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One of effective respiratory gimnastik, promoting fast weight loss, has recognized system of exercises bodifleks (BodyFlex). This unusual program was developed by the fifty-three-year-old American Grieg Childers which could return after the birth of three children to itself desired 44th clothing size instead of hated the 56th.

Exercises bodifleks represent combination of special respiratory gymnastics to certain types of loading. Aerobic breath - and on its basis the respiratory gymnastics bodifleks is also developed - saturates organism with oxygen which splits fat; exercises poses promote training of muscles and muscles, returning them elasticity, tighten skin, helping to struggle with wrinkles and cellulitis. At the same time, despite quiet and slow speed, occupations bodifleksy give aerobic effect several times stronger, than intensive occupations by run or power exercises.

Alec Borsenko is the famous writer and the experienced thick gut specialist – bodifleks writes the following about system: "Exercises bodifleks are the best of the ways of enrichment of organism which are available today oxygen. You receive aerobic special effect of times in five quicker, than from running. If you run within hour, then burn 700 kilocalories. If you are engaged hour in ordinary aerobics, you burn 250 kilocalories. If you do one hour of exercise by technique bodifleks, you will precisely get rid of 3500 kilocalories".

Exercises bodifleks can be divided into three groups: isometric, isotonic and stretching.

Isometric involve in work one group of muscles, isotonic, respectively, - a little, and stretching develop elasticity at muscles.

But indispensable condition of result is aerobic breath on the basis of which all exercises are carried out. Bodifleks causes enrichment of organism oxygen which promotes fast combustion of fats and lipids. And it is all way, unusual for the ordinary person, to breathe and receive the oxygen, necessary for organism, – special, so-called phrenic breath when breaths are taken through nose, and exhalations – through mouth is required here. After the first class in system bodifleks the person notes raising of mood, improvement of the general health and vital energy.

Advantages of system bodifleks

* occupations do not take a lot of time: as a rule, for achievement of resistant positive results 15-20 minutes a day there are enough;

* responses about bodifleks testify: waist volume for 5-7 classes in this system can decrease to 5-15 cm;

* bodifleks – the only system of breathing and physical exercises which trains not only body but also has exercises on face rejuvenation and necks (exercises "Lion", "Ugly grimace");

* it is possible to be engaged bodifleksy at any age and in any conditions: independently at home, at work or strener at group trainings.

Features of system bodifleks

* By means of aerobic breath large amount of oxygen which saturates blood comes to organism and together with it it is delivered to tension site that promotes intensive splitting of fats.

* Bodifleks accelerates process of metabolism.

* Bodifleks strengthens lymph flow that promotes the accelerated conclusion of slags, toxins and other harmful substances from organism.

* Bodifleks well influences intensity of reduction of muscles of stomach, causing its reduction in sizes over time, and, therefore, and reduction of quantity of the consumed food.

* Uniqueness of system bodifleks is that it can effectively work in two directions: to promote reduction of total amounts and to model separate problem zones (buttocks, hips, waist, etc.).

Results of trainings on system bodifleks

  • loss of excess weight, reduction of volumes in problem zones, reduction of cellulitis;
  • decrease in nervous tension, finding of quiet state, cheerfulness;
  • improvement of condition of skin;
  • improvement of the general health (disposal of snore, locks, migraines, "female" problems);
  • general rejuvenation of organism;
  • increase in flexibility, grace finding;
  • improvement of work of the blood circulatory system, acceleration of cleaning and digestive processes.

Three rules for good result

Rule 1. Regularity

Only systematic trainings provide the necessary load of muscles and yield desired result. And here has no value intensity of loadings: constancy plays crucial role.

Rule 2. Occupations on hungry stomach

Indispensable condition – all classes bodifleksy are given only next the heart. Ideal time – since morning, right after awakening. If there is no opportunity to be engaged since morning, keep in mind that it is possible to start occupations not earlier, than in two-three hours after the last meal.

Rule 3. Refusal of rigid diets

It is not necessary to combine occupations bodifleksy with rigid diet or starvation. The organism during trainings will spend enormous amount of energy which should be filled. If you feel need for decrease in quantity of food, limit yourself in reception of sweet and farinaceous food. There will be quite enough Togo.


