полезные свойства брусники
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Cowberry - bush of family heather with evergreen leaves. pgoda of cowberry of bright red color are also collected in brush. In height the plant reaches 25 cm. Optimum conditions for growth of cowberry are pine woods and the dried peat bogs.

The period of collecting begins in September and proceeds till November. Useful properties of cowberry remain throughout long time after collecting and even at long storage berry does not lose the curative abilities.

Application of cowberry in the medical purposes is caused by its rich chemical composition. pgoda of cowberry contain vitamins A and E, and also ascorbic acid. In addition to vitamins, are part of cowberry: potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. Low content of glucose - one more reason for which cowberry has found such broad application in medicine and health care.

In traditional medicine cowberry is used as febrifugal and tonic. And also at such diseases as: dysentery, gastritis, diabetes, hypertension, jaundice, digestive tract diseases, tuberculosis slight and internal bleedings. Also cowberry possesses antibacterial action.

pgoda of cowberry are applied at avitaminosis. Both fresh and dried berries have curative effect. Also juice from cowberry fruits is not less useful. It is used as toning and all-strengthening at colds, inflammations, and also at treatment of diabetes, gastric diseases and skin cancer. Cowberry broth can be accepted as laxative at problems with stomach and intestines.

pgoda of cowberry are rich in sugar and organic acids and are applied at hypertensive diseases and gastritises. And cowberry berries infusion is advised to accept at high temperatures and fever. Cowberry juice not only well satisfies thirst, but also lowers arterial pressure, and also has the calming effect on organism.

Fruits of cowberry increase sharpness and concentration of sight and are recommended to people, work or hobby of which is connected with load of visual bodies.

Curative properties not only berries, but also cowberry leaves possess. Broth from leaves of cowberry possesses antiseptic and diuretic properties. Recommend to accept at liver diseases, arthritis and osteochondrosis. Broth is most effective at alkaline reaction therefore it is recommended to accept it in component with mineral water.

Preparation of broth requires 2 tablespoons of small crumbled leaves which need to be filled in one glasses of the boiling water. To heat half-scientific solution on water bath for 30 minutes. Then broth should be cooled and share boiled water to bring volume to 200 milliliters.

Cowberry broth in connection with St. John's Wort is used at treatment of enuresis, and in mix with fruits of bilberry is applied to fight against typhus.

Cowberry for weight loss

брусника для похудения One of scopes of cowberry is treatment of obesity. At obesity no other than is used cowberry leaves. It is caused by the fact that leaves of cowberry contain the tannin. It is the element promoting the correct work of gastrointestinal tract. And also set of vitamins and minerals which in component positively influence digestive processes in organism.

Cowberry is applied to weight loss in view of its ability to normalize metabolism in organism, and also to influence sugar level in blood. Due to diuretic properties cowberry decoction helps to bring liquid and slags out of any organism. Often, broth from leaves of cowberry is accepted in complex with different diets. It allows to achieve more good result for less long terms. Infusion on cowberry and application it in addition to diet will help to normalize work of organism and will promote essential weight reduction.

Way of tea leaves of cowberry for weight loss

It is necessary to fill in 40 g of the crushed leaves of cowberry with 200 ml of water. Then to give to broth will be drawn on extent of 15 minutes. Then to filter and accept on 100 ml on three times a day before food. The course of reception should not exceed three weeks.

Broth from leaves of cowberry is not dangerous, but nevertheless has some contraindications:

The people having serious problems with liver are not recommended to accept cowberry leaves for weight loss. And at increase of acidity of stomach stot to drink broth after food. Also the people suffering from the lowered arterial pressure because berries of cowberry promote pressure decline should poostorozhnichat. To the people having problems with kidneys, cowberry can not only help, but also do much harm. Therefore before the use of broth it is necessary to consult with the doctor. You should not be fond too of the broth use as it can dehydrate considerably your organism that in effect can lead to feeling sick and heart troubles.

Use of broth from cowberry leaves - it excellent way will get rid of excess weight without spending at the same time large number of money and without exhausting itself with trainings and loads of organism. Well, and if excess weight is not your problem, then the use of broth in small amounts will help you to clear organism of slags and liquids.