Behind window - summer, be in shape!

за окном - лето, будь в форме

At last the cold behind window was replaced by heat, cloudy and rainy weather was replaced by the sun. All of us without exception waited for these changes - and at last, have waited. But not everything is so cloudless. Cellulitis and superfluous two-three of kilograms picturesquely flaunt on sides and buttocks, and so there is a wish to shine on the beach. And these minutes we aim to shape up in only a few days without harm for health. You will tell not really? – mistake! In total in our forces. In this article the main recommendations and approximate daily routine which literally within week will allow you to get confidence and ease, to improve condition of organism that will be only plus for health are collected.

So, we will start. First rule: we exclude from coffee diet, gassy sweet and mineral waters, juice from tetrapackages. Become the main drinks green tea (it is possible with pieces of fruit) without sugar and non-carbonated drinking water.

Second step: no to all flour sweets. At all we forget that there are cookies, cakes, cakes. And those who do not represent the life without sweet portions are able to afford couple of segments of bitter chocolate or several pieces of dried fruits (for example, prunes) in hours before dinner from 10:30 till 11:30, but not later.

Step the Third: fruit and vegetables. pblok, grapefruits, kiwi – yes! Bananas, oranges, tangerines, pineapples – are not present! Vegetables without exception.

Step the fourth: fermented milk products in diet are irreplaceable! The only restriction – they should not contain additional sugar.

We do not forget that the diet has to be combined with easy physical activity. There is no flabbiness – yes to tone of muscles.

Here we were also prepared for way of transformation. Further the approximate schedule of life for week will be offered you.


Rise for every day. We do not hurry to jump from bed, we stretch, luxuriate under blanket, several times we screw up and we open our fine eyes. Having risen, we remember tone of muscles. You should not overload organism since morning, but simple complex exercise will help to encourage organism. Starting position: legs together, hands on seams. On time – we get up on socks, hands through the parties up (deep breath), on two – starting position (has exhaled), we repeat 20 – 30 times. Further – shower and it is obligatory – breakfast.

Breakfast 8.00. Salad (150 g) from fresh cabbage with vegetable oil, it is desirable to exclude salt. The fat-free unsweetened cottage cheese (100 g), not hot green tea without sugar.

Second breakfast 10.30. Tea without sugar, 2-4 segments of dried apricots.

Lunch. 12:30. The fat-free yogurt without sugar (150 g), kiwi (1 piece).

Afternoon snack. 15:30. pbloko, it is the best of all green.

Dinner. 17:30. Cheese of firm grades (50 g). Glass (250 g) of low-fat kefir.

For day beyond all bounds it is possible to drink non-carbonated drinking water or broth of dogrose.


We encourage organism, we give charge the forthcoming day. Starting position: legs on width of shoulders, hands are closed in the lock behind nape. On time – we pull the left leg bent in knee to the right elbow (at the same time we are obliquely bent a little), two – initial, three – the right leg to the left elbow, four – initial. To carry out 20 – 30 times.

Breakfast. Boiled vegetables puree: carrots, potatoes, vegetable marrow, onions, cabbage (in the ratio 2:2:2:1:2, respectively) (150 g). Cheese (50 g). Green tea without sugar.

Second breakfast. Glass of skim milk (200 g).

Lunch. Fresh carrots lemon juice salad (150 g). Grapefruit (1 piece).

Afternoon snack. Green apple.

Dinner. Boiled chicken breast (200 g). The fat-free yogurt (200 g).


We do not forget that our morning begins with plain physical exercises. Starting position – legs at shoulder length, hands randomly. We carry out serial inclinations to the right, left feet (15 – 20 times). Having executed inclinations, we bend back in the opposite direction. Today we will add additional exercise. The starting position – legs is wider than shoulders, emphasis sitting on the right leg. We carry out rifts from one leg on another, we pull muscles of legs. (20 times).

Breakfast. Boiled low-fat fish (150 g), salad from sea cabbage (100 g). low-fat cottage cheese. Green tea.

Second breakfast. Cheese (50 g), green tea.

Lunch. The fresh vegetables salad filled with olive oil: garden radish, celery, parsley, cabbage. (200 g). Dogrose broth. Afternoon snack. Kiwi (2 pieces).

Dinner. The baked low-fat fish (150 g), lettuce leaves, it is possible with olive oil. Glass of the fat-free kefir.


Starting position – emphasis being kneeling, hands before itself. We carry out serial assignment of direct legs back (20 times). After exercise performance, we lay down on back, we extend hands over the head – we have a rest 1 minute.

Breakfast. The baked eggplants with carrots and lemon juice. (150 g). Skim cheese (100 g). Green tea.

Second breakfast. Glass of the fat-free yogurt (200 g).

Lunch. Salad: fresh cabbage with garden radish. (200 g). Boiled chicken breast (100 g). Dogrose broth.

Afternoon snack. Grapefruit (1 piece).

Dinner. Skim cheese (150 g). Glass of kefir (250 g).


Exercise on press and oblique muscles of stomach. Starting position – lying on spin, emphasis on elbows behind, legs separately on weight. We reduce and part direct legs (10 – 15 times).

Breakfast. The hard-boiled eggs (3 pieces). Salad from fresh cabbage with vegetable oil. Cheese (50 g). Green tea.

Second breakfast. Green apples (2 pieces).

Lunch. Salad: the fresh carrots with apple filled with lemon juice (150 g). Boiled chicken breast (100 g). Dogrose broth.

Afternoon snack. Glass of skim milk. (200 g).

Dinner. Vegetable puree: vegetable marrow, cabbage, carrots. (150 g). Glass of kefir (250 g).

Saturday and Sunday – milk days.

It is possible to use se low-fat dairy products without exception, but their total weight in day should not exceed 1000. At the same time, we do not forget that non-carbonated drinking water and broth of dogrose can be used in unlimited number.

If to follow all these simple rules, then within week it is possible to dump to five - seven burdensome kilograms. Improvements are noticeable already on the second – the third day. At the same time improvement of complexion and structure of skin is noticeable.

Beauty not only key to success, but also longevity. You love yourself.