Easy ways to burn calories

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Daily we not only receive energy with food, but also we spend calories for different daily affairs. Personal hygiene, reading, conversation with the friend, and even lying on sofa and viewing of favourite transfer - all this "costs" certain number of calories. Walking on foot.

It is considered that the person has to pass 6-8 km a day, especially if your work is not connected with physical activity, that is 10000 steps. It belongs to walks, but not to walking of the house up and down. At simple two-hour walk about 50 kcal are burned and if walking professional, then in 30 minutes it is possible to burn about 2000 kcal. On average, during foot walk it is possible to spend 200-250 kcal/hour depending on that how many efforts at the same time make.

Rise on steps.

You go up steps at each opportunity. Even 5 minutes of rise on ladder will improve tone of heart and lungs. It is vigorous exercise as at rise on each step the leg accepts the weight of all body. The doctor of sports medicine Frank Ivsto as a result of experiment has found out the interesting fact that circulation on ladder demands 1 minute more energy, than jogging and even game in soccer. Having left the elevator in drowsiness, walking upstairs, we have excellent opportunity to spend from 600 to 800 kcal/hour. Descent takes away slightly less - about 200 kcal/hour.


The winter will enter the legitimate rights soon. And it means what can be got from ski balcony, to unhook skates and to lose calories with pleasure. Ski race can be referred to the tempering and aerobic types of training. At quiet driving or descent from the mountain you will spend 300 kcal/hour, and at fast driving and on not rolled track - to 800 kcal/hour. Driving by "pipit" studies hips, and "classic" - buttocks.

When skating for half an hour 200 kcal are spent and if you only learn to stand on them, then it is even more! Skating develops the general mobility, coordination, improves bearing, and sounding and skating rink music develops also feeling of rhythm.


Swimming - one of the most useful sports which has no contraindications. All know positive influence of swimming on backbone and bearing. It increases endurance, develops flexibility, actively trains muscles of stomach, hands, humeral belt, buttocks. Regular trainings swimming improve gas exchange of lungs more, than gymnastics. In hour of swimming about 500-600 calories are spent. One of the most effective fat-burning types of swimming is alternation of crawl and breast stroke every five minutes.

House efforts.

Any activity, including economic efforts - right way to slim figure. All women vacuum. If you do it, exposing serially right and left leg, then for half an hour can burn up to 110 kcal. Vacuuming usual way, for half an hour 60-80 kcal are burned. At hanging out linen in 10 minutes you will spend 25 kcal, at linen ironing - 160 kcal, and carrying out the simple dancing movements under music - 190 kcal, when washing ware - 65 kcal. If to carry out household chores, in day it is possible to spend more than 480 kcal. The order helping weight loss - it is twice pleasant.

Here some more ways to burn calories:

  • Dream - 50-60 kcal/hour
  • Charging of average intensity - 300 kcal/hour
  • Writing of the letter - 80 kcal/hour
  • Hair dressing - 140 kcal/hour
  • Printing on the computer - 140 kcal/hour
  • Reading aloud - 90 kcal/hour
  • Walk with animals - 280 kcal/hour
  • Driving of the car - 100 kcal/hour
  • Shopping - 200 kcal/hour
  • Jogging - 600 kcal/hour
  • Run on ladder up - 1400 kcal/hour
  • Tennis - 400 kcal/hour
  • Basketball - 470 kcal/hour
  • Bowling - 270 kcal/hour

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