Tea with milk for weight loss

чай с молоком
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Tea with milk - actually magic combination. Milk contains more than 100 nutrients necessary for the person. The proteins which are its part are construction material of human body, and calcium strengthens our bones and teeth.

But whole milk without problems is digested by not all stomachs. Just tea neutralizes impact of milk on mucous membrane, facilitating its comprehensibility. Is not in debt and milk, softening with the presence at this cocktail effect of caffeine and other alkaloids. Thus, tea with milk at meeting is neutralized by negative properties of each other, strengthening at the same time positive. Well, unless not magic?

Surprisingly, but tea with milk not only is tasty and incredibly useful, but also perfectly helps with fight against excess weight. As independent food drink cannot be used, of course, (because the less organism receives calories, the less it begins to spend them). But as addition to diet or carrying out fasting day - it is just ideal!

Useful tips

It is possible to drink molokochay both cold, and hot. But drink renders the maximum effect in warm look.

In day you have to drink not less than 1,5 liters molokochy - in any time, convenient for you. However it is recommended to drink on cup of tea every 2 hour.

As molokochay has the expressed zhelchegonny and diuretic effect, in order to avoid dehydration of organism it is necessary to drink also up to 2 liters of water this day.

It is impossible to fill in tea with the boiling milk or to boil already made drink - differently he will lose the properties.

If you drink green tea with milk, then it first can lower pressure (if earlier you did not drink such), but over time it will pass.

It is undesirable to drink milk with tea two days running.

It is the best of all to carry out fasting day on molokochaa on Wednesday - for astrological reasons. But it for those who trust in astrology.

It is difficult to revaluate advantage of tea with milk. Including in dietology. Having carried out fasting day on molokochaa, you will be able to throw off from 0,5 to 2 kg - is dependent on initial weight. And next week to repeat this experiment again. More often than once a week you should not carry out unloading on molokochaa.

Recipes of tea with milk for weight loss

Recipe No. 1

On one and a half liters of low-fat milk we take two tablespoons of dry tea leaves of tea. Milk continuously stirring slowly it is warmed up before formation of bubbles (important not to bring milk to boiling and especially not to boil it).

We add tea to milk and we allow drink to be drawn within 5-10 minutes. Time of insisting depends on that how strong you want to receive drink. Received molokochay we filter and we fill in in thermos. We drink tea with milk for weight loss during all fasting day.

Recipe No. 2

On liter of cold milk add one liter of already brewing tea.

Recipe No. 3

According to the second recipe of preparation of tea with milk for weight loss, tea is ready separately, water and when it is drawn, it should be mixed with milk (in equal proportions). Tea with milk should be filtered and put on slow fire that it potomitsya within 5 minutes. Tea with milk for weight loss is ready.

Recipe No. 4

It is necessary to make glass of green tea and to wait when it cools down. Then to mix it with glass of hot milk. When temperature becomes comfortable, it can be drunk. It is not necessary to boil on slow fire.

Fasting day on molokochaa or molokochayny diet

Today one of the most popular types of dietary food are fasting days including with use of milk tea.

- First, this method is available to most of women,

- Secondly, it can be repeated safely during the whole year without any restrictions,

- Thirdly, it very well accelerates metabolism.

Also it should be noted that it is possible to carry out fasting days on molokochaa so often as far as the condition of own body allows you, but it is forbidden to do it by continuous cycles more than one day in a row.

If you, for example, just wish to support the body in the current form, then you should address unloading not more often than once a month. But if you have decided to grow thin and dump thoroughly large number of extra kilos, then you need to carry out molokochayny diet of 5 - 6 times within month, but is not more often not to do much harm to the health. Because for one fasting day of people can lose up to 2 kilograms of weight.

Unloading essence on molokochaa that this day you cannot accept anything except this drink (absolutely any food). Because the organism does not receive any calories during the day, it begins to take energy from the postponed fatty stocks, thus, weight loss process begins.

Besides, excessive liquid is removed from organism, intestines and stomach are cleared of slags and toxins which in turn and are the main responsible for formation of disharmony in your body.

Methods of the use of molokochayny diet consist in the following - many nutritionists advise to accept it on 1 cup each two-three hours within one day, alternately alternating reception to one pure cup.

It in order that in organism premises to dehydration as tea with milk possesses strong diuretic action were not created becomes.


Per se, tea with milk - has no contraindications, however you should not take this drink long time. Have sat on fasting day, have lost 1,5-2 kg, and tomorrow we pass to the balanced food. In case of long and overconsumption, the organism can suffer from dehydration (diuretic effect).

With the lowered pressure it is worth being suitable for people with special care to "I molokochat", made on green tea. It is possible to bring itself to hypotonia.

Besides, it is worth realizing that though with milk and both nutrients, and minerals, and vitamins contain tea, but their quantity by no means is not enough for normal life activity. Therefore if you are also admirer of this English drink, use it for dinner, or after food, but do not replace with it dining table daily.

Molokochay on horoscope

For those who prefer "to live on horoscope" on the Internet recommendations about the choice of day for unloading on tea with milk for weight loss have appeared. Authors claim that molokochay is more effective for different zodiac signs in the next days:

Monday: crayfish ♋ Aquariuses ♒

Tuesday: arieses ♈ scorpions ♏

Wednesday: twins ♊

Thursday: Sagittariuses ♐ fishes ♓

Friday: Tauruses ♉ scales ♎

Saturday: goats ♑

Sunday: lions ♌ maidens ♍

To trust or not to trust to solve to you.

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