Occupations bodifleksy are contraindicated in the following cases:

- at heavy cardiovascular pathologies (heart failure 3-4FK, pulmonary hypertensia, aorta aneurism);
- with the increased intracranial pressure, aneurisms of vessels of brain;
- if in backbone implants are established;
- after the undergone backbone operations (there has to pass at least a year after operation);
- in the presence of sharp inflammatory and infectious diseases (temporary restriction);
- at exacerbation (recurrence) of chronic diseases (during remission it is possible to be engaged bodifleksy, and sometimes and it is necessary);
- at tumoral diseases;
- at bleeding (any localization);
- at pregnancy.

Technology of breath

техника дыхания The technology of breath needs to be mastered surely completely before you start performance of exercises.

To learn it is correct to breathe on system bodifleks, it is recommended to accept initial pose:

in standing position to place legs on distance the 30-35th, to lean palms on 3 cm above knees. The pose as if you are going to sit down will turn out. The head remains in direct situation, the chin is located horizontally to floor, the look is directed forward. From such position it is the simplest to learn the correct breath.

1 stage of phrenic breath. Exhalation through mouth

The first that needs to learn, - ability is correct to exhale air from lungs. In this case it is important that lungs were left by completely all fulfilled air. Therefore it is necessary not just to exhale it, and to squeeze out literally – approximately so we leg squeeze out air from ball. That such exhalation has turned out, round lips and extend them a little forward as if you are going to whistle. And then begin to let out quietly and slowly the air through mouth. When you understand that you cannot squeeze out from yourself at all any more, stop and close lips.

2 stage of phrenic breath. Fast breath nose

Now all attention to nose. Provide that you have no mouth at all or it was sewn up with threads. Make sharp breath through nose: inhale as it is possible more stoutly and more sharply, like the vacuum cleaner involving air. Your lungs have to be jam-packed by oxygen.

At similar breath the sound effect is obligatory, and the made sound, the better is louder. And if you inhale absolutely silently, it means that you take breath incorrectly. The fast and strong breath through nose by definition cannot be silent or silent. Try to pull air very much: provide that you were in vacuum, and now to you have allowed to inhale air.

After your lungs are filled to the full and you cannot inhale air no more, stop. Now we switch attention to lips: they are densely closed and do not let out the air. The head is a little raised. And the nose just does not work, provide. That it is absent at all any more. All air is held in itself.

3 stage of phrenic breath. Sharp exhalation mouth from diaphragm

The following task – to push out all involved air through mouth. But it is necessary not just to exhale, and to make it straining stomach, as if beating out air from lungs stomach muscles. For this purpose open widely mouth, prepare, and then sharply squeeze muscles of diaphragm and stomach – then lungs will clench too and will push out all air. Such exhalation has to be followed by the whistling sound which reminds sound leaving the punctured air tire: something the py-y type or "pas - ah".

At this stage all attention has to be on diaphragm – the diaphragm pushes out air outside. Even if muscles of your stomach weak, the diaphragm has to be all the same normally developed. Try, push air as soon as possible.

4 stage of phrenic breath. Breath delay

This stage is considered the most difficult part of breathing exercise. Close lips as it is possible more densely, do not try to involve air nose. In general forget that you have mouth and nose. You have nothing to inhale air.

Incline the head to breast a little. Now attention to stomach. Begin to consider slowly (in mind) and to gradually tighten belt. The stomach leaves inside, turns into flat board. The stomach, intestines and other bodies begin to leave under edges. The stomach as if rises up, beginning to pull for itself intestines. Everything that is in your stomach, rises too and begins to leave under edges.

Now your stomach not flat – it concave, is similar to hollow which is usually formed in the punctured ball. There is feeling that your peritoneum touches backbone.

The stomach needs to be pulled in slowly, counting up at the same time to eight. It is necessary to consider as follows: one-one-one, two-two-two … Most likely at once at you all eight steps will not turn out to hold breath – usually begin with three-four, and already process of trainings ability to eight is reached. Keep in mind: as soon as at you all eight steps turn out to hold breath, you can consider that you have practically mastered preparatory stage. At this stage of delay of breath with simultaneous retraction of stomach all exercises are carried out.

5 stage of phrenic breath. Breath through nose

After you have counted to eight and have felt the stomach around backbone, can inhale. Just relax all muscles and allow air to rush into your lungs. After breath delay lungs are filled with air accompanied by the sound reminding whimper - "vs-sh-sh".

