How to struggle with obesity

борьба с ожирением
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Fight against excess weight at people with obesity – process difficult.

It not just improvement of external data on "gold formula" – is less and to move more.

One of the main aspects in fight against obesity – strengthening of cardiovascular system and creation of positive motivation to physical activity.

Deciding on fight against obesity, it must be kept in mind that the fat metabolism as way of disposal of excess weight moreover without harmful effects for health, is process slow. Therefore the discipline and determination is necessary.

First of all, we will remember that water including in our organism, well gives in to influence of information. It is necessary to be adjusted on fight against obesity and to mentally imagine own image which you want to have: harmonous figure with young skin and magnificent hair. Or the slender brought-up man, sports constitution. The fancy has to "imprint" in water of organism and influence constantly brain desire to achieve the conceived result.

Remember: "Water consists of cells, each of which represents the minicomputer. Here and this biocomputer we also consist. And if it so, then the person consisting generally from water, represents programmable system. Any external factors change structure of water and biochemical structure of liquid environments of organism at the cellular level. Even molecule DNA up to its final fracture is programmed".

At the same time faces glass capacity with spring (butylirovanny) water to put icon to reconstruct the possible negative information acquired by water in shop. It is reasonable to appeal more often to water to help you to grow thin. Information impact on the water prepared for drink and on water in organism, structures it in a necessary way.

So, in the morning, having come to kitchen, you have to provide mentally yourself favourite, harmonous and beautiful. Pour glass of spring water from large bottle which you have bought in shop yesterday and if it is not difficult for you, cross water. Drink off two glasses of water. In half an hour when physiological need for water to separate from need for food, you can start breakfast. If desires are is absent, do not force yourself. And further take for the rule: for half an hour to food it is obligatory to drink glass of water with the same conditions about which it is told above. In two and a half hours after food drink two more glasses of water to compensate organism expenses on only when the organism really needs food. You will begin to eat much less, and nature of need for food will change. As you accept enough water, to you more proteins, than carbohydrates will want.

Councils for beginners

☀ Reduce consumption of any fats: it will reduce the caloric content of food and it will be useful for cardiovascular system. Many heard about "good" fats, for example, olive and rape oil, both "bad", for example, palm and creamy. However it is important to remember that in this case it is about distinctions which influence amount of cholesterol in blood, but not on weight. Caloric content of French fries does not depend on on what oil it was fried.

☀ If to reduce consumption of fats, but not to reduce the general caloric content of food, it will not be possible to grow thin. Some fat-free products contain even more calories, than their fat-containing analogs as for improvement of tastes producers substitute fat with sugar.

☀ One bank of usual carbonated drinks contains not less than 150 kcal. Thus, packaging from six cans will contain about 1000 kcal. As much calories contains in packagings of some juice (360 ml). If you drank many carbonated drinks and juice with sugar addition, then transition to "dietary" aerated water or water will allow to reduce consumption of calories considerably.

☀ Try that the amount of fats in your diet made no more than 30% (from total quantity of calories).

☀ do not stop growing thin only because you do not see noticeable result or have eaten too much at yesterday's party.

☀ you Keep only useful products in the house. Let on foreground at you in the refrigerator fruit, carrot and celery lie.

☀ If you for years led slow-moving life, be not overzealous with physical activities. If at once to begin to train intensively, it can lead to injuries, and your enthusiasm will quickly die away. Begin with walk or 10 minutes work on racetrack. In several days take away on these occupations of 15 minutes, then 20 or even 30 minutes and more. Try to devote in general to physical activity not less than 150 minutes a week, whether it be sports trainings or just walks.

☀ When half-hour walks will become for you too easy, try to quicken the pace or to choose more difficult route, for example, on cross-country terrain.

☀ Gradually complicate the program of trainings. Try to be engaged in simple aerobics or begin to ride the bicycle. Variety will help to keep interest in occupations.

☀ If you lack time for trainings, offer something another. Get up in the morning for half an hour earlier, refuse side job or you descend in sports club in lunch break and have a bite then on workplace.

☀ Set the intermediate purposes, for example, to grow thin within week for 500 g or for 1 kg, or to grow thin in month for 4 kg.

☀ Set long-term goal — about 10% higher than ideal weight. It is enough considerably to reduce risk of the diseases connected with obesity. If you achieve this objective and further efforts will be justified, it is possible to try to lose weight further.

If there is a wish on exercise machines

It is most often boring for men to do gymnastics, and they prefer power simulators. But begin occupations after approval of the attending physician, and they have to take place only under strict control of the instructor.

Pick up loading so that you could make not less than 20 repetitions of one movement, and studies were continued not less than 45 minutes – then the cardiovascular system will manage to get into gear too.

Surely include in the program of occupations in gym cyclic cardiotrainings. For example, on the exercise bike or the elliptic exercise machine. The first problem of physical activity at fight against obesity – improvement of condition of cardiovascular system.

The most important

Before increasing loading, to the people having obesity be inspected at the doctor. Begin occupations with the comfortable walking and easy charging strengthening muscles. It is possible to be engaged also in gym, but under supervision of the trainer and without forgetting about training of cardiovascular system.

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