Teas for clarification of organism

чай для очищения организма
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The human body constantly faces huge amount of harmful and toxic substances which negatively influence health and the general health. Accumulation of slags provokes slackness, sleep disorder, breakdown, chronic headache.

Each person who cares for himself has to watch purity of the organism. It is the simplest to make it by means of different herbs, and it is better to use their whole complexes that will allow to purify blood, digestive tract, liver and kidneys, lymphatic system.

How tea helps to clear organism

For a start it is necessary to understand that we understand as clarification. This disposal of slags and toxins - harmful substances which are accumulated by our organism. If not to bring them, it can lead to unpleasant diseases.

The easiest way of fight against toxins is the use of the clearing teas. They are often recommended at weight loss. But it is important to know that they help to reduce weight not because burn fat but because remove all superfluous in the natural way. That is the clearing teas, as a rule, render laxative and zhelchegonny effect and contribute to digestion process normalization. Besides, the clearing teas recover water balance in organism (it, besides, important for those who keep to diet). If in organism there is not enough water, then toxins cease to be split. And, respectively, settle in liver or intestines. Thus, the clearing teas, generally exert impact on liver and kidneys, splitting poisons and bringing them outside.

The clearing tea for every taste

Among variety of the choice of different grades of tea, the clearing teas belong to the special category, and before their application it is necessary to consult after all at the doctor. If there are no contraindications, then the clearing tea can be taken to the taste, choosing from those which have already well proved and are in demand.

Recipes of tea for clarification

Today in drugstore it is possible to buy practically any medicine including tea for clarification of organism. You can also make it and independently in house conditions. For this purpose it is necessary to get necessary components only.

Tea from currant

Currant tea will help to clear kidneys. Mix the dried-up berries of blackcurrant and hips in equal proportions. Fill in tablespoon of the turned-out mix with two cups of boiled water and draw drink within hour. It is necessary to use it 4 times a day on half of cup.

The recipe of tea for clarification of intestines

Preparation: to bring liter of water to boiling. To add on 1 tablespoon of ginger, root of glycyrrhiza, turmeric and 15 minutes to take on small fire.

Application: drink in the evening on half-cups of tea.

Licorice - the remarkable medicine having pronounced laxative effect. It perfectly cleans not only intestines, but also lungs! Besides lifts tone and interferes with fast fatigue.

Clarification by bay leaf

Take 5 grams of bay leaf, crush. Fill in 300 grams of boiled water and 10 more minutes allow to boil. Broth is filled in in thermos and insisted 4 more hours. Ready broth is recommended to accept in the small portions within 3 days. In week this clarification is repeated again.

Tea from lemon dried peel

Contains large amount of ascorbic acid which by right takes leading place among antioxidants. One more advantage of peel of this citrus - high concentration of soluble food fibers - pectins. Excellently clears of all possible "pollution" - radionuclides, free radicals, toxins and slags. Drink such tea twice a day within two-three weeks.

Tea from field horsetail

To people of advanced age this tea will be useful also that it promotes dissolution of atherosclerotic plaques and improves work of heart.

Here recipe of its preparation: in the enameled ware to fill four tablespoons of the crushed dry or fresh grass of field horsetail, to fill in with one glass of boiled water and to put on water bath for fifteen minutes.

Then to filter and add to the received broth of boiled water up to the initial volume. To cover ware, to allow to be drawn within 45 minutes. then to filter and accept on one third of glass three times a day before food.

Tea from calendula flowers

Both fresh flowers, and dry will approach. For preparation tea we take two teaspoons of flowers and we fill in them 500 ml of water. We insist 20 minutes. After that tea should be filtered and stored in the refrigerator in closed bank.

It is necessary to accept tea from calendula on third of glass three times a day in 20-30 minutes prior to food.

Thus, the clearing teas really promote detoxication and improvement of organism. However to drink them it is constant, and at the same time to continue to saturate itself with toxins - it is absolutely inexpedient. In that case sooner or later you will cease to feel positive result from their application. Besides, any tea is phytopreparation, that is medicine. Medicine needs to be taken course, but not to use constantly.

Therefore the main rule of clarification of organism - not to contaminate it. First of all it means to drink daily a lot of water (for most of people it is 1,5 liters in the winter and to 3 liters in the flying), it is rational to eat (daily to receive necessary norm of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other necessary substances) and not to overeat. And already on this background quite it makes sense to conduct to himself several times a year the course "therapies" the clearing grass collecting.

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