What else it is necessary to know about phrenic breath

It is necessary to understand that if it is about phrenic breath, all five stages are important here. It is impossible to train the first or third and to forget about the second or fourth. Or completely to master the correct breath, but not to master exhalation. Therefore it is necessary to control strictly itself throughout all occupation.

Such breath it is recommended to train in the morning, on an empty stomach, when the stomach was not filled with liquid and food yet. Performance of breathing exercises with the filled stomach can lead to nausea and vomiting. Therefore it is necessary to start trainings right after awakening and reduction of in order.

It is desirable to train at first in front of big mirror. Then it is visible at what stage you do not work at full capacity and where you deviate from the most correct position of body.

Do not forget to air the room before trainings: it is impossible to do breathing exercises indoors with the air filched after night dream.

Directly it is necessary to pass to physical exercises only after full development of all five stages of phrenic breath. On development of technology of phrenic breath 3-4 weeks of continuous daily trainings, as a rule, are required. And when you will master this breath, you can start performance of exercises of the main complex. Begin with 5-timunutny training and gradually increase its duration.

Main set of exercises bodifleks

"Diamond" (we clean fat and we tighten skin of hands)

Алмаз We begin training with the same pose which you have already mastered at preparatory stage when you learned to breathe correctly: legs are placed, knees of polusognuta, hands rest above knees. We do breathing exercise, then we hold the breath and we pull in stomach. We become straight and put legs at shoulder length, we sphere hands before ourselves. We hold hands so that elbows were highly and only fingers adjoined. That it was easier to hold elbows above, it is possible to round back slightly.

Strain the sphered hands, rest fingers each other and begin to press on fingers as it is possible stronger. Do not move hands - you press only one finger-tips. You have to feel the muscular tension arising on all hand from wrist to breast. Try to keep pressure within eight seconds (eight steps), then exhale, relax hands and return to starting position. Repeat this exercise three times.

When performing exercise elbows should be held highly. If to lower elbows, pressure will go not to muscles of hands, and to thorax. Hands touch each other only finger-tips, and palms do not participate at all.

"Boat" (boat) - for beautiful hips

Лодочка Лодочка Sit down on floor and widely move apart direct legs in different directions. After that pull socks to yourself and in the parties, trying to stretch muscles of hips thus even more. Heels at the same time do not come off floor. Put hands for back, rest palms against floor. Try to hold hands straight lines and not to bend them in elbows. In such situation complete all five phases of breathing exercise, incline the head forward, as usual, pull in stomach and hold the breath.

After delay of breath move hands forward and put them directly before yourself palms down, having a little inclined back. Then slowly move fingers of hands forward, without tearing off them from floor, try to bend as low as possible. If all of you do correctly, you will feel how on internal surface of your hips muscles last. Bend forward as low as possible and count to eight. After that exhale, become straight and put hands for back. Execute exercise three times.

During performance of this exercise it is not necessary to strain – hips have to be completely relaxed. It is necessary to stretch muscles of hips gradually, without sharp movements. Try not to bend knees at all – otherwise loading will decrease.

Exercise "Lion" (for lifting of face skin and neck)

Лев Starting position usual: legs on width of 30-35 cm, hands lean above knees. We carry out breathing exercise, then we hold the breath and we accept the main pose, having pulled in at the same time stomach.

We collect lips in small circle, then we open eyes as it is possible more widely and we look up (we tighten muscles under eyes). Along with it we lower lips in circle down (strains cheeks and area of nose) and we put out tongue to limit, without relaxing lips. We count up to eight. We carry out exercise five times.

You should not open mouth too widely: the circle of lips has to be such as if you are surprised to something, i.e. small.

Exercise "Ugly grimace" (for neck and chin)

Уродливая гримаса Perhaps, it will be simpler to execute at first this exercise without respiratory part. Become exactly, you hold the head directly. Remove front lower teeth for upper (i.e. make the wrong bite) and stick out the lips as if you want to kiss standing nearby (remember pictures on which the adjusted monkeys are represented romantically). Pull neck, continuing to stick out lips until you feel that your neck is strained to limit. And now slowly raise the head up and look at ceiling – you have to feel severe stretching from chin tip to the breast. Also it is not necessary to be surprised when next day you feel rather severe pain in neck – before these muscles never so strained.

