Fast weight loss after the delivery

быстрое похудение после родов
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Question of weight loss including after the delivery, concerns women not so seldom. On average during pregnancy the woman recovers on 7-11 kg, however, there are more powerful indicators, these are 15 – 20 kg. We do not forget that the child has certain weight too and we take away from these figures 3,5 - 5 kg. Of course both increase in mammary glands, and amniotic waters, but anyway here enter, there are more than 4 kg of excesses of weight.

There are several reasons which promote excess weight:

1) Our fair sex during pregnancy tries to eat twice more than usually, motivating it with the state. Increase in volume of food not absolutely right decision, to the child not additional kilograms of different bread, and vitamins and minerals, vital are required for each person, and first of all the child. Balance of food, but not volume is important, though it is not excluded that in effect it will be required to increase consumption of some components of food (But not on so many on how many the ignorant person can solve). Put on the first place such components as freshly squeezed juice, cereals, vegetables and fruit and td. (Natural food)

2) Due to changes in life of the woman also the mode of its day changes, physical activity strongly goes down. It is not necessary to spend the whole day lying on sofa, replace exercises, the movements and other active actions with simple walking. Walk down the street, on the room, leave on the nature, in the wood, etc. Do not forget that the movement, is life.

3) During pregnancy the amount of liquid in organism sharply increases, it is provoked by reorganization of organism to this situation. Categorically I do not advise to fight against this question, subject very scrupulous which affection can entail negative on the pregnancy course. Try to define, by experiments, norm of liquid in day which will not cause hypostases and other discomfort. Each person is individual, it is difficult to foresee.

4) Pregnancy demands increase in stocks of energy. Of course, it is the simplest to receive it in the form of fatty deposits. You should not interfere strongly with the similar moment, however, in everything there has to be measure.

Let's continue conversation on weight loss after the delivery. So, childbirth has taken place successfully and you were transformed to the nursing mother that allows you to pay to the body more attention. We want to remind that everything depends on your moral spirit. It is difficult to distract from the kid in the first months of his life, as does not give a lot of free time. It he needs to feed, cook food, to play with it, to bathe, change underwear, to rock to sleep, etc. Such load is the main problem at the nursing mother.

You remember food of mother if you want to grow thin after the delivery quickly. It is forbidden to go on diets with rigid framework as in breast milk there will be not enough necessary components to the child. Exit: Only the balanced food! For normalization of all necessary increase in volume of food because hormone prolactin (is responsible for production of milk), is not connected with quantity of food in any way will not help with milk. It is necessary to pick up diet so that it was most effective, but with the minimum volume of food. Little advice: It is not necessary to eat up for the child, 100 – 200 grams of food can turn back for you excess grief.

One more council: Its essence that it is not necessary to try food during its preparation. It seems what 2-3 spoons can make. It only seems! In these spoons there are additional calories of which you after the delivery and have so enough.

You want to grow thin quickly? Make diet. It has to look as follows: To eat not less than four times a day, but portions have to be small. For dinner it is preferable to use fruit or kefir.

We will not be able to describe still ways of weight loss after the delivery, such ways just do not exist. Probably any postnatal weight loss does not do without exercises. To remember the main thing that it is possible to be engaged in exercises approximately in month after the delivery. During this time the organism will depart from childbirth and will a little be recovered. If childbirth was rather heavy (For example, Cesarean section, etc.) your doctor has to establish the term of rehabilitation. Before just you go and be not overloaded. After time accelerate, you go quicker that fast walking as a result turned out. You watch otdyshka, it should not appear. Over time you pass to jogging. Occupations by yoga, dances, aerobics can be used as an alternative. When you feel well, it is possible to take exercises from fitness. You remember, there are special exercises recommended to very young mothers. Whenever possible give to training on hour a day, and over time you bring to 2-3 h (that is 2-3 trainings on hour). If the child does not allow you to be engaged so much how many it is necessary, then divide occupation into bigger quantity, but for 15-30 minutes.

There is still such obstacle as Dysbacteriosis and allergy of the child. Because of it it is necessary to refuse some products, but it is necessary to support balance of vitamins and minerals all the same. It is necessary to execute correction of diet. Dysbacteriosis – it is necessary to refuse cabbage, black bread, bean. The allergy – to exclude all products on which the child has unhealthy reaction.

Unfortunately, good rest, is luxury for mummies in the first months after the birth of the kid. Luxury which not all are able to afford themselves. However you do not bring yourself to stresses and chronic nedosypaniye. There can come nervous exhaustion owing to which the metabolism will be broken or you do not sustain and will attack sweet. Take before going to bed shower, you sleep in convenient bed that your body had a rest in full comfort. At critical lack of time it is possible to neglect some moments, but to allow itself to have a rest a little bit.

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