Dishes without carbohydrates from tofu

блюда без углеводов из тофу

In China there are practically no such diseases as diabetes, obesity and so on. The use of dishes from tofu and other soy products is the reason of it. And, one of secrets of tasty dish is ability to choose initial products.

So, tofu should not be on sale in vacuum packaging, choose in transparent box with products which are filled in with water. The product has to be the most white color and equal. Without holes.

Ginger, tofu and vegetables dish.

In the beginning it is necessary to prepare marinade. For this purpose to take deep bowl, to pour in it half of glass of vegetable oil (it is possible olive), couple of tablespoons of oil of sesame, quarter of glass of qualitative soy sauce, two tablespoons of small chopped ginger, is a little fresher than some ground black pepper. Carefully mix everything.

Put gram in the received marinade seven hundred good tofu, to put in the refrigerator for four hours. After that in frying pan wok to add two tablespoons of marinade and to redden tofu, to pull out it in plate which to try not to cool.

Further to add marinade to wok and to roast four cloves, two pods of red pepper which beautifully cut straws, half a kilo of the cut cepes and two tablespoons of seed of sesame.

Fry thoroughly mix, salt a little and add pepper. Here to pour in the remained marinade, pods of the scalded young haricot and half a kilo of sprouts of beans. To fry, but vegetables have to crackle, not overroast!!! Here to put tofu and to stir accurately. To strew dish with coriander seeds.

Fish tofu.

Take fillet of any sea white fish and the cleared crude shrimps in equal quantities, it is good to cut them. About eight hundred grams of fish mix have to turn out. To put protein of egg in it and to salt.

Carefully to mix forcemeat wet hands, to abandon it a little that excess air has left and to make pieces sixteen balls. Take blocks of tofu and cut it on the diagonal that four triangles have turned out.

Such figures it has to turn out as much how many and balls. Then in each piece of tofu make small opening, enclose ball there and well trample down it. In stewpan well warm up a lot of vegetable oil for hot fan and lower our balls there. To fry to golden crust.

Balls from tofu with shrimps.

Take smooth tofu, boil it in the concentrated fish broth and carefully you remember. Further take fresh champignons, chop straws and mix with tofu and two cheeses large eggs. Well mix the received mix with salt and pepper. Clear small shrimps, create balls and in everyone place shrimp. This dish best of all turns out when you prepare it in double boiler.

Omelet with tofu.

Take pack of the freshest tofu, cut it with cube and fry in oil. Further there put a little red paprika cut with the same pieces, as well as tofu, having added a little chopped green onions, ground pepper and salt. While everything is fried, it is necessary to shake up couple of eggs with a quarter of glass of milk. Further pour in mix in frying pan with vegetables and fry as omelet.

Tasty tofu with chicken fillet.

Two hundred tofu and chicken fillet to cut grams straws. To make broth for boiling of tasty tofu. In pan to pour about glass of broth of dasa, to add sugar substitute, big spoon gelding and I sow. To put on small fire and to put in the begun to boil broth chicken meat, minutes through ten – tofu, and further on small fire to extinguish to readiness. To give in small bowls with segment of lemon and parsley.

Beefsteaks from tofu.

Surely dry tofu towel completely to remove excesses of moisture. Cut it with plates and lower for about thirty minutes in marinade. Marinade prepares as follows: to Saca to mix couple of big spoons with the same quantity I sow, the chopped segment of garlic and ginger, sesame oil teaspoon. To fry thoroughly pieces of tofu till gold color in frying pan. The received beefsteaks can be given separately, also and the watered warmed-up sauce.

Tasty Koloboks.

To chop two packs of smooth toffee in the blender to pyureobrazny state, to put in mashed potatoes egg, big spoon to Saca, sugar substitute, salt. Very carefully to shake up everything, to mix with the soaked and chopped mushrooms to shiitaka and shabby small carrot. To add a little starch and seeds of sesame. To make wet hands of forcemeat Koloboks and to fry thoroughly in the heated frying pan with thick bottom.