When exercise is mastered, try to combine these grimaces with breathing exercise. At first accept the main pose for breath, execute breathing exercise, then, as usual, pull in stomach and hold the breath. And now become in the main pose – become straight, take away hands a little back, raise chin up. Stands on a tiptoe it is impossible – soles have to concern floor completely.

When you master this exercise (and you will understand as far as it justifies the name), try to combine it with other parts of exercise. There is initial pose, as well as the main pose for breath – hands over knees, legs are placed, buttocks in such situation as though you want to sit down. Having executed this breathing exercise, hold the breath, pull in stomach, and return to the main pose. Execute exercise "Ugly grimace" four-five times, holding every time the breath into eight accounts.

Exercise "Lateral extension" (on muscles of the lower part of stomach and waist)

Боковая растяжка Accept the main pose for breath, execute breathing exercise, then pull in stomach and become in the main pose. For this purpose lower the left hand – now on the bent left knee there is your elbow. Delay sock of the right leg and extend this leg aside, at the same time the foot should not come off floor. Your weight has to fall on the left knee. Then raise the right hand up and last it to the left side – sideways it has to be felt how all muscles from waist and to armpit last. And the hand has to be the most direct and be yours over the head.

Sustain such pose all eight accounts, then relax and take breath. Execute this exercise on three-four times for each party.

When you raise hand, do not bend it in elbow – otherwise the extension will be executed incorrectly. And for good extension it is necessary to watch that fingers of your extended leg were tense. Also do not bend forward – you hold back directly.

Exercise "Procrastination of leg back" (Swallow) - strengthening of muscles of hips and buttocks

Оттягивание ноги назад Accept initial pose: fall by floor, lean on palms and knees, and then – on elbows. Extend one leg back, fingers of this leg "look down". Distribute the weight on hands and the bent leg. At the same time your head has to be raised, and you look directly forward. Now complete all five phases of breathing exercise. At the end you pull in stomach and you hold the breath. And now you accept the main pose: you raise the direct leg which is taken away back as it is possible above, still you pull sock to yourself.

Provide: all your wealth consists between buttocks now – squeeze them with such force that the big gluteus has strained. Continuing to hold the breath, squeeze buttocks yes of eight accounts. After that take breath and lower leg. Execute this exercise on three times on each leg.

Very important during performance of exercise not to delay sock of the straightened leg – it can change blood circulation in which there is burning fat, and then it will go to the area of calves, and we need to train big gluteuses, but not calves. The sock has to "look" at you. The straight line should hold the leg which is taken away back – then in gluteuses the necessary tension will be created. It is necessary to rest against floor only elbows and at all not palms.

Exercise "Scissors" (strengthening of muscles of the lower part of stomach)

Ножницы Accept initial pose: lay down on back, straighten legs. Put hands palms to yourself under buttocks down. The head lies on floor, the waist is also pressed to floor – it should not come off during exercise performance. At first, as usual, we do breathing exercise, then we pull in stomach, we hold the breath and we pass to the main pose.

We raise legs up – they have to be at distance about ten centimeters from floor. Also we begin to do fast wide moves: at first we part legs in the parties, then we cross them (i.e. we do all exercise, familiar since the childhood, "Scissors"). We try to extend socks as it is possible stronger and we do not cave in in waist. Make 9-10 moves, then lower legs, have a little a rest. Repeat this exercise three-four times.

You should not raise legs over floor higher than ten centimeters – thus you reduce load of press. Do not tear off the head from floor, and always you keep palms under the buttocks.

Exercise "Cat" (universal exercise)

Кошка Exercise "Cat" is considered universal and the most useful of all system of exercises bodifleks – it involves area of back, hips and stomach at once.

Accept initial pose: go down on all fours, lean on palms and knees. You hold the head exactly, you look forward. Back and hands – straight lines. Do breathing exercise, as usual, hold the breath, pull in stomach and accept the main pose: incline the head down, at the same time curving back up as it is possible above – like cat who is extended after dream. Record such situation into eight accounts then inhale and return to initial pose. Repeat exercise "Cat" several times, and then relax.

It is more preferable to carry out this exercise right after awakening, before breakfast. As a last resort, after food there have to pass at least two hours. It is necessary to accept the main pose slowly, smoothly, without doing sharp movements. At right execution exercise has to look as one wave which is rolled from stomach and to back.

Exercise "Abdominal tension" (strengthening of muscles of upper and lower press)

Брюшной пресс Брюшной пресс This exercise not only strengthens press muscles, cleans excess fat in stomach, it still stimulates blood circulation, improves work of heart, vessels, urinary system, respiratory bodies, gastrointestinal tract.

Accept initial pose: lay down on back, having slightly bent legs in knees. Densely press foot to floor – they have to stand on distance about 35 centimeters from each other. Raise hands up – the head lies on floor – and reach for ceiling. Execute breathing exercise, as usual, properly pull in the stomach, hold the breath and accept the main pose: raise shoulders, at the same time keep hands straight lines, continue to last up. Cast away the head a little back and focus the look on the imagined point located on ceiling behind you. Try to raise shoulders, and also breast as it is possible above. Then slowly fall back by floor – at first lower back, and already then shoulders and the head. As soon as the head appears on floor – at once again rise and last up. Hold the breath and you hold the recorded situation eight accounts. Exhale, fall by floor and relax. Do exercise three more times.

During performance of this exercise it is not necessary to be shaken or make a start from floor – only one muscles of press have to work. The head should be held a little cast away back, having raised chin. It is impossible to press chin to neck at all – it is possible to injure neck. It is also not necessary to stick out stomach when you last up, - at all not those muscles will work differently. Try as it is possible to pull in stronger stomach and densely press waist to floor.

Exercise of "Seyko" (strengthening of hips, disposal of "riding breeches" and fatty excess overknee)

Сейко Accept initial pose: kneel, resting hands against floor. Then straighten the right leg, extend it to the right side so that it was at right angle in relation to body. You hold back exactly, do not bend knee of the right leg, and lower foot and put on floor. As usual, execute breathing exercise, at the end hold the breath and pull in stomach.

Further you pass to the main pose: raise the extended leg to the hip level that it was parallel to floor. Then pull this leg forward, trying to get the head. Try to hold leg as it is possible above and surely you watch that it was always straight line. Sustain pose into eight accounts, exhale, then lower leg, accept initial pose. Change leg and do the same exercise already for the left leg. In total it is necessary to execute three repetitions on each leg.

During performance of exercise do not bend elbows, it is possible to reject only a little the body to keep balance. The leg needs to be raised as it is possible above and as it is possible to pull stronger it to the head.

Exercise "Pretzel" (training of muscles of hips and forming of waist)

Кренделек Кренделек Accept initial pose: sit down on floor, having crossed legs in knees so that the left knee was over right. This exercise is considered bilateral: at first it needs to be carried out on one party when the left leg is from above, and then – in other party, having changed the left leg for right. The leg which is below needs to be held directly.

Take away the left hand for back, rest it against floor, and right put on the left knee. Execute breathing exercise, as usual, pull in stomach, hold the breath and accept the main pose: transfer the weight of the body to the left hand which behind, and the right hand take the left knee (it from above), lift it up and tighten to yourself so close as far as you can, trying to press it to breast. Along with it very slowly turn all body to the left and look back.

If all of you do correctly, you have to feel how muscles of your waist and hips last. Be late in this situation into eight accounts, exhale and return to starting position. Now it is necessary to change hands and legs in places and to repeat this exercise already in other party. In total it is necessary to make three repetitions on each party.

Complex for abdominal tension and waist

  1. Lion
  2. Ugly grimace
  3. Lateral extension
  4. Abdominal tension
  5. Scissors
  6. Cat
для брюшного пресса и талии

Complex for hips and buttocks

  1. Ugly grimace
  2. Lateral extension
  3. Pretzel
  4. Extension of subnodal sinews
  5. Procrastination of leg back
  6. Seyko
  7. Boat (boat)
  8. Cat
для бедер и ягодиц

Complex for upper body

  1. Lion
  2. Ugly grimace
  3. Lateral extension
  4. Diamond
  5. Cat
для верхней части тела

All these exercises are rather simple in application, to understand the most important how it is correct to do them, then you can change order of their performance, and also modernize, selecting necessary to you.