mushroom in fight against excess weight

Gastrointestinal tract

The tea mushroom contains probiotics which in turn improve function of gastrointestinal tract in the structure. In addition, it accelerates metabolism, thereby the organism processes fats, proteins and carbohydrates quicker.

Weight reduction

At the continuous use of tea mushroom in food, weight reduction process will accelerate. It is one more, the effect of this product, not last on the importance.

Immune system

Healthy bacteria - prebiotics which contain in tea mushroom in large numbers help with strengthening of immune system of the person.


Removal of toxins from organism, favorably influences health of the person for this reason this process has to happen regularly. The human body is capable to bring different toxins out of organism, but the tea mushroom will allow to accelerate this process.

Levels rn

By means of properties of tea mushroom, it is possible to balance quickly enough levels rn. And it is important for organism as normal state of slightly acidic environment rn influences normal operability of internals and all organism in general.


The regular use of tea mushroom improves night dream, and saturates organism with additional energy in the afternoon and improves health.

Preparation of tea mushroom for weight reduction

There is huge number of different recipes of infusions with tea mushroom which promote fast weight reduction. It is included below, the most popular recipe which is checked by time:

приготовление чайного гриба для снижения веса Ingredients:

  • three liters of water;
  • seven bags of black tea;
  • ultura of tea mushroom;
  • 250 grams of sugar;
  • pan;
  • 3-liter glass jar;
  • elastic band;
  • linen fabric.

First of all, to avoid complications, it is necessary to watch closely purity maintenance!!! Therefore it is necessary to carry out preparation of this kvass in ideally pure ware.

Water needs to be poured out in pan and on big fire to bring to boiling. After water will begin to boil to throw into it seven bags of black tea, to switch off fire and to add glass of sugar. To cover pan and to wait so far infusion will not cool down somewhere to 22 degrees Celsius. After tea infusion will cool down, to pour it in pure 3-liter jar, to add culture of tea mushroom, to cover to bank with linen fabric and to fix it by elastic band. It is necessary to store tea at the room temperature in the dark place. In two weeks infusion will be ready to the use.

Dosage of infusion of tea mushroom for weight reduction

It is necessary to use such infusion in thirty minutes prior to meal on three hundred grams. And to accelerate process of digestion and to help digestive tract during the whole day, it is necessary to drink this drink in the morning, right after awakening.

Harm of tea mushroom and side effects after its use

All can practically drink infusion of tea mushroom, it is not enough contraindications. Tea drink from mushroom is especially useful in warm season and hot weather as it perfectly satisfies zhazhdoa and feeds organism with necessary share of liquid. Besides, it is worth remembering that at any temperature tea from tea mushroom will always hold cool temperature.

In spite of the fact that infusion of tea mushroom for weight loss does not do harm, nevertheless it is known that because of the wrong preparation such drink can cause aperient action.



The use of tea from tea mushroom is not recommended to people at whom acidity and that who has diabetes as in drink there is large amount of sugar is increased. It is worth knowing that the use of tea mushroom can cause violation of digestion and allergic reactions in sensitive people.

The main thing to be careful of some mushroom drink which has been made in unsterile conditions. It is impossible to make tea mushroom for weight reduction at all in ceramic ware as acids of tea mushroom can take up with ceramics lead, as a result there can be organism poisoning with lead.

Despite all these insignificant shortcomings if you lodge at home in bank this surprising mushroom, you will get rid practically of all illnesses which prevent you to live quietly and happily. Curative properties of tea mushroom are so various that in month arch after the beginning of reception of this medicine you can become absolutely healthy person.

And it is a little for mood raising